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Party Games for Large Groups - Free Home Party Games

Party games for large groups can be challenging to find for direct sales home party representatives and stay at home mom businesses. These free home party games for consultants and hostess party games should help you make your next in home show fantastic.

Though these free home party games deal specifically with clothespin games, cotton ball games, and pass the gift games, there are hundreds more party games for consultants in the hostess party games index at the bottom of this page.

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Party Games for Large Groups: Fun With Clothespins

Clothespins are very inexpensive and can be found at any Walmart. They are great props for hostess party games, party games for large groups, simply because their appeal is universal and can match with any direct sales home parties companies.

Clothes Pin Buzzwords
The first of the party games for large groups is a game as well as an icebreaker. Choose a buzzword for your game. It can be anything, but here are some suggestions:
party-games-for-large-groups-03; home party hostess playing hostess party games
  • Your Company Name
  • Party
  • Sale
  • Free
  • The Hostess's Name
  • Container/Candle/Kitchen/etc
  • When guests arrive at the party, give each guest a clothespin to pin on their shirt and tell them the buzzword. Instruct them NOT to mention the buzzword during the party. If one guest catches another guest saying the buzzword, she may steal the offending guest's clothespin.

    At the end of the party, the guest with the most pins is declared the winner, has bragging rights, and wins a prize. Guests are sure to pay attention to your presentation this way! Fun party games for large groups.

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    Hostess Party Games: Fun with Cotton Balls

    The following party games for large groups may require you to section off contestants into teams, depending on how many people are at your party. There are a few variations to this game.

    The main object of the game is to transfer cotton balls from one spot to another using nothing but a spoon. The contestant/team that transfers the most cotton balls wins a prize. The antics of guests becomes hilarious and quite silly.

    party-games-for-large-groups-01; women playing clothespin games at direct sales home party Option #1:
    Blindfold each participant. Spread the cotton balls on the floor and give each team a large plastic spoon and bowl (Tupperware bowl if you are a Tupperware consultant). Have the party goer attempt to spoon cotton balls into their bowl while blindfolded. (Can go from one bowl to another instead of floor to bowl if preferred.)

    Give each participant one minute, and then the next member of the team gets a try. The team who gathers the most cotton balls into the bowl wins.

    Option #2:
    No need for blindfolds! Have the participant place a bowl in front of her and another on her head. She must get the cotton balls from the bowl on her head into the bowl on the table in front of her, again using a spoon.

    As an added level of fun, after 2 or 3 attempt this with a regular sized spoon, break into the game and state that there was a mistake, and the contestants should have been using a small baby spoon (hand a baby spoon to the next contestant for emphasis). After guests get a good laugh at this, admit that you were making it up and allow the game to carry on.

    Free Home Party Games: Pass the Gift

    Party games for large groups: There is nothing more fun than a good "pass the gift" game. A lot of the time, the prizes for party games for large groups goes to the most outspoken, active, or quickest of the party goers. But a "Pass the Gift" game evens the score, allowing all guests an equal chance at the best prize. Here are a few of my favorite free home party games:

    Party games for large groups. Get two decks of cards and give each guest 3-4 cards from the first deck. (use all 52 cards.) Have duplicate gifts wrapped and on display.

    Shuffle the second deck, and call the cards out one by one. As a guest's card is called, they go to the display and choose a wrapped gift, bringing it to their seat. Once all the gifts have been taken from the display, when a guest's card is called she may steal a gift from another contestant by saying, "It's a shame, but I want the gift that (name of participant) has."

    Once all the cards have been called, the guests who have the gifts last win. Note: on rare occasions, one person may come last and end up with more than one gift. Instead of letting them keep multiple gifts, the last person they stole from will keep the extra.

    Pass out a notecard and pen to each of your party goers. Wrap an unusually shaped gift in a pretty package, making sure that you accentuate its strange shape the best that you can. Pass the gift around to the guests, and instruct them that they may shake the package if they want to. The guest then needs to write down what they think the gift is on their notecard, and be specific (mentioning color, etc to prevent ties).

    Once all notecards are received, read them aloud. If anyone has guest the exact item, give it to them (since these are party games for large groups, have several items available). Also give out a winning prize to the contestant that came up with the most hysterical, most outlandish, most creative answer.

    showcase your products in any way you can while playing games

    Have you played any of these games at your parties? Which has been your favorite?

    tell us what you think

    More Free Home Party Games:

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