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A Fantastic Online Book Swap

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Paper Back Swap - A Fantastic Online Book Swap

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Paper Back Swap is my favorite of all book swap sites.

It's an online book swap that gives you credits to find other books that you want!

If you're looking for a good, free, hard cover or paperback book swap, read on to learn how this great program works.

Online book swap sites are an idea whose time has come.

Now instead of having access to a few hundred books at your local book exchange store, you have access to literally millions of books.

And the website Paper Back Swap has become my new, highly addictive hobby!

Just the Facts....

  • It's free to join PaperBack Swap

  • It's not just a paperback book swap site; hard cover books and audio books are available as well

  • For each book that you ship to another member, you receive one credit to use on a book of your choice

  • You don't have to order a book from the member who got your book, you can order from anyone

  • You don't pay postage when you request a book, only when someone requests a book from you

  • You can print postage online and mail the book from your home

  • If you run out of books to swap but still want books that other people have available, you can buy a book credit cheaper than you can have a penny book shipped on other used book sites

  • If the book you are looking for is not available, you can wish list it. Paper Back Swap will email you when someone lists it (this is a whole lot of fun! I got 2 wish list items my first week)

  • You get 2 free credits to get you started when you list 10 books to swap
  • rayven perkins

    Rayven Recommends:
    Paperback Swap

    I'm an avid reader. Now-a-days, between running my websites and raising and homeschooling my children, my reading has mostly been research material.

    But I do have a weakness: historical romance books by Johanna Lindsey and Jude Deveraux.

    I started reading these authors when I was in high school, and had managed to collect every single one of their books in hardcover.

    But then, a few years ago, we decided to move into an RV. Sacrifices were made, and I gave up my entire collection. I sold them all (for a tidy profit, believe it or not) on eBay, and I can honestly say it was the only thing I have regretted in these years about being in an RV instead of a stick house.

    Now, I am starting from scratch to acquire the collection again. And Paper Back Swap is helping me! Even though I only collect these books in hardcover (I like to read them once every couple of years, like a good movie, and the paperbacks just don't hold up as well) they are available on Paper Back Swap, and by trading in some of my research books, I'm getting them for free!

    Join Paperback Swap for FREE Now

    Sign Up for PaperBack Swap

    It's easy to join the best of the book swap sites and start to online book swap.

    Click Here to Get Started with Paper Back Swap

    Sign up for free, then list 10 books you have laying around your house and they will give you 2 free credits! The perfect way to try it all out and see how it works. Have fun with it.

    TIP: Here's how I do my paperback book swap on Paper Back Swap. First, I browse through all the books that I'm looking for and I add them to my Wish List if they are not available. If they are available, I add them to my Reminder List.

    The Reminder List is another one of the cool features offered on this, the best of the book swap sites. When someone orders one of my books and I get a credit, I will go to my Reminder List and pick out a book.

    Now here's where it gets fun. The reminder list tells me how many copies of that book are currently available on all of Paper Back Swap! So one book I want may have 50 copies, but another may only have 1 copy. I order the ones with limited copies first, and save the ones with multiple copies for later.

    Of course, if you are not looking for specific books, but just for reading material, you can read reviews and browse entire categories instead. This is just my method for acquiring harder to find books.
    Do you know of any book swaps other then these?

    tell us what you think

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