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multi level marketing directory
Multi level marketing directory: your directory of MLM company information and distributors where we list MLM companies and stay at home mom businesses. The following is a list of some of the MLM Companies out there for stay at home moms to choose from. On this page you will find some facts, and a short description of each list MLM company.

You will also be able to click on each company in the multi level marketing directory for more information, and contact a stay at home mom businesses team leader.

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Each of the list MLM company opportunities, as far as I am aware, are legitimate. Please make sure you do your own due diligence when investigating these opportunities on the multi level marketing directory.

Each are different, but all follow the same MLM principals. Find one that suits your interests, lifestyle, and budget. Unsure of how MLM works?

Quick List of Companies:
  • Isagenix International
  • Empower Network
  • Genesis PURE
  • Thirty-One Gifts
  • Healthy Home Company
  • Ava Anderson Non Toxic
  • Dubli
  • The Limu Company
  • Nerium International
  • Fuller Brush
  • Forever Living
  • Tyra Beauty
  • Le-Vel
  • Tupperware
  • Jerky Direct

  • multi-level-marketing-directory-09; isagenix

    Isagenix International

  • Territory:United States; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; Puerto Rico; Mexico; Taiwain and Hong Kong.
  • Start Up Costs: $19
  • Monthly Purchase Requirements: 100 points BV (Business Volume)
  • Cost of Website: None
  • Number of Payout Levels: Binary Plan (with holding volume) 6 ways to earn - paid weekly
  • Number of recruits needed to earn commissions: Two (2)

  • Description:
    Do you know 2 people who have to eat tomorrow...who also would like to improve their finances?

    Through our "Eat and Get Paid," plan, I will show you how to take a little bit of money from your grocery/restaurant budget and transfer it to the purchase of our nutritionally-dense super-foods... spending less and receiving superior food-value. If you know 2 people who also have to eat tomorrow and who would also like to be paid for re-directing some of their food money, you are on your way to creating an unlimited residual-income.

    Isagenix has created over 50+ millionaires and are one of the fastest growing network-marketing companies with over a billion dollars in cumulative sales.

    Our Vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health-and-wellness company in the world. Come join my successful supportive team today.
    multi-level-marketing-directory-18, carol weaver isagenix international

    Learn More!

    Carol Weaver
    Burnaby, BC Canada
    [email protected]

    Website- Isagenix International

    Kristi Hall Empower Network

    Empower Network

    The reason for thinking about Empower Network as your primary income stream is because the compensation plan is very easy to understand, which makes it easy to structure a plan for yourself to earn $5,000+ every month.

    That's because Empower Network sells 5 different products that pay you the following commissions:
    • Basic "Fast Start" Membership: $25 commission
    • Inner Circle Membership: $100 commission
    • Costa Rica Intensive: $500 commission
    • $15K Formula: $997 commission
    • Masters Retreat: $3,000 commission
    It's all about what you want to attract. Do you want to attract $100 per month income and the people in your life to support it, or would you like to attract $10K or $100K a month income and the people in your life to support that?
    Kristi Hall Empower Network

    Learn More!

    Kristi Hall

    Website- Empower Network

    Genesis PURE

    Daniel Hatter Genesis PURE Genesis PURE is an all natural and organic, world class nutrition company, found ended and formulated by Dr. Lindsey Duncan.

    He spent 30 years treating patients with food based nutrition and with so much success, is a regular on Dr. Oz, The View, E!, and more.

    Genesis PURE is his vehicle for bringing his clinic to the living room of people around the world looking for hope to feel better as an alternative for pharmaceuticals. His philosophy is that the products do not cure or heal any one, but the human body was designed by God to heal itself when given pure nutrition (Genesis 1:29). His products have no fillers, binders, chemicals, or artificial anything. While many other companies help with weight loss, energy, and performance, what makes us different is our philosophy of Cleanse, Balance, Build. Our belief is it doesn't matter if you can bench press 1000 pounds if you have colon cancer, and who cares if you loose 100 pounds but are clinically depressed. Our focus is on cleansing out toxins (all 7 pathways if elimination, not just 1 or 2), building back up with superior nutrition, then balancing and alkalizing the whole body. The by product of a healthy body then is weight loss, energy, and performance.

    Our business grows virally because we do not retail product. Everyone gets a membership and orders what they want, and as long as you order at least 100pv every 28 days,you are qualified to earn income. When you share it with others, they get the membership, buy what they want, the company sends them product and you a weekly check. We don't fool around with parties or carrying inventory so the only product you ever see is what you and your family use. This system is 100% efficient and makes husbands happy that they don't have to deliver candles or bags, and no ones showing up at the door to pick up product. You also don't have to be apart from your family on the weekends or evenings. We are the new school era of health with all natural and organic products, and new school with never retailing product of carrying inventory.
    Daniel Hatter Genesis PURE

    Learn More!

    Daniel Hatter

    Genesis PURE - Independent Distributor

    Phone: 618-978-0390

    Email- [email protected]


    Thirty-One Gifts

    Danielle Mixon Thirty One

    Thirty-One Gifts is one of the biggest group of sisterhoods I have ever seen. Since I joined three years ago I have not regretted one day for joining. I have been to three National Conferences and they have been amazing. Wonderful Training on how to grow your business. It is a wonderful company to work for because they are always rewarding their consultants in some way or another.

    Danielle Mixon Thirty One

    Learn More!

    Danielle Mixon - Thirty-One Gifts
    Thirty-OneGifts with Danielle - Facebook Group
    e-mail- [email protected]
    Phone - 803-943-6462

    Healthy Home Company

    Beckie Grubbs Healthy Home Company

    Healthy Home Company delivers the all natural store to our member's door. Have you ever been to an all-natural grocery store, organic store or vitamin shop? These stores sell safe, natural alternatives (although not always!) for personal care, health and wellness, household, skin care and make up. However, these stores are often expensive to shop at and inconveniently located.

    With over 100 safe products, made from Eco-Cert, Toxic Free and other natural ingredients, Healthy Home Company brings the store to your door. And most importantly, we pay you 10% to refer others to us, based on what they buy and FOR AS LONG AS THEY BUY!!

    Grocery stores, retailers and other online retailers can't beat that deal! And if 10% isn't enough, you can become a Healthy Home Professional Representative, taking advantage of the top training program offered in the industry, and earn income 9 different ways. Contact me today!!

    Beckie Grubbs Healthy Home Company

    Learn More!

    Beckie Grubbs - Healthy Home Company

    e-mail- [email protected]m

    Phone - 803-565-1498

    Ava Anderson Non Toxic

    Stacy Deighton Ava Anderson Non Toxic

    Ava Anderson Non Toxic products are versatile, effective, cruelty-free, gluten-free, organic, non-gmo and some vegan. Our line of products are as follows: avaBABY, avaPET, avaSKIN, avaHAIR, avaHOME, avaSCENT, avaMEN, avaSUN, avaBODY and avaFACE.

    We offer affordable personal care, household and cleaning products for your family and home. To learn more or shop online please visit for more information. Host an avaHOUR and earn FREE product, host exclusive, unlimited discount, and 2 booking bonus (free 6 piece skin care set).

    I am now expanding my team outside of Maryland. Enroll with me and Ava Anderson and earn an income while educating others. Be your own boss, get free training, decide your own hours and work with like-minded people.

    Stacy Deighton Ava Anderson Non Toxic

    Learn More!

    Stacy Deighton
    [email protected]
    Website- Ava Anderson Non Toxic
    Instagram - nontoxicinfo


    Melissa Zimmerman Dubli

    Get paid to SHOP! Click now to join!

    Join Now with Melissa, a Mom from Nebraska

    Melissa Zimmerman Dubli

    Learn More!

    Melissa Zimmerman
    Website -

    The Limu Company

    Jennifer Ramsey The Limu Company

    Have you ever been a part of a Category creator? Become a part of something that's taking the world by storm. AMAZING PRODUCT. Less than 100,000 promoters world-wide. Easy-to-understand AND lucrative compensation plan. Qualify for a FREE BMW. For more information, please check out this video and then email me or go to my web

    Jennifer Ramsey The Limu Company

    Learn More!

    Jennifer Ramsey
    The Limu Company
    Email - [email protected]
    Website -

    Nerium International

    Joan-Marie Murphy Nerium International

    Ready to live better?

    Nerium International is truly a global company and growing at an unbelievably rapid rate. Our Brand Partners have a powerful opportunity of owning their own business with perks such as:
    • Exclusive Products
    • Proven Marketing System
    • Lucrative Compensation
    • Proven Leadership and Management
    • Personal and Professional Development
    • Top-Quality Tools and Training
    • A Flexible Schedule and Workplace
    • A Strong Social Community and Recognition and Rewards
    Start building a solid part-time or full-time income now by becoming a Nerium Brand Partner. I will work with you step by step to help you build a successful business of your own.

    Joan-Marie Murphy Nerium International

    Learn More!

    Joan-Marie Murphy
    Independent Nerium International Distributor

    [email protected]


    Lorian Rivers Fuller Brush Ever dreamed of being your own boss? Ever wanted to own your own business? But always knew you couldn't afford the start-up costs? Well, look no farther! Now you can do it! For very little (or no) start up cost, you can become an Independent Fuller Brush Distributor.

    1. Buy wholesale at low distributor prices
    2. Sell to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors
    3. Start a mail order business with your own website
    You decide where to work, when to work, how hard to work. And with commissions ranging from 20% to 51%, your potential income is limited only by your own enthusiasm and willingness to work for yourself.

    Lorian Rivers Fuller Brush


    No Commitments - There are no minimums to worry about, no quotas and no mandatory orders.

    No Hype, No False Claims - This is no get rich quick scheme. It is a serious business - your business.

    Distributor Support - If you join Fuller Brush with me as your sponsor, you won't be left sitting alone with a Business Starter Kit you don't know how to use. I’ve been with Fuller Brush since 2003.


    Lorian Rivers Fuller Brush

    Learn More!

    Lorian Rivers, Manager
    Fuller Brush

    Phone - 727-847-5952
    Email -[email protected]
    Go Shopping! -

    Natalie Kurth Forever Living

    Forever Living - Bee Aloe Powerful

    Want to earn an income whilst not sacrificing family time all whilst recommending fantastic products promoting health and vitality? Products you can truly believe in?

    Join me, an Australian based mum of two, working as an independent distributor alongside one of the largest suppliers of Aloe Vera and Bee Pollen products, Forever Living Products.

    If you are driven and disciplined this is for you. Set your own hours all with fantastic support, advice & a proven marketing method from a company that has been around for 36 years. Starting commission is 15% of all sales and YOU choose your initial outlay

    Australia is an untapped opportunity for this - do you want to join the ride?

    Contact Bee Aloe Powerful for more info.

    Natalie Kurth Forever Living

    Learn More!

    Natalie Kurth
    Website- Bee Aloe Powerful
    Email -[email protected]

    Tyra Beauty

    Tyra Beauty Louri Boilard

    TYRA beauty is not just a cosmetics line.

    It’s a COSMETICS EXPERIENCE! And it's all wrapped up in BEAUTYTAINMENT—where beauty and entertainment collide.

    We preach and teach the power of tooching booties, strutting thighs, posing tips, and smizing eyes. We make you look and feel more beautiful than you ever thought possible! With my beauty secrets and secret beauty weapons, this cosmetics experience is all about Beauty. Business. Badassery.

    Tyra Beauty Louri Boilard

    Learn More!

    Louri Boilard
    Phone- 1.603.566.7790
    Email -[email protected]


    Sophia Walele Le-Vel

    Le-Vel is the fastest growing direct sales company in North America. It is completely free to join as a promoter or a customer. The Thrive 8 week experience is changing lives for the better every day.

    Most aggressive rewards plan by far! Amazing bonuses right out of the gate. Ipad mini bonus in the first 4 weeks. Luxury car bonus. Free website. No weekly meetings, parties, or inventory to maintain. Get paid weekly. 100% cloud based business. 3+ lifestyle getaways a year. Now is the time to join!!! Message me for more info!

    Do you THRIVE? Get ready to feel AMAZING!
    • mental clarity
    • weight management
    • joint support
    • energy
    • inflammation support
    • motivation
    • lean muscle support
    • appetite control
    Sophia Walele Le-Vel

    All in 3 easy steps in the morning for energy and appetite suppression naturally that lasts all day!

    Message me at 4804524522 if you'd like a free sample.
    Sophia Walele Le-Vel

    Learn More!

    Sophia Walele

    Phone - 480-452-4522

    Tupperware Director - Team Uptown Tuppettes!

    Julie Mattingly Tupperware Director - Team Uptown Tuppettes

    We're talking about Tupperware parties, which have been going strong for over 65 years (and have even gone global). Yes—the real Tupperware.

    Whether you need a little extra cash or an entrepreneurial opportunity to build a lasting career, the party can take you there. We believe that when you follow your passion, you'll find success, so we're proud to offer a very DIY business opportunity that you can make all your own.

    You earn money by demonstrating quick, delicious recipes, and the Tupperware® products that make it all so easy, at your Hosts' homes. It's that simple. Hosts enjoy some much needed face time with friends (and also earn fab rewards).

    There are a lot of reasons to CELEBRATE starting your Tupperware business. As a Consultant you enjoy:
    • Up to 35% Commission
    • Completely Flexible Schedule
    • Incredible Training and Support- Both in person and online
    • The Opportunity to Qualify for Exclusive Products, Awards, Trips, and Cash Bonuses!
    • Your Business Kit contains over $350 in Tupperware® products and business tools. It's everything you need for a successful start. You can pay in full or start with a $30 down payment. Through the Confident Start Program , just for new Consultants, you can also qualify for us to pay off the balance of your kit.
    Get Started Now!

    Julie Mattingly Tupperware Director - Team Uptown Tuppettes

    Learn More!

    Julie Mattingly
    Tupperware Director - Team Uptown Tuppettes!

    Phone - 509.675.8070
    Email - [email protected]

    Facebook Group -

    Follow Me on Pinterest Follow Julie on Pinterest

    Work with Rayven

    Rayven Perkins

    Are you looking for a great network marketing opportunity to join? Have you been burned by companies or uplines in the past? Are you looking for the perfect MLM women solution for you? We can help.

    Join us in our fantastic company and let us train you on how to build a successful business. The best part of all? YOU choose the training that's right for you!

    Choose from:
  • Fundraisers
  • Retail Sales
  • Offline Recruiting
  • Online Marketing Intensive
  • Learn More!

    Webmasters, Stay a Stay at Home Mom
    Website- Work with Rayven

    This multi level marketing directory represents just a few of a larger list mlm companies and stay at home mom businesses. Each opportunity will vary. This multi level marketing directory is by no means exhaustive. Hopefully it will help you to make a decision on what business opportunity will work for you to stay a stay at home mom.

    multi-level-marketing-directory-02; the renegade system

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