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Home Party Sales Companies - The Best Direct Sales Companies

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Home party sales companies abound on the internet, but it's hard to tell which one is the best direct sales company for stay at home mom businesses.

Here you will find a directory of home party companies for direct sales home parties.

Each of the following home party companies has information about the opportunity and a representative that will help you with more questions.

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List of Home Party Sales Companies:

  • Signature Homestyles
  • Rodan + Fields
  • Lilla Rose
  • It Works! Global
  • Skinny Body Care
  • South Hill Designs
  • Thirty-One Gifts
  • Younique
  • In a Pikle
  • Jewelry in Candles
  • Tastefully Simple.
  • Park Lane Jewelry
  • Origami Owl
  • Lovewinx
  • Azuli Skye
  • Dove Chocolate Discoveries
  • Stampin' Up
  • Clever Container
  • Makeup Eraser
  • Jeunesse Global
  • Tupperware
  • Scentsy Fragrance
  • Wildtree
  • Pink Zebra
  • Arbonne
  • Jamberry Nails
  • Sass N Frass
  • Simply Aroma
  • Initial Outfitters

  • home-party-sales-companies-33; signature homestyles

    Home Party Sales Companies - Signature Homestyles

    Start-up costs: $99 or $169

    Seeking representatives across the US to start in areas where there are no or few representatives. Join the hottest home decor company!

    Commission: 25%-30% on personal sales. Build a team by sharing with others and earn additional bonus overrides on team sales.

    Products: Stylish home decor and organizing products. See entire product line on my web site www.signaturehomestyles.biz/rhonda

    Other Incentives: trips, jewelry, products and much more!

    Why Signature Homestyles? Established home decor company expanding across the US and Canada. Proven compensation plan that works when you do! Member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)

    Advancement Possible?: Yes, develop a team and earn unlimited income.

    Web site cost: $12 month
    home-party-sales-companies-34, Rhonda Collins Signature Homestyles

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Rhonda Collins
    Signature Homestyles

    [email protected]
    Website- Signature Homestyles

    Home Party Sales Companies - Rodan + Fields(r) Dermatologists

    rodan and fields Nikki Freitag Rodan + Fields(r) Dermatologists is changing skin and changing lives by partnering with independent business owners across the United States to bring innovations in anti-aging skincare to everyone.

    Founded by world-renowned dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv® Solution, Rodan + Fields' patent-pending AMP MD™ System makes real results possible at home without injections or other invasive procedures.

    Named the 2010 Rising Star by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) for its dedication to achieving a high standard of excellence in business operations.

    Awarded 2012 DSA Ethos Awards for "Personal Care Product Innovation Award for our ANTI-AGE Lip Renewing Serum and AMP MD." and "The Social Media /Online Programs Award for the Age-O-Meter." Rodan + Fields is the anti-aging company to watch!

    Rodan + Fields is the leader in the skin care, market. Changing skin and changing lives!!! NO inventory, NO paperwork. Think of yourself as a new class of business owner in a soon-to-be $5 billion marketplace.

    Did you know that genetics are only responsible for 20% of how your skin will age? Get the best skin of your LIFE and host a party!!

    Rodan + Fields is getting started, estimated to hit the "momentum" phase in 12-14 months ( $30-40 million sales). I am looking for driven and well connected people. Contact me for details!

    rodan and fields Nikki Freitag

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Rodan + Fields(r) Dermatologists
    Nikki Freitag
    Email - [email protected]
    Facebook - facebook.com/nikki.franchifreitag

    The Business - perfectlyflawless.myrandf.biz
    The Products - perfectlyflawless.myrandf.com

    Home Party Sales Companies - Lilla Rose

    Misty Marr Lilla Rose

    Misty Marr Lilla Rose Independent Lilla Rose Consultants sell unique, flexible, and stylish hair accessories. The most popular accessory, the flexi clip, is available in 7 sizes and will work with any hair type!

    Lilla Rose is your hair style solution for everything from easy up-dos to comfortable and classy headbands. All of the products are beautiful and well-crafted.

    This company is just taking off - now is a great time to join as a consultant! NO INVENTORY or MONTHLY PURCHASE REQUIREMENTS.

    This great business opportunity provides women with a flexible schedule, great support system, and products you'll be proud to stand behind.
    • ~ Start up kit only $49, and includes 5 Flexi Clips and more
    • ~ $500 Fast Start Option – includes $1100 in product and amazing bonus opportunities
    • ~ Fully maintained Website – no fees ever
    • ~ NO Minimums required to retain your consultant status OR your website
    • ~ Commission starting at 30% - and goes up to 45%
    • ~ You can sell online or locally – or both
    Misty Marr Lilla Rose

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Misty Marr
    Lilla Rose Independent Supervisor

    Email - [email protected]
    Website- www.lillarose.biz/sweethairlooms

    Home Party Sales Companies - It Works! Global

    Lori Murphy It Works Why Join the AskMeHow - ItWorks.com Team? It Works is one of the fastest-growing companies globally & as a top leader I can help you reach your financial goals. Featured in SUCCESS from HOME magazine in 2012-2013.

    Our exclusive products are featured at Hollywood events like the Oscars & Emmy's. The opportunity to earn unlimited income. Chances are YOU will be the first in your area. Sell our product(s) to your friends, family, individuals, in your store, spa, fitness centers, tanning salon, boutique, expos or have wrap parties.

    Earn CASH the moment you Wrap someone!

    Get Started for ONLY $99, have opportunity to earn guarantee of $500 in your first 60 days & $10,000 GOOD bonus (get out of debt) in 3 full calendar months. I retired my Engineer husband in less than 2 years so I can show you how to do it too!

    Lori Murphy It Works

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Lori Murphy
    It Works! Global

    Website: www.askmehow-itworks.com
    Shop Now: www.45MinResults.com
    Phone: 513.368.4137
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Home Party Sales Companies - Skinny Body Care, Candie Henry Independent Distributor

    Candie Henry Skinny Body Care

    We are a DEBT FREE company with an AFFORDABLE opportunity for sharing REAL and USEFUL products without having to contacting friends and family (unless you want to). Our 90 day challenges are for both adults and teens using our all-natural supplement. We also offer an antioxidant based anti-aging serum popular for restoration and preventative skin care, as well as blemish help.

    • NO Inventory, NO Parties, NO Pressure
    • NO Monthly Website or Virtual Office Fee
    • $20 - $150 Fast Starts (paid weekly)
    • Residual Commissions (paid weekly)
    • Bonuses & Leadership (paid monthly)
    • $250 to $300,000 Rank Bonuses
    • FULL Training & Ongoing Support
    • Leadership works right along side of us!
    Candie Henry Skinny Body Care

    INTERESTED? Watch the entire video on our website and register to take a free tour. Yes, we really do help you every step of the way. Just ask of us and do!

    Candie Henry Skinny Body Care

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Candie Henry
    Independent Distributor

    Website: www.candiehenry.sbcpower.com
    Phone: 724.953.4213
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Home Party Sales Companies - South Hill Designs

    Teresa Adams - South Hill Designs

    South Hill Designs is a brand new home-based party plan business launching in Feb 2013 featuring lockets and charms! We have less than 2000 consultants in the US, Puerto Rico and US Military Bases. Ground Floor Opportunity! Earn up to 40% plus possible bonuses.

    It's FUN * It's Lucrative * It's Unlimited * It's Satisfying

    It Hardly Feels Like "Business". Our Socials aren't sales events -
    they're about women getting together to swap stories and express themselves with jewelry.

    With South Hill Designs, old-fashioned selling just isn't necessary. Here's why. When your customers create jewelry, they naturally select the pieces that are right for them. All they need from you is to see what's available.

    Your job is to simply show up at the Social, display all the choices of charms and lockets, and show the guests how to make their jewelry. These beautiful products literally sell themselves!

    South Hill Designs was created to bring happiness and prosperity to as many women as possible.

    Every time another piece is completed and a customer goes home happy, one of our Artists reaps the rewards. The BEST is yet to come!

    Now it's YOUR turn to reap the rewards...

    It would be my pleasure to welcome you into our South Hill Designs family! Please visit my South Hill Designs website and click JOIN.

    Teresa Adams - South Hill Designs

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Teresa Adams
    Independent Distributor

    Website: www.southhilldesigns.com/TeresaAdams
    Phone: 304-641-5599
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Thirty-One Gifts

    Sarah Krug Thirty-One Gifts Thirty-One is a faith-based, direct sales company devoted to celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women as described in Proverbs 31: The Virtuous Woman. We offer monogrammed purses & totes, personalized stationery, home decor, organizational solutions and gifts for all occasions including weddings, birthday and baby!

    Our wonderful business opportunity is only $99! No inventory, no territories and 25% commission to start. Because you run your own Thirty-One business as an Independent Consultant, you can offer our products at fun in-home parties, catalog shows, or for online ordering - there are great fundraising opportunities here too! Consultants only need to sell $200 every 3 months to stay active and you can earn great residual income quickly when you grow your team.

    During your first 120 days, new Consultants can start earning additional products and business supplies as well as a $100 bonus for every new member they personally enroll and qualify. Detailed online training is provided through the company's website for Consultants. Other benefits when you join include: free/deep discounts on products, jewelry, trips, gift cards and much more.

    Sarah Krug Thirty-One Gifts

    Learn More!

    Sarah Krug

    Phone: 856-392-9416
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Website Buy31Totes.com


    Peggy Hullah Younique Being part of Younique, I love offering people these affordable, high quality cosmetics that are 100% all-natural and chemical free.

    There is no animal testing and the products are vegan friendly!

    This company hit the $1,000,000 mark in sales in less than 9 months!

    Opportunities like this don't happen very often so, what is holding you back? Are you ready to take a chance and leap off that fence so you don't miss out?

    I am looking for some fabulous and motivated people to come join my incredible team!

    Check out my website and see these great products for yourself!! Don't wait another second, do it today!

    A year from now you'll be happy you got off that fence ‪#‎joinyouniquewithpeggy‬‬ www.youniqueproducts.com/peggyhullah
    Peggy Hullah Younique

    Learn More!

    Peggy Hullah

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Website youniqueproducts.com/peggyhullah

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    Home Party Sales Companies - In A Pikle

    Kathryn Beeny In a Pickle

    In A Pikle bags are fashionable, compact organizers designed to look like a wallet or a clutch. But inside, they hold over 20 essential convenience items needed for life's little emergencies. The In A Pikle bag is small enough to fit in your purse, backpack, glove box, diaper bag, or briefcase. It organizes all the little essential items that are needed on the go. Available in 6 different styles and 15 different patterns and colors.

    Once you own an In A Pikle bag, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!
    Life's Crazy - - the In A Pikle bag helps you "DILL" with it.

    Kathryn Beeny In a Pickle

    Eighteen years ago I made a choice to join the direct selling industry. Since then, I have never looked back. While I have enjoyed great success in the past, nothing compares to the opportunity that this one-of-a-kind and innovative new product offers. Since early 2012, I have worked closely with In A Pikle corporate to bring this business opportunity to the direct selling market.

    When you join my team, you'll share a business that offers:

    • a practical, affordable, one-of-a-kind product
    • great hostess benefits
    • an outstanding compensation plan
    • no inventory
    • easy party setup
    • simple presentation
    • all the tools and training needed for success

    I welcome the opportunity to assist you in growing and developing your business, and look forward to having you as part of my In A Pikle team. Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Kathryn Beeny In a Pickle

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Kathryn Beeny
    Website: www.parties.inapikle.com/kbeeny
    Phone: 801-631-5417
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: Kathryn Beeny, Independent Representative, In A Pikle

    Jewelry in Candles

    jewelry in candles candie henry Do you like candles? What about Jewelry? There's this awesome new company that is just now ground breaking it's amazing.. Check my website out!


    We are hiring full time or part time potential employees and the best part is there are no hidden fees, no sign up fees, no website fees, IT'S FREE just like a job is suppose to be!!! So what is there to lose? Join me today and get started. I took the leap why don't you?

    Learn More!

    Candie Henry

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Website jewelryincandles.com/store/candiehenry

    Home Party Sales Companies - Tastefully Simple

    Barb Derstine Tastefully Simple

    Tastefully Simple offers more than amazing food. We're a supportive community of smart, enthusiastic entrepreneurs. We love sharing fabulous meals, great gifts and fun entertaining ideas that people crave – and we're passionate about helping each other create personal businesses that thrive.

    Sharing fabulous food, creating your own hours, building wonderful new friendships and bringing in additional income all add up to a wonderful lifestyle - the kind that you deserve.

    Barb Derstine Tastefully Simple

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Barb Derstine
    ID# 0130466
    Senior Consultant

    Website: www.tastefullysimple.com/web/bderstine
    Phone: 215.500.6471
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Park Lane Jewelry Glasenia A McCreary

    Home Party Sales Companies - Park Lane Jewelry

    NOW HIRING! Start-up Cost is $39.00
    Start at 30% Weekly Paid Commission on Sales...

    Do you have...
    • an enthusiastic personality.
    • a flair for fashion and glamour.
    • a love of jewelry.
    • too much MONTH at the end of your money.
    • the need to earn more income than your full-time job pays.
    • the dream of being your own boss.
    -OR- Would like to win travel trips, diamonds?

    Park Lane Jewelry Glasenia A McCreary

    NO sales experience is necessary.
    NO inventory.
    NO Quotas.

    Park Lane Jewelry Glasenia A McCreary

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Glasenia A McCreary
    Park Lane Jewelry

    Phone - 404-218-2481
    Email - [email protected]
    Website- MyParkLane.com/glaseniamc

    Home Party Sales Companies - Origami Owl

    Suse Cohen Origami Owl

    The reason I became an Origami Owl Designer is more for the connection to other moms who are in various stages of their lives. I missed the humanity and the connectivity of a 'SOCIAL LIFE.' I missed the relationships, the chats, the giggles. Origami Owl has given me that and much more!

    Through O2, I've been able to meet new people in my community, and across the country. I've been able to sell enough to PAY FOR MY DAUGHTER'S COLLEGE ROOM AND BOARD. What a sense of accomplishment I have knowing that I can help my daughter and myself.

    Origami Owl's mission is "To Be a Force for Good" That's something that is innately inside me. By being a blessing to others, I can continue to become a better wife, mother and friend to all those I come in touch with. myself.

    Suse Cohen Origami Owl

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Suse Cohen
    Origami Owl
    Email - [email protected]
    Phone - 641-203-5399
    Website - www.suse.origamiowl.com

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    Home Party Sales Companies - Lovewinx

    Liz Thomas Lovewinx

    LOVEWINX is the fastest growing Romance Company in North America. We offer sensual well-being products featuring our Body collection available in 3 signature scents. We carry an exclusive line of libido enhancing products for both women and men, and of course we offer adult novelties.

    • NO monthly website fees
    • FAST START program available
    • Rich compensation plan
    • Work full time or part time, your choice!
    • Earn 35%-45% on all sales
    I would love to have you on my team! Visit my website and click JOIN to become a part of our LOVEWINX family today!

    Liz Thomas Taboo Essentials

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Liz Thomas
    Email - [email protected]
    Website - lizzies.lovewinx.com

    Home Party Sales Companies - Azuli Skye

    Dana Fulghum Azuli Skye

    AZULI SKYE is a Social Selling Jewelry Company that offers women to customize their style and customize their life. In addition to our stylish fashion jewelry & accessories, our Signature Customizable Collections - Mimzi, Pixi and Loxi offer a world of endless possibilities. All items have a lifetime guarantee.

    Azuli Skye creates flexible and fun opportunities for women to design the lifestyle they desire. Our consultants work their businesses their way, and we support them with great high quality, affordable, unique products. What are you looking for? Contact us to find out if AZULI SKYE is just right for you!
    Dana Fulghum Azuli Skye

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Dana Fulghum

    Email - [email protected]
    Website- www.azuliskye.com/danamarie

    Home Party Sales Companies - Dove Chocolate Discoveries

    Suse Cohen Dove Chocolate Discoveries

    Could you use some extra cash? Maybe you're looking for additional income to finance a vacation or an education...whatever the reason, have you ever thought about owning your own business? I love being a Chocolatier! I never dreamed it could be this easy...I would love to tell you about it. Want to give it a try? THIS MONTH ONLY!! There is an exclusive opportunity for you to join for LESS! $85 Starter Kit!

    Work for Chocolate and Pay off Bills? Yes Way!

    Suse Cohen Dove Chocolate Discoveries

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Suse Cohen Independent Chocolatier
    Dove Chocolate Discoveries
    Email - [email protected]
    Phone - 641-203-5399
    Website - www.mydcdsite.com/suse

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    Home Party Sales Companies - Stampin' Up

    Debbi Gentry Stampin' Up Sometimes I still have to pinch myself...
    I get paid to take time for myself to create things to share with family & friends...
    I get paid to have parties with groups of awesome ladies who inspire me to keep pushing myself to learn new things to share...
    I get paid to share my love of crafting & card making with others and to help them do what I do...
    I get paid to try out the newest, hottest crafting supplies before they are available to the general public...
    I get paid to be my own boss & set my own hours while working from home and being available for my family...

    I would love to help you get started with an established, debt-free company with a proven track record of success. I'm here to help you as much or as little as you need. Send me an email or visit my link below. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about our products or becoming a demonstrator.

    "You can start your own Stampin' Up! business for only $99! You even get to completely customize your Starter Kit with the items you want. It also comes with the business supplies you need to get your business off to a great start."

    Have a great day!...) -D

    Debbi Gentry Stampin' Up

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Debbi Gentry
    Independent Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator
    Email - [email protected]
    Website - Stampin' Up - Join the Fun!

    Home Party Sales Companies - Clever Container

    Erin Thornton Clever Container

    Do you love organizing or find this to be an area that you find challenging? Clever Container was started with YOU in mind! With our high quality, multi-functional, unique organizing products, and armed with professional organizing strategies, we are on a mission to Conquer the Chaos Caused by Clutter!

    We can offer you a great shopping experience either in your home or online. Want to explore this opportunity further? Check out this short video:


    Erin Thornton Clever Container

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Erin Thornton
    Independent Clever Container Representative
    Email - [email protected]
    Phone - 513-373-1869
    Website - www.clevercontainer.com/erin

    Subscribe on YouTube
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    Home Party Sales Companies – Makeup Eraser

    Andrea Ordodi Makeup Eraser

    The Makeup Eraser is an all-natural method of your removing makeup. No harsh chemicals needed, just wet the cloth with water and all your makeup is removed. Including waterproof eyeliner & mascara, HD makeup and much more.

    The best part of the Makeup Eraser is it is reusable, throw it in the wash and no stains remain. The Makeup Eraser will last 1000 washes and eliminate your need to buy product to remove your makeup. The Makeup Eraser is pink with a sateen edge plush and soft to the touch.

    Treat yourself to a spa at home every day, while saving money! Amazing new opportunity available as well as no obligation retail wholesale program.
    Andrea Ordodi Makeup Eraser

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Andrea Ordodi

    Email- [email protected]
    Website- www.pampermyface.com/

    Jeunesse Global

    Michelle Jacobs Jeunesse Global Three little dabs from a small vial of our 2 Minute Miracle cream is changing lives in under 2 minutes!

    A revolutionary formula that behaves like botox but without a needle!

    Have a Faux botox party, do a demo on one eye only to compare before and after and watch jaws drop and sales hit the roof!

    We are hitting record numbers with this product as it is only weeks old.

    New distributors are jumping levels in just a few days and weeks from the day they sign up.

    Can you imagine what people will do after they see the results? Everyone wants to be a distributor or to be a preferred customer.

    • A worldwide company, new to the US, we are the fastest growing and youngest DSA Company on the Inc 500!!
    • Over 11,000 leads generated to our teams from Full-Blown Internet Marketing System
    • Forbes 500 voted Wendy Lewis our Co-Founder most influential woman in Direct Sales.

    Learn More Here

    We offer an amazing autoresponder software for yourself, pre-loaded with material, you manage all your leads. Contact me by FB or email anytime.

    Michelle Jacobs Jeunesse Global

    Learn More!

    Michelle Jacobs

    Email- [email protected]

    Start Here- 2 Minute Skin Miracle
    Additional Information- www.serendipitymd.jeunesseglobal.com

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    Tupperware Director Amy Wohlwend

    I am a Tupperware Director and have full time and part time openings! Tupperware is the very first company that invented the party plan and we have been going strong for 67 years!

    For only a $30 investment, you will be well on your way to financial freedom! Make 25%-35% on everything you sell with an average of $70 per hour! Very flexible schedule because you choose when you want to party and how much you want to party! Be there for all your kids' activities, but make $250 in two hours at a party too!! No penalties if you decide it isn't for you and there is nothing to lose by just giving it a try!

    Contact me for more information and your opportunity for financial freedom, FREE trips, FREE cars, and much, much more! FREE sign up gift valued at $35-$50 for joining my team and just giving it a try!

    Tupperware Director Amy Wohlwend

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Amy Wohlwend

    Email - [email protected]

    Facebook - Amy Wohlwend, Tupperware Director

    Scentsy Fragrance

    Kim Modlin Scentsy
    With Scentsy, you can fill every room with fragrance! Our wide range of beautiful warmers, delightful fragrances, and portable products includes something for every space. We also have personal and laundry care products!

    The Scentsy Family is more than just signing up to have your own direct sales business. It's about meeting amazing people and building relationships. I have so many Consultants in my downline and customers who have become my friends. I wouldn't have met them if it weren't for Scentsy. My sister-in-law and I have become closer because of Scentsy as she is my sponsor :) I know that several times a year at Scentsy events I get to meet up with my Consultant friends from all over the country! These relationships mean the world to me and I feel blessed to have them, all because of this wonderful company I chose to be associated with. Who knew? :)

    Kim Modlin Scentsy

    My focus is on building a team of Consultants who love the Scentsy Family of products and love working their business! We have monthly team meetings and do phone and webinar conference team training sessions several times each month. I also offer one on one coaching for those interested in that as well. We have a great time!! We also interact daily on our team Facebook page. We are there to encourage and help each other :) My journey has been amazing. Won't you join me? :)

    Where Do You Live? If you live in one of these countries, you can become a Scentsy Consultant!
    • U.S
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • Ireland
    • U.K.
    • Germany
    • Poland
    • Austria
    • Spain
    • Australia
    • France
    • New Zealand

    Kim Modlin Scentsy

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Scentsy Fragrance
    Kim Modlin

    Email - [email protected]

    Facebook - Kim Modlin-Independent Scentsy Director

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    Home Party Sales Companies - Wildtree

    Wildtree Jennifer

    Wildtree is FUN & EASY! People eat, talk & shop. Our products are additive, preservative, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, dye, trans fat and nut FREE. Rep’s earn up to $50 hour Contact me to get started.

    Wildtree Jennifer

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Jennifer Donahue-Runyan

    Phone - 913-703-MEAL
    Website - www.mywildtree.com/JADRunyan

    Email - [email protected]

    Facebook - Wildtree Rep. Jennifer Donahue-Runyan

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    Home Party Sales Companies - Pink Zebra

    Pink Zebra Raeven Lehmann
    Pink Zebra - Start your own home-based business

    Are you looking for a part-time opportunity, more income or the ability to contribute to reducing family debt? Pink Zebra can provide you with a perfect fit, allowing you to work around your schedule and earn a great part-time or full-time income.

    Benefits of Pink Zebra:
    Over $275 - $375 in product and supplies in your enrollment kit to support your business for only $99 - $199.
    Over $575 in FREE products in your first 90 days.
    Your own personal website.
    Training through your own training portal.
    25% base + another 10% based on your personal sales.
    A strong career plan that pays you a 7% bonus on those you sponsor + 2% mentoring bonus + leadership commissions each month.
    Support from the home office and your upline.

    A winning team is here to support you. When you join Pink Zebra, choose a Consultant that is interested in your goals, and you will have success as well as a great time!

    You will have immediate access to a series of training videos that will assist you through the first several weeks.
    Read your Consultant guides to answer questions and help you reach your personal goals.
    A personalized back office is available to organize and run your business professionally.
    Tune into monthly webinars & newsletters to stay in the loop.

    Beautiful Quality Wax
    Soft Soy Our laboratory technicians developed a proprietary blend of eco-friendly soy wax and dependable paraffin wax to capitalize on the best components of each wax. Our candles are made of Soft Soy wax, and the benefits to you are:
    1. A cleaner burning and more consistent candle
    2. Approximately 30% longer burn time
    3. Maximum fragrance
    4. Satisfaction in knowing that you are using a responsible, renewable and sustainable earth-friendly wax (our soy wax comes from US-produced soybeans)
    Pink Zebra Raeven Lehmann

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Pink Zebra

    Raeven Lehmann

    Email - [email protected]

    Facebook - facebook.com/sprinklesbyraevenpinkzebra

    Home Party Sales Companies - Arbonne

    Rhonda Alonzo Arbonne

    I am a wife and mother of three adult children. Arbonne has been in business for 35 years and produces over 300 herbal/botanical products in six major lines of skin care, cosmetics, nutrition, detoxification, aromatherapy, and weight management. Our Products are manufactured in the US but follow European standards, which have banned over 1500 toxins from the products we use everyday. The US has only banned 10. Arbonne's products do not contain mineral oil, parafins, artificial colors or dyes, they are dairy, whey and soy free, certified vegan, Gluten free, non-GMO and still taste great! Call me to host a party!

    I choose Arbonne as my vehicle to educate the world about Pure, Safe & Beneficial products! The Business Plan is Brilliant! The products have Amazing Anti-aging results. I teach people from all walks of life to use great products, share them with others and teach and train others to do the same. And the best part is you can work from home. If you want more, I mean more freedom, more income, more flexibility, more personal growth and you want to make a difference, then contact me. I am dedicated to bringing beauty, health and prosperity into your life, and the lives of others.

    Rhonda Alonzo Arbonne

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Rhonda Alonzo

    Website: www.rhondaalonzo.arbonne.com
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Facebook: Rhonda Alonzo

    Home Party Sales Companies - Jamberry Nails

    Jamberry Nails Megan Kenny

    Jamberry Nails is a fun, new, exciting company to be a part of. If you love fashion, trendsetting and helping women feel beautiful, then this might be the opportunity for you!!! With an excellent compensation plan starting at 30% commission, and over 300 design options the opportunities are endless with this company!! I welcome anyone to join my team in this incredible company!!

    Jamberry Nails Megan Kenny

    Jamberry Nails Megan Kenny

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Jamberry Nails
    Megan Kenny

    Email - [email protected]
    Website - megankenny.jamberrynails.net

    Home Party Sales Companies - Sass N Frass

    Sass N Frass

    Sass N Frass is an amazing experience! We offer trips and prizes to our reps!

    This is a very fun unique business that anyone can do right at home! You will love the flexability with us!

    No quotas no website fees and your paid daily on sales you make!

    We are a family and work to help each other out. Our product lines are always changing to fresh new looks and items to keep your customers coming back! Sass N Frass has amazing opportunities for you! From fun challenges to bonus's and so much more! Come take a look and join our family!
    • Paid 30-50% commissions on your personal sales
    • Paid up to 8% on your downline sales
    • Paid $25 per sign up
    • receive an instant discount on your purchases
    • around the clock assistance from real human caring people to support and help you
    • full training and so much more

    Join the fun!

    Use Code joinmarissasteam at checkout and get 20% off any kit to join us!

    Sass N Frass

    Sass N Frass

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Sass N Frass
    Website - www.sassnfrass.com

    or www.sassnfrass.net

    Subscribe on YouTube! - Sass N Frass

    Home Party Sales Companies - Simply Aroma

    Simply Aroma Melissa Kitson

    The Story of Simply Aroma:

    Simply Aroma was started by a group of successful professionals with a simple mission: "Make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and consultants as well as those we come into contact with". We aim to introduce a whole new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world. This year our desire is to start out by sharing our products and business opportunities with everyone in the United States. We are looking forward to helping you start your business and become part of our winning team.

    Simply Aroma sells products in an exclusive manner through a party plan/direct sales channel. Our independent product consultants educate the public about the quality and benefits of the products. Our consultants introduce the products at home parties, one-to-one interactions, trade shows, and a variety of different marketing methods.

    Some facts about us:
      • Many years of direct sales/party plan experience from our advising team
      • A well-capitalized company to last many years down the road
      • A strong and experienced management team

    Simply Aroma Melissa Kitson

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Melissa Kitson
    Simply Aroma
    Email - [email protected]
    Website - simplyaroma.com/melissa85

    Initial Outfitters

    Home Party Sales Companies - Initial Outfitters

    There's a lot to discover when you Embrace the Possibilities that are in store for you at Initial Outfitters!

    Whether you are looking for extra income, more time with the girls, or you want to make a difference in the lives of others, Initial Outfitters can be just that & more for you. You set your own hours to achieve your own income goals and dreams, so you never have to miss the big {or little} moments in your life!

    Our boutique-style line of personalized jewelry and gifts appeals to women of all styles and ages, and is sold exclusively by our Independent Outfitters...women just like you! Through our partnership with Charlie's Lunch Ministries, we now annually fund 19 Charlie's Lunchrooms around the world, feeding over 1300 children physically and spiritually.

    Join us for as little as $99 and Make a Living that Makes a Difference!
    Initial Outfitters

    Home Party Sales Companies - Learn More!

    Initial Outfitters

    Phone - 334-887-1856
    Email - [email protected]
    Website- www.InitialOutfitters.com

    The preceding representatives have listed their home party sales companies for advertising on Stay a Stay at Home Mom.

    Please contact the representatives directly, through the websites provided, for more information regarding the opportunities, or any questions you may have.

    This page, Home Party Sales Companies is intended to help all stay at home moms considering direct sales home parties as their career choice and hopefully will help you to stay a stay at home mom.

    home-party-sales-companies-02; direct sales supplies

    Be sure and stop by our sponsor, Direct Sales Supplies for inexpensive supplies for every party plan business!

    Do you have a question for one of the above mom-based businesses? Have a favorite product at one of their companies? Curious about how this all works? Let us know!

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