Home Made Baby Wipes

How to make your own baby wipes.

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Home Made Baby Wipes – Learn How to Make Baby Wipes

make your own baby wipes
Home made baby wipes are really the best way to go if you are looking for tips on frugal living. Learn how to make baby wipes, both cloth and disposable; a must for every stay at home mom.

Whether you are a stay at home mom, work from home mom, or working mom, you know how expensive baby wipes can be. As prices continue to rise, families are pinching pennies and mothers are learning how to make baby wipes on their own.

Home made baby wipes can be just as high quality as the ones you buy in stores and learning how to make baby wipes doesn't have to be difficult. All you need is a bit of time to turn ordinary household products into home made baby wipes.

You can do this even if you don't know how to use a sewing machine and even if you don't make your own cloth diapers.

As a general rule for a stay at home mom, it is best to stick with baby wipes that match the type of diapers you use. That would mean cloth diapers with cloth baby wipes and disposable diapers with disposable baby wipes.

Make Disposable Diaper Wipes

The problem with disposable baby wipes is they are expensive in stores even if you buy the generic store brands. Coupon clipping will sometimes yield a great deal here and there, but you won't find them regularly and they tend to give just small discounts.

You can match them up to sale prices to get a reasonable discount sometimes, but you could still end up purchasing lots of them. On those occasions when you find a coupon deal that makes them less than 50cents a box, or free, stock up on dozens of boxes!

But for the rest of the time, the solution is to learn how to make baby wipes on your own. You will find yourself using your home made baby wipes long after your babies are potty trained because they are useful for so many other purposes beyond dirty bottoms.

To make your own disposable home made baby wipes you will need:
  • Large container with square lid
  • Bounty paper towels (select a size variety)
  • Baby wash
  • Baby oil (optional)
  • Water

  • As a stay at home mom I recommend Tupperware Modular Mates Square 2 containers. The Bounty towels should be the "select a size" variety so you can create home made baby wipes very close to the size you buy in stores.

    Larger paper towels will also work but they will be larger and you'll have to rip them as you use them. Home made baby wipes are really the best way to go if you are looking for tips on frugal living.

    You can do this without the baby oil if you prefer or if you just want to reduce the cost a bit more. Now that you have what you need, here are simple instructions to make your own disposable baby wipes:

    1. Cut the roll of paper towels in half, as shown in the picture.

    home-made-baby-wipes-03; tough decisions sign 2. Push the cardboard roll out from the center of your Bounty roll and throw away (or recycle).

    3. Put your paper towels in the Tupperware container.

    4. Mix 2 cups of water, 2 tbsp baby wash, and 2 tbsp baby oil in a bowl.

    5. Pour the water mixture over the paper towels in the Tupperware container.

    6. Put the lid on your container and shake it up.

    That's it! You have just made your own disposable baby wipes for a fraction of the cost charged in local stores. Any stay at home mom can do this...and it is so fast that working moms even have time for it!

    You should wait at least an hour before using your home made disposable wipes. I like to give mine a shake before I open them for use as well.

    Make Cloth Diaper Wipes

    You can also make home made baby wipes that aren't disposable but are still the best way to go if you are looking for tips on frugal living. You should learn how to make baby wipes of the cloth variety if you are using cloth diapers. This is a very simple home economics project that could easily be taught in high school, so you don't need any advanced sewing skills to make your own cloth home made baby wipes.

    If you have always wanted to learn how to sew, you could easily start by learning how to make baby wipes from simple cloth!

    The best fabric to use when learning how to make baby wipes with cloth is cotton flannel and cotton jersey. Go grab an old flannel or pick some up in the fabric department of Wal*Mart and you have your materials inexpensively! Cut the material into squares that will fit into your wipe container and you are almost done.

    Your cloth wipes don't need to be fancy or pretty to do their job. Just sew around the edges to hem your materials and you are done! This is a simple project that any stay at home mom with a sewing machine can do.

    Do you make any of your baby's items yourself? What do you make?

    tell us what you think

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