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Direct Sales Tip - Give Away Product Samples

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Want a direct sales tip? As a direct sales distributor, it is important to give away product samples to potential customers or new recruits.

For stay at home mom businesses interested in home party sales careers, the product sample shows your commitment and professionalism.

If your direct sales (or network marketing) company offers product samples or party prizes to it's consultants, you need to make sure you are taking advantage of this.

Direct sales tip: it is extremely important that you hand samples out to your customers!


Once people try your product assuming they enjoy it, a number of things may happen:
  • You gain add on sales and larger purchases
  • Customers become more interested in your business and opportunity
  • You build customer loyalty
  • Everyone likes goodies, product samples, or freebies. They like to open the little sample baggies to see what's inside.

    They like the idea of "Something for Nothing". It's like Trick or Treating...for adults!

    My Mother's Story

    Make sure you are giving out your samples to your new customers and prospects, as well as your existing customers.
    I can remember my mother switching AVON consultants. She had been ordering AVON consistently, for maybe 5 years, every two weeks from one consultant.

    That consultant NEVER once gave her a single sample. When a new consultant opened shop in their small town and gave my mother a little lipstick sample with a catalog, my mother was hooked.

    She switched consultants, and now orders every two weeks from the woman who gives her goodies every once in a while. She also consistently purchases full sized versions of the samples she receives, so it is very much worth it for the consultant to keep handing them out.
    You do not have to spend a lot of money on samples, or do it with every order, but make sure you are taking care of your best customers and introducing them all to your new products as they come out.

    Direct Sales Tip: Points for Professionalism

    As a Jerky Direct distributor, I used to give out free full sized samples of Jerky Direct beef, buffalo, or turkey jerky to all those interested in my Jerky Direct opportunity. I once had a woman tell me that she had requested a sample from another distributor, online, and it had arrived in a plastic baggie.

    I was appalled, and the woman who received the sample was as well. She promptly threw away the "sample" and never contacted the previous distributor again. Yet once she had tried my sample, purchased from the company in an individual sample package, she joined my program immediately.
    Why would someone send samples in baggies like that?
    My only thought would be that it was cheaper for the distributor. She took the cheap and lazy way out, and instead of coming across as a person to do business with, she appeared cheap and lazy. She might have saved a buck on the sample package, but she really lost everything, didn't she? She lost the lead, and even lost the money she spent on the snack food itself, as the prospect threw it away without every trying it.

    Make sure that you keep your samples professional. Invest in company-made product samples if available, and don't try and send loose food or bath and body products in the mail.

    If you are at a local event, then feel free to open a bag of your product and share. You can keep your samples professional by investing in cellophane bags. Place a small sample and a business opportunity brochure in a 5 x 9 bag. It makes the entire presentation look much more appealing when someone receives a sample in the mail.

    Direct Sales Tip:
    A very unprofessional tactic that I have experienced is when a direct sales distributor takes too long to send their sample. I have requested samples or catalogs from individuals that have taken one- to two-months to send. Some I never received at all.

    If you want to join the world of stay at home mom businesses with home party sales careers and are going to offer samples through the mail, make sure you mail them promptly, within a week if possible.

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    Car Kits

    Another direct sales tip, I suggest you create information packets about your opportunity and products for your car. These car kits are convenient ways to make sure that you are always prepared for any situation. Using cellophane bags, prepare a simple packet with information on your stay at home mom businesses containing the following:
  • A catalog or flier
  • Your business card
  • A small sample, or coupon for a sample
  • Information about your product or opportunity
  • Store at least a half dozen of these in your car, in a tote bag, at all times. This way, when you are out and about and meet someone who shows interest in your company, you have a packet on hand to give them immediately.

    They know that you are serious about your business, and are prepared. They can count on you. They will do business with you.

    Opportunity Freebies

    Another direct sales tip is to offer larger freebies, samples or gifts for listening to an Opportunity Presentation. For example, those who choose to participate in a Mary Kay interview could receive a free lipstick of their choice, or those wanting more information about becoming a direct sales distributor for Partylite candles could be offered a nice set of votives. Something that is just a little nicer than a typical freebie; a product valued at $10-15.

    It is important to note that you should give these freebies away regardless of if the person joins the program. And, of course, if your interview is done over the phone to someone who is not local, be sure to send out your freebies promptly, within a week.

    The majority of those willing to listen to a call or conduct an interview will, in fact, join the program. Those that do not, should still remain in your follow up list.

    Many will eventually come to the right place in their lives for your opportunity, and join at a later time. All this from giving away a few product samples.

    I hope you have enjoyed this important direct sales tip: product samples. Be sure and check out the many other tips for those involved in network marketing or home party sales careers. All are intended to help you stay a stay at home mom.

    Do you give out product samples? Why or why not?

    tell us what you think

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