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The Coupon File - Portable Coupon Organizing System

the coupon file
The coupon file is one of the best coupon organizers for a true Coupon Queen. When you have outgrown your current coupon organizing system, its time to look at what the pros use. Make or buy a file to keep your coupon grocery shopping hobby easy and fun!

What exactly is a coupon file?

It's a portable, suitcase type box, usually made of plastic, that's your own little personal sized filing cabinet. Designed to sit in the child seat of a shopping cart, you customize your coupon organizing system to reflect your needs, filing alphabetically or by coupon category.

Before getting started, these two pages should help you out:

Methods of Organizing Coupons

Coupon Categories

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Coupon File

The biggest advantage to the coupon box (or file) is it's size. It is large enough to store thousands of coupons neatly. (I know, I've done it!)

Whether you have only one of a particular coupon or 100, you can find your coupons easily. Unlike the coupon binder, there is no need to trim your coupons to fit in a tight pocket. The file has room to store any sized coupon.

As far as disadvantages to this coupon organization system, it is rather bulky. And you will still need to thumb through your files to find a particular coupon, while with the coupon binder you can see the individual coupons in clear pockets.

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Coupon Links

Stay A Stay At Home Mom is dedicated to offering a solution to slashing your household expenses and we have a new feature on the website!

Easily save up to 60% off your grocery bill with printable coupons from sites such as, Hopster, Redplum and Smartsource.

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Buy Coupon Organizers

mycouponkeeper I've seen several files on the market, supposedly specifically designed with the coupon user in mind, but I have failed to find a better box than MyCouponKeeper.

Let me tell you; a professional couponer created this one!

I have the Deluxe System (they sent me one to try out and it’s fantastic). Compared to the binder method, putting away your coupons takes so little time. No corners to trim, coupons to fold, pockets to rearrange; just put them behind the tab where they go. (I do use paperclips to hold like coupons together.)

The MyCouponKeeper file box fits perfectly into the shopping cart.

But this system doesn’t stop with a quality coupon box. No, included with your purchase are small folders, which make this system brilliant. Here’s what you do:
  1. When planning out your trip, pull out the coupons for the items you plan on purchasing at a specific store
  2. Place them in the left pocket of one of the folders (one folder per store)
  3. As you purchase the items, move the coupons to the right pocket
  4. When you get to the register, hand all the coupons in the right pocket to the cashier

Because the folders are smaller than regular sized notebook folders, they are easier to handle and stuff doesn’t get lost. Genius!

The Deluxe System also comes with a fabulous tote that will hold your MyCouponKeeper, your folders, plus you can keep your house tidy by tossing the extra inserts you have yet to cut up for the week in the tote, along with a good pair of scissors.

If a product such as MyCouponKeeper had been around at the beginning of my couponing career, I don’t think I would have ever used my Coupon Binder. I love my binder, but this system is very user friendly. And so darn easy!

Visit MyCouponKeeper for your Deluxe System

Make Your Own Coupon Organizing System

Part of frugal coupon living is coming up with creative ways to save money. If you have more time than money, you may want to make your own coupon file. Your coupon box can be made of a variety of materials:
  • Reinforced cardboard shoebox
  • Plastic shoebox purchased from Wal*Mart
  • Wooden box made from scraps
  • If you're building a wooden box, good dimensions to start with are 16-20" long x 4-5" tall x 6-7" deep. Make sure you put dividers in your box to make organizing easier.
    How do you organize your coupons?

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