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Car Wrap Your Car for Profit - Get Paid to Drive Cars

get paid to drive your car
A car wrap can be your ticket to driving a totally free car! Yes, you can get paid to drive cars.

A paid advertising car can be an excellent boost to stay at home mom income (for you or your husband). Learn how these moving advertisements work, and how you drive off in one, possibly even a new car.

Like new cars? Drive a totally free car! Really! I'm sure you've heard of the car wrap phenomenon.

If not, I'm sure you've seen some on the road. Yes, people get paid to drive cars with advertisements on them!

These colorful billboards-on-wheels are driving in towns all over the country. Advertisers pay a marketing company to display their ad on vehicles. The marketing company will then look for the perfect driver to drive these vehicles, and will pay them to drive the car wrap car!

How the Paid Advertising Car Works

car-wrap-02; get paid to drive cars like this hummer with a car wrap There are two ways the paid advertising car programs work, either:
  • Companies give you a totally free car to drive
  • -or-
  • Companies pay you to drive your own car
  • In some cases, you may get a totally free car and get paid to drive it. They will wrap your paid advertising car with a vinyl film that can easily be removed. Sometimes the ads are small, on the sides of vehicles, and sometimes they wrap the entire vehicle.

    The amount of money you would get paid to drive new cars varies by the size of the car wrap ad. Smaller car wrap ads do not pay as much as total vehicle wraps. Popular new cars to wrap are Volkswagen Beatles, PT Cruisers, Hummers, and other SUVs, though many makes, models, and years are considered.

    Some companies will pay for your auto insurance, while others will expect you to handle it.

    How You Qualify for a Totally Free Car

  • You need to be 18+ with a good driving record
  • You need to drive in a populated area
  • You need to park in a populated area (no garages)
  • You need to drive A LOT
  • If you do not drive much, being a stay at home mom, you might consider having your husband apply for the program if he does a lot of driving.

    Wouldn't it be nice to get his car payment taken care of every month? The competition is fierce to get a car wrap job, and you should expect to be placed on a waiting list for 90+ days.

    CarWrap Directories

    These directories have a fee, usually around $30, but if this is something you are interested in, it's really not that much if you end up making $400 a month or get a totally free car in the long run.

    Don't pay extra for things like expedited service or for the directory to fill out applications for you. You can do all that yourself.

    What you need is the information. The following directories have a good reputation in the paid advertising car directory field. Check to see if they have any opportunities in your area before you buy. They won't let you get any contact info for free, but at least you will know if there is a company for you to apply to.

    rayven perkins

    Rayven Recommends:
    Enroll in a Car Wrap Directory

    Do you want to drive a free car? The best way to get info is to sign up for one of these directories:

    Free Car Index
    Drive a Free Car or get paid $500/mo to drive your car with an advertisement on it. The internet's most complete database of free cars.

    The Free Car
    Drive a free new car or get paid to drive your car. Check program availability in your area before you subscribe.

    For Free Cars
    Drive a brand new car for free! Check your area for sponsors.

    Words of Caution

    It's important that you do not waste your time with this opportunity if you do not live in a populated area or drive very much. The companies install GPS systems into the car to verify where you drive, and how often you drive. You can't scam them, and may even be held financially responsible if you try.

    Would you drive an advertising car? What types of advertisement would you NOT be willing to drive?

    tell us what you think

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