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Why didn't you just call someone?

by Rayven from Stay a Stay at Home Mom

Bubba at a girl scout (yes GIRL scout) party

Bubba at a girl scout (yes GIRL scout) party

Do you remember when you were a kid and you thought your parents grew up with the dinosaurs? (Maybe you still think that today!)

Well, I had my son make me feel like I was old not too long ago. The kids always like to hear stories about what life was like when I was a kid. They often ask me about the pets I had, the vacations our family took, and trouble I got into.

During one of these stories I described how my father loved to go 4-wheel driving with our Trooper when I was about 10 years old. He would take us far off the beaten track, through the woods, mud, small creeks, up the sides of mountains, and everywhere in between.

I was often terrified on our "adventures". So I was describing one trip when my father thought he was driving through a mud puddle and ended up stuck in a small lake. Water flooded our engine and we were stuck out in the middle of no where, easily 30 miles from the nearest house.

It was by sheer luck that a monster truck happened by and towed us all the way home.

During this story, I could see quite a few emotions crossing my 8 year old son's face, and he looked totally confused by the time the story was over.

Then he says to me, "Mom, why didn't you just CALL SOMEONE when you got stuck?"

He looked disgusted when I told him cell phones hadn't been invented yet!

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Apr 03, 2009
Love it!
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Feb 11, 2009
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by: Rayven from Stay a Stay at Home Mom

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