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What is an Infopreneur? - $10,000 Money Making Mama Challenge

become an infopreneur
What is an infopreneur? An exciting source of stay at home mom income for creative moms is to earn money by writing online. Learn how to take your ideas and turn them into a powerful source of supplemental income.

Stay at home moms are constantly looking for ways to save or earn extra money. One way to do that is by becoming an infopreneur. But what is an infopreneur? It's a modern term for someone who sells information.

For those who are creative, patient, and willing to give it their all, being an infopreneur is another way to earn money by writing online.

What kind of information can you provide? Think about the things you are an expert on, whether it be job related or hobby related. Could you write a book or report about them that shares what you know with others? If so, then you are on you're way to becoming an infopreneur.

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So what is an infopreneur supposed to do? Typically, they create non-fiction, usually self-help products like ebooks, reports, ecourses, videos, and audio. "How to" books published in the traditional form are good examples of the type of information infopreneurs present.

If the traditional publishing world is too costly and time consuming, try making your products available in electronic form. Many people are looking for instant gratification and are willing to pay for it. Ebooks and other electronic products make this possible!

Another option is to make a workbook to accompany your book. Workbooks help guide someone wanting to learn the information by providing helpful activities that show results. This is a great way to build trust with your clients and get them to come back for more.

Some other ways to earn money online would be by creating a special report on your topic or making a CD/DVD. Shorter than an eBook, a special report still can provide invaluable information on your area of expertise. Instead of being 100pages, it might just be single chapter relaying important information.

Audio CDs are great for popping into the car stereo, allowing the consumer to get your message while on the road. Lots of people are visual learners, and rather than sit and read, would prefer to watch a DVD of about your topic. This is a great way to get a little more personable, too.

When asked the question what is an infopreneur, lots of answers come to mind. An infopreneur might be someone who is a great public speaker. People love to hire those who are well informed on a topic and have them lecture at conventions and conferences. These are great opportunities to market both you and your information products, too!

If you do agree to public speaking gigs, then have an email sign up so you can send out newsletters to clients with tips, advice, and updates about your product.

creative ideas for infoproducts

Creative Ideas for Infoproducts

Are you considering becoming an Infopreneur?

This comprehensive, and did I mention, totally FREE, ebook goes over multiple ideas on how to create products that you can sell.

Discover if this path is the right one for you, and learn the topics you should explore further.

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Download your copy Creative Ideas for Infoproducts

Another consideration is the importance of marketing yourself as an infopreneur. You can't just create a book, cross your fingers, and hope somebody hears about it. So what is an infopreneur to do? Create a content based website, of course!

A lot of people get nervous when they hear those words. A website is hard to build, right? It's probably expensive. I'll have to hire a web designer! Now just hold on a second. There is an excellent web building site called SBI! that can help you create an affordable website that works. (It's what I personally use.)

SBI is so user friendly that you can do it all yourself. There is no need to hire a fancy web designer!


In addition to that, SBI is committed to helping people answer the question of what is an infopreneur and how can we help their business grow. On their site, you will find many good reasons to have a website and learn invaluable skills about marketing your product.

For more information on creating a content based website, click here.

What infoproduct would you create?

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