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Top Network Marketer Rayven Perkins - Best Multi Level Marketing Opportunity

Top network marketer Rayven Perkins shares her pick of best multi level marketing company to work with. These network marketing ideas are a very important key to successful stay at home mom businesses.
rayven perkins Have you been looking for the best multi level marketing company to work with, with a duplicable upline? I can help.

My name is Rayven Perkins and in addition to being a top network marketer, I am the author and webmaster of this website, Stay a Stay at Home Mom.

I have been involved with network marketing for almost 10 years, and I specialize in duplicable online network marketing, and income producing network marketing ideas.

I am looking to build a team of motivated individuals who want to succeed at home. Are you who I am looking for?

Whether you are looking for a quick way to earn some money via retail sales, a regular monthly income through fundraisers, or life-changing long term wealth-building through recruiting, as a top network marketer, I can help. I'm not a top network marketer that sells warm fuzzies; I help my downline create a business, and the network marketing ideas I give you will help you achieve your goals.

No hype here. No writing your "why" on the wall. No "believe and you can achieve". If you're here, and you are seriously looking for a way to build income, you probably believe enough for the both of us. And I'm not going to sit here and tell you that your "why" is not good enough. It is.

What I am going to do is to provide you with the training, the ideas, and the tools you need to reach your goals. I'm here to help with support. The rest is up to you.

Top Network Marketer - The Business Opportunity

There are many network marketing programs out there. Too many, really. I have looked at hundreds of programs over the years, and there is only one that I know of that meets my requirements. I have three requirements:
  • 1. The program must be affordable
  • 2. The program must offer an item of value
  • 3. There must be multiple options for earning realistic income
Let's talk about these topics for a moment. "The program must be affordable": With start up fees and monthly purchases of less than $15, this program meets that requirement.

"The program must offer an item of value": The main product in this line is sold under a different label in brick-and-mortar retail stores for the same price, not some disgustingly overinflated price that hurts distributors and only makes a company's wallet's fatter.

"There must be multiple options for earning realistic income": You can earn money in this business with retail sales, fundraising, and recruiting. The profit potential for retail sales is more than 40%, and the product lends itself well to fundraisers.

Interested? Please fill out the following form and I will email you more information on the specifics. And actually, I prefer it that way. I'd much rather get to know you a little bit more before I try to cram an opportunity down your throat, even if it is the best multi level marketing opportunity for stay at home income out there.

Because at the end of the day, it's really not about the company. It's about finding a top network marketer to work with, someone you trust, someone you can emulate, and someone you are proud to follow. Next comes the specific opportunity and products.

top-network-marketer-06; ways to earn money in multi level marketing But let me tell you a little bit about the products and this, the best multi level marketing opportunity now anyways. This particular company has been around for almost a decade. The main product is a consumable food item, inexpensively priced and deliciously tasting. In multiple varieties, including organic, there is a flavor to please everyone.

This makes this well-rounded opportunity perfect for distributors who prefer to earn money with sales, as opposed to recruiting. Of course, you can always become a top network marketer yourself and do both!

Here are the ways you can earn:

  • Recruiting a downline
  • Retail sales
  • Gun shows, Fairs, Farmer's Markets and Expos
  • Fundraisers
  • Roadside Stands
  • Online Marketing

  • So Why Work with Rayven?

    Why should you decide to work with top network marketer Rayven Perkins? Simple. You're getting a no-nonsense, experienced upline that can help you reach your goals. I offer four different, duplicable training modules for my team members (both those I recruit and those my recruits recruit) to complete based on their specific needs and network marketing goals. Not every method is right for every distributor. But some of my distributors will go on to become a top network marketer and complete all four, over time.

    Each module is designed to walk new distributors through their chosen marketing method in 2-16 weeks. You get an overall marketing plan guide, plus daily emails (M-F) to help keep you on track. Each module takes time, but is duplicable, both for the new distributor and her future team.

    Pick Your Training Module:

    Top Network Marketer - Fundraisers
    For those who wish to earn commission by providing fundraiser opportunities to organizations. This can be a form of renewable income, as organizations hold fundraisers on a regular basis. Trains on how to find organizations to work with, how to set up and conduct fundraisers.

    Top Network Marketer - Retail Sales
    For those who wish to earn 40% or more commission selling at various shows, stands, and other retail ventures. Trains on how to do roadside stands, shows and expos, and other retail outlets.

    Top Network Marketer - Offline Recruiting
    For those who are looking to create residual income by recruiting new distributors. For those who understand that it takes time to build a business and results will not happen overnight. Trains on how to recruit offline, oldschool methods.

    top-network-marketer-04; work with rayven Top Network Marketer - Online Recruiting Intensive
    This module is a duplicable, highly intensive, long term strategy to develop an online business to drive leads and sales, and eventually become a top network marketer.

    For those who are looking to build a residual income online, through various methods, including blog creation, advertising, social media and ultimately, building a content based website.

    This is the most intensive module available and takes the greatest amount of time to see results.

    It is recommended that those looking to recruit online have a monthly marketing budget of $50-100. Trains on building a business online, finding your unique niche market, recruiting online via social networking. Other monetization methods are taught as well.

    48 content based website ideas

    Network Marketing for Moms

    Are you wondering what the best way to make some significant income and be able to stay home with your kids is?

    The FREE report Network Marketing for the Moms will open your eyes.

    Learn how to work directly with Rayven Perkins and snowball a $15 program to earn the type of income you've been wishing for, all with free training that puts your skills and interests first.

    Interested in learning more? Fill out your name and email address in the following top network marketer form. You will immediately be emailed from me, top network marketer Rayven Perkins, directing you to my company sponsored website (did I mention all distributors get one free?) You'll also have my contact information, and my commitment to working with you to help you achieve your goals. Plus, I will send you a free report that shows you how to get an edge on other distributors on other teams in the company. You'll learn my methods for snowballing the biggest profit possible.

    What you won't get from this top network marketer: I am not going to call you and hound you and twist your arm trying to get you to make a commitment you're not interested in. Quite frankly, as a top network marketer, I only have time to work with those who are interested in working with me. If you need me, I'm here, as is my husband. We work as a team to change lives, but only those that want to be changed.

    Fill out the "Top Network Marketer" form. Get some information. And make a decision to work with a top network marketer who is interested in your success.

    What are you waiting for?

    What questions do you have about this opportunity to work with Rayven?

    tell us what you think

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