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Tooting Toddler Causes Room Full of People to Collapse

I have a fifteen month old daughter who is a complete nut! She is beautiful and sweet too but she will do anything to get a laugh and attention.

We can’t go anywhere without her doing something silly to make people look. She loves to flirt with men. She will randomly walk up to people and ask to be held.

It scares me!

For some reason she likes to make noises with her mouth. At first it was clicking her tongue but soon after her daddy taught her to make other noises. So last week she walked up to a complete stranger at the doctors office and she turns her little bottom on them and makes a farting sound on the person.

She thought it was the funniest thing! Apparently it was so funny she went to the person next to them and did it again. She made it through five people before, thankfully, the nurse came and called us back to see the doctor.

Everyone in the waiting room was double over laughing. I have to admit it was kind of funny but I was so embarrassed!

All I can say is I hope she grows out of this soon.

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Oct 05, 2015
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Jul 03, 2010
by: Chris

Kids....ya gotta love the things they come up with...with a little help from daddy! Too funny!

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