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Toddling Fashionista Takes Hat Industry by Storm

by Sarah
(Plano, Texas)

My 2 year old daughter, Emory, never ceases to make me laugh, whether it's on purpose or not. She is quirky, has an infectious laugh and an amazing sense of humor. There are countless times I can recall that I could write about but there's one particular instance that sticks out in my mind and always makes me smile.

When she was about 15 months old, my husband, Josh, and I were playing with her in her room before bed time. She went into her dresser drawer and pulled out a shoe box.

My husband and I watched her curiously to see what she was going to do as she proudly marched the box over to Josh. She placed it on the top of his head and then stepped back to examine her work. After a moment of contemplation, she scrunched up her nose and proclaimed, "No!"

She then went and removed the shoe box from my husband's head. Josh looked at me with an expression that clearly read, "What in the world?" I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

Emory dug another shoe box out of her drawer, removed its lid and in the same fashion, marched it over to my husband and placed it delicately upon the top of his head. Once again, she stepped back to examine her work.

We watched her in silence, as if seeking approval of a new design from a famous critic. After this long moment of silence, she threw her arms in the air, grinned and exclaimed jovially, "Hat!" My husband and I both erupted with laughter at our little fashionista.

Ever since, she's had a thing for trying to designate things as hats that actually aren't. Whether it's a bucket, a purse, a box, a cup or even her own pants, she can find a hat out of anything!

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May 25, 2010
What a little diva!
by: Chris with SASAHM

Sounds like she's got a future in the fashion industry! That's great! Thanks for sharing!

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