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Tips for Being Frugal - Cheapscape Tightwad Living

tips for being frugal
Tips for being frugal are easy to come by for those who are interested in tightwad living. Learn to become a cheapscape by checking out this frugal idea list!

People are always looking for ways to save money or live more frugally. It's not as hard as you might think, but it does require a little practice and an open mind. If you are a stay at home mom trying to keep your family on a tight budget, then you'll definitely want to check out the ten tips for being frugal listed below.

Tip 1: Reusing Ziploc bags, plastic bags, and grocery bags
You may think that this is being the ultimate tightwad or cheapscape, but this handy tip can really pay off in the long run. Go ahead and spring for the name brand Ziploc bags.

They are sturdy, reliable and best of all-washable. Here's a frugal idea: rinse them out with soap and water after use, and you'll find you've gotten much more for your spending dollar.

Instead of tossing out plastic bags or grocery bags from the store, keep them. You can either use them for groceries again or use them to transport other things in.

Tip 2: Energy Efficient Light bulbs
Of all the tips for being frugal, this is the one you may already be familiar with. Using energy efficient light bulbs (the squiggly white ones) can reduce your electricity bill significantly. See how much you spend now and then compare it a month later. If you really want to be a cheapscape and save even more, embrace the romance of candlelight. Candles may not be the best for reading, but they are great for setting a tone or mood and the perfect amount of light to watch TV by or even just to have a family chat.

Tip 3: Stop Eating Out
This is a tough one for lots of families interested in tightwad living! Eating out is common place in our American lifestyle, but unfortunately, it isn't always good for our waistlines or our budgets. However, if you were to cut back to once or twice a month, your bank account could see a significant difference. Another item on the tips for being frugal list related to this one is to pack your food when going out. Bring a sack lunch or snack if you know you will be away from home. Another frugal idea: if you are on vacation, bring your own snacks and treats, too.

Tip 4: Eat the Leftovers
For some reason, lots of people balk at this one. You spend all that time in the kitchen making a great meal and there's some left over. Don't toss it down the sink or into the trash!

Make your life simple and save a little money by eating it the next day. Leftovers are great for lunches or reheated dinners.

Tip 5: Shop at Thrift Stores
One of the most important tips for being frugal involves clothes and shopping. A great way to save money on clothes is to visit your favorite thrift store, such as, Goodwill, or your local consignment shop. The nice thing about these places (and a great frugal idea) is you can sell clothes back once you've out grown them or donate them to charity.

Here's a fun tip for the cheapscape out there looking to get more wear out of kid's pajamas. Try cutting the feet off of the footsie kind. This will allow them to last a little longer!

Tip 6: Shop on-line
Believe it or not, sometimes you can get better deals online than in a retail store. Of course, this depends entirely on when you shop. For example, some of the best sales occur around the holidays or big sale days like Black Friday. Here's a tip for frugal living: try shopping for next year's Halloween items online a week after the big day. You can get lots of things for half off or at great bargains.

Tip 7: Dryer sheets
Ever notice how dryer sheets always seem to be stuck in everything? Put them to good use by reusing them. Another option for dryer sheets if you use the scented kind is to tuck them in various places around the house to keep your home smelling fresh.

Tip 8: Travel shampoos
Do you or your husband travel a lot? Take advantage of the complimentary soaps, shampoos, and conditioners by bringing them home. By being this kind of cheapscape, you'll be saving a little money each month on this basic toiletry item. Want to take it a little further? Save up honey jars and drain the very last bit of each shampoo or conditioner into them.

Tip 9: Credit Card Transfers
One of the biggest tips for being frugal I can offer you is not to use credit cards at all. The interest rates will eat you alive! However, credit cards can be a necessary evil when you are in a bind. If you find yourself with several cards, pick the one with the lowest interest rate and transfer the other debt onto that card. Cut up the others and concentrate solely on paying off that one credit card. Along those same lines, try on-line bill paying. It's quick, easy, and can save you money.

Tip 10: Having a Frugal Wedding
Everyone has the perfect dream wedding in their head. Sadly, not every woman can afford it. That doesn't mean that your day can't be filled with romance, wonder, and beauty though. Consider keeping your guest list to just family and friends. Several other tips for being frugal with your wedding include: don't have any bridesmaids unless you know they are willing to pay for their own dress.

When it comes to the matter of the wedding dress, there are many bridal stores that allow you to rent dresses or sell lovely used ones that can be altered to fit you. If you are handy with a needle and thread, sewing a wedding dress may be an option for you! Limit your professional photography to just photos of the bride and groom, and place disposable cameras at guest tables so they can capture candid shots of the reception.

Hopefully, these ten tips for being frugal will help your lifestyle and your pocket book!
What are some tips you have to be frugal?

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