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Steps to Write a Book

Guidelines to Write a Book for Stay at Home Mom Income

Steps to write a book. So you've decided that you will earn stay at home mom income by creating that fabulous novel that's been brewing in your head for the past 10 years. Now it's time to find the guidelines to write a book and get started!

Do you ever find yourself lost in a really fabulous daydream where you are the starring character who's caught up in international intrigue? Or maybe you have vivid dreams at night, so vivid they're almost like watching a movie. Maybe you should write those daydreams down and try turning them into something that could bring in a little extra income.

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, started out as stay at home mom who ended up turning her dreams into a bestselling series which in turn spawned a collection of blockbuster movies. By learning the steps to write a book, you too could make your writing dreams a reality.

The eBook Ready Steady Write by Keidi Keating is an excellent resource for anyone who has always wanted to write a book but didn't know where to begin. With smart tips about overcoming your initial anxieties about writing and setting up a daily routine, this author provides excellent guidelines to write a book based in any fiction genre.

Ms. Keating has years of experience in the world of writing have worked as a copyeditor and journalist. In addition to Ready Steady Write, she is the author of Sol Searching, A Fun-Filled Tale of a Girl's Move to the Costa Del Sol.
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Rayven Recommends:
Ready Steady Write!

Trying to get started writing a book? It can be a challenge!

But lucky for you, published author Keidi Keating has written a how-to guide to keep you on track, and help get you going with these steps to write a book.

Ready Steady Write! is a fantastic resource that walks you through the book writing process

Ready Steady Write!

Time Management

steps-to-write-a-book-01; pen, paper and computer Finding the time to sit down and write is a common stumbling block. It seems there are never enough hours in the day!

Jobs, household chores, kids - it's tough to squeeze in the extra minutes it takes to put pen to paper. However, one of the first steps to write a book is to learn time management skills.

Ready Steady Write suggests reviewing your daily schedule. Where can you fit in your writing time? Maybe the answer lies in when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night.

Try getting up an hour earlier. Sometimes it's the wee small hours of the morning when we get our best ideas and there is no one to interrupt the flow of creativity. Writing down a schedule of when you will do things and then sticking to it is a good way to enforce making that special time for yourself. Communicate with family members what you're doing and it's importance so they will respect writing needs.

Mind Set

When thinking about the steps to write a book, don't forget about the importance of being in the right mind set. Why are you writing in the first place? Is it for pleasure or are you trying to become a published author? Is your mind cluttered with thoughts about the day, or are you ready to focus on your story idea.

Fear of rejection is a common complaint fledging writers worry over. Everyone gets rejected at some point. Even the most famous author you can think of has experienced failure in his/her work. Believe it or not, rejection is how we grow as writers! Some people are afraid they only have one book in them. Get over that fear right away. You'd be surprised at how often one book will spark the beginning of two or three other ideas.

One of the guidelines to write a book mentioned in Ready Steady Write is to try different types of writing exercises to get creativity flowing. Freewriting is a writing exercise where you write anything and everything that comes to mind. Morning writing is another one where the writer wakes up in the morning and writes down everything on their mind until three pages of writing are created.

Another type of exercise to help you get in the mind set has nothing to do with the physical act of writing. Try meditation. Meditation is a great way to relax, clear the mind, and become open to new ideas if you are stuck with writer's block. Turn off the negative chatter and practice daily affirmations: I can be a writer, I can be a writer, I can be a writer. Pick an affirmation that works for you! Ready Steady Write lists many other types of writing exercises designed to help send you along the path to publication.
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Marketing Your Book

If you are serious about becoming a published writer, then the importance of marketing cannot be ignored! Think about who will read your book. What age bracket are they in?

Knowing what genre of fiction you are writing and what the market for that genre is like is important too.

Not sure what genre you are in? Go to a bookstore and look at its shelves. Which one would you put your book on? What genre is listed on that shelf? That's the style you are writing, too.

Ready Steady Write offers good suggestions on identifying your readers and how to market the book to an agent wanting to represent you. Use those guidelines to write a book suited for your target audience. The more you know about marketing prior to writing the book, the easier it will be to sell it when the time comes.

Other Resources

It takes many steps to write a book and lots of research on the craft of writing. In addition to the eBook Ready Steady Write, try checking out some of these other books and blogs. Many of them provide great guidelines to write a book.

On Writing by Stephen King

Considered by many to be the Bible of fiction writing, Mr. King's book offers his considerable knowledge on breaking into the business of publishing and writing.

His steps to write a book are filled with humor and common sense. This is a great read for writers in all phases of the process.

Nathan Bransford, writer and former agent
Need sound writing advice? Then take it from someone who has been on both sides of the fence. Mr. Bransford started his blog while working as one of the most highly sought after agents in the business. He offers tips on getting an agent, as well as, guidelines to write a book that stands out from the rest of the pack.

Janet Reid is known for her sharp wit and even sharper advice to writers. An agent who holds nothing back, she offers steps to write a book on her blog and advice on writing the perfect query letter to get an agent.

200 Free Book Marketing and Author Tools This amazing eBook shows an author how to market their book, use social media, and provides websites to help improve your writing. This is a must have for new writers learning the steps to write a book.

Download Your FREE Copy of 200 Free Book Marketing and Author Tools

For the stay at home mom looking to try something new, writing can be a wonderful experience!

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