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Starting a Business on eBay - $10,000 Money Making Mama Challenge

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Starting a business on eBay should be something considered for stay at home mom income. Chances are you have stuff you could be selling at auction on eBay sitting around unused in your home. Learn how to earn legitimate online income.

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Do you fall in love with a good bargain? Are you a collector of things old and new? Then you've probably heard of eBay! Truly one of the miracles of the Internet, eBay is an online market place where one can buy and sell items of all kinds.

If you are a stay at home mom, starting a business on eBay can be a wonderful and easy financial opportunity, too. The set up isn't difficult, and the results can be rewarding. Once you've experienced the thrill of selling at auction on ebay, you'll be totally hooked!

Starting a Business on eBay

To get started you'll need to set up an account on eBay. They will request some personal information like your credit card info or bank account number for verification purposes.

While it may seem a frightening prospect to hand over this information, eBay prides itself on being one of the most secure sites on the web. This will also be necessary if you plan to purchase or sell on eBay.

If starting a business on eBay is your goal, then take the time to browse the site and get a feel for how it works. Try bidding on an auction and note how the process is set up. Pay attention to the way sellers list their products, as well as, what kind of pictures they use, too. These things will be important when it comes to selling at auction on eBay.

Set up a PayPal account. PayPal is a common website that acts as a third party between a seller and a buyer. Their site is totally secure and used on millions of websites as a safe way to deposit and spend money. The Premier account is the one that should be selected for someone starting a business on eBay.

When a buyer purchases an item you have up for auction, the money is deposited directly into your PayPal account. One of the great things about PayPal is that they can direct deposit the money into your checking account, though it can take 3-4 business days for that to happen. A nice option to consider is the PayPal debit card. With it, you can access funds from your account instantly.

Get Some Supplies

The next step to starting a business on eBay is having the proper supplies. Since you will be shipping out items in all sizes and shapes, you are going to want to have lots of things on hand to make this easier.

For example, you will want to stock up on bubble wrap, packing tape, priority envelopes, and padded envelopes. A printer, digital camera, and a postage scale are necessary, too.

Printers are for printing out both postage and packing slips. The digital camera will allow you to photograph items and post them to your ebay account.

When selling at auction on eBay, a good picture can set you up to have a best seller! Also, now that you have a PayPal account, it will allow you to pay for postage to USPS when you are ready to ship to buyers.

Here's an important tip when gathering these supplies: buy them on eBay. It will give you experience with the whole buying and selling process of the site and get you a great deal!

Cleaning Out Your Home

Okay. Here comes the fun part: cleaning out your house and finding all those little items that might be worth something!

This is an important step for several reasons. You can take stock of what you don't need and what's in good enough condition to sell.

Also, this yet another way to learn how to navigate around the site and get experience selling at auction on ebay. So what kinds of things are you looking for? Start with clothes your children have outgrown or books that are no longer read.

What about that clutter of household things stuck in the corner of your garage? Anything you've set aside as a garage sale item or haven't used in a year should be considered as a potential profit and a first step to starting a business on eBay.

Listing Items on eBay

If you've looked at eBay, then you are aware there are several ways to list your items. This is actually an important step in starting a business on eBay.

You can list items individually or eBay allows you to download their program, Turbolister, which speeds up the process and really makes everything look nice. Listing what you are selling actually becomes easier the more you do it!

An important step of starting a business on eBay is researching how your items are selling. What are other people listing their starting prices out? How much is your stuff worth? Luckily, eBay makes discovering this fairly simple.

You can search for exactly what you want to sell and compare the prices. Make note of how much people make, how much they start off asking for, and how they list it.

If you go into "Advanced Search" you can check out recent closed auctions for your item to see what the ending price was. Taking photographs of your stuff is a must! You can post a picture on eBay, and for an additional fee, you can post a gallery of pictures showing what you want to sell. People tend to shy away from paying extra fees, but this is one instance where doing so could really benefit you in the long run.

The auction title can make or break your sales so be sure to be thorough in what you are listing. Don't type in all caps as it is considered a major no-no, but be sure to list exactly what you are selling. You may need to measure the dimensions of the item or really get descriptive about its details.

Proper grammar and spelling are a must. No one wants to weed through a long description full of grammatical errors. Don't exaggerate or tell a social white lie. This auction serves as a contract, and if the buyer gets the item and finds it's not what you described, they can ask for their money back.

Hopefully, you've picked up a few tips on starting a business on eBay. However, research is the key to being successful. Check out the free eBook The Stay At Home Mom's Guide to Selling on eBay by Suzanne Wells.

FREE Stay at Home Mom Guide to Selling on eBay

This amazing little book was written by a mom who has had great success creating a business on eBay. In this eBook, she provides tips on how to get started, what to sell, the best way to list your items, time saving short cuts, how to fit it in your schedule as a stay at home mom, and what methods you can use to make your business grow!

Be sure and check it out today! What tips would you give about starting a business on ebay?

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