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Sneaky Child Spins a Christmas Yarn

When my daughter was six, she told me a very lengthy story about how she saw Santa on Christmas Eve. Like many children do, she started the story by saying she heard something on the roof. But her tale became more far fetched than any I’d ever heard.

She said after she heard the reindeer, she got out of bed to investigate, only she said “impress” instead of “investigate“. She mixed up words often!

This was supposedly taking place while I slept.

When I asked why I didn’t hear her moving around, she said she snuck down the hall with her back against the wall so I wouldn’t see her.

She told me she heard Santa knock on the door, and she let him in. She said he had his glasses tucked into his pocket, and a bag full of wrapped presents.

She proceeded to tell me how Santa took each present and placed it under the tree. She said she asked Santa what his reindeer were doing and if he wanted anything to eat.

During this entire story, every question I asked was answered in detail. I asked what Santa was saying, and she told me he just kept saying, “ho ho ho”. She said he looked exactly like the Santas at the mall.

When the story was over, I said that was very exciting!

She said, “Yep. Can I open my dollhouse now?”

Apparently she had done some peeking in the middle of the night as well.

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May 11, 2010
Little PI!
by: Chris with SASAHM

I think your child has a good future as a private investigator! LOL! I totally pictured her sneaking down the hall with her back against the wall and the "Mission Impossible" theme playing! Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

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