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Sitter City - Babysitter Tips for Stay at Home Mom Income

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Sitter City can be a great place to gain new clients and advertise your babysitting business. If you are looking for stay at home mom income, follow these babysitter tips.

Sometimes advertising your daycare business on fliers, signs, newspapers ads, and even on Craigslist, isn't going to get you the clients you want. No matter how many babysitter tips you've followed, it can feel a little depressing to put all of your time and energy into your new childcare venture, only to have nothing happen.

Here are two words that can pull you out of the rut and get the word out about your excellent services: Sitter City.

Sitter City is an online organization connecting parents with childcare providers through a four step screening process. They conduct interviews with sitters, do background checks, post sitter reviews, and check references.

By entering your zip code into their database, you can find out how many sitters are working in your area. As a parent, this is a website that can offer many options and typically within hours of posting a job you will have lots of interested applicants.

Besides traditional daycare, why would you use this site? Perhaps for a date night with a spouse, or maybe a Girl's Night with old friends? Sitter City can make both of those things happen with their list of qualified childcare providers.

What if you need someone to tutor your child, care for an elderly parent, or even walk your dog? You guessed it. SitterCity can match you up with someone capable of handling those things, too.

Again, the nice thing about this process is that you can conduct the interviews, but SitterCity gets all the background checks and references ready for you.

How does such a program work for stay at home moms looking for extra stay at home mom income? Sitter City allows you to post your profile and show off your best skills.

It offers babysitter tips on what new jobs are posted in your area, or suggestions for creating your profile.

This group also guides you on how to prepare for the interview with a potential client. Best of all, it gives a sneak peek of what the family you may work for is like so you can go to the interview knowing what to expect.

SitterCity has the potential to be a good source of supplemental stay at home mom income. It allows you to set your own salary, doesn't ever reveal your personal information, offers babysitter tips, and lets you explore the employer profiles in an effort to match you up with the right families.

There are a few cons to be aware of for stay at home moms interested in using Sitter City as a stay at home mom income. While there isn't a fee for the caregiver to join the site, there is a $10 fee for the background check.

Also, some areas offer more work than others which means there is no guarantee you will get lots of supplemental income from this. Keep in mind, too, that not every family registered for your area may want to work the same hours that you do.
One of the most important babysitter tips to remember is to do your research. Then ask yourself if Sitter City is the option that works best for you and your family and your stay at home mom income.

What do you do to find a babysitter?

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