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Selling on Etsy - $10,000 Money Making Mama Challenge

sell crafts on etsy
Selling on etsy is a great alternative to eBay for crafty moms. Learn how this mega-artistic website can help you earn stay at home mom income, and join the ranks of etsy sellers.

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Are you one of those crafty people who spend a great deal of time knitting, crocheting, or painting? Do you enjoy going to craft shows or like to purchase items that are homemade? If so, then you might be interested in a great website called Etsy.

It's very similar to eBay as far as how it works, but the items for sale are a little more unique than the typical things you may see on eBay. People selling on etsy are making money on crafts like homemade purses, knitted caps, paintings, needlepoint, and so much more!

Etsy sellers are in the business of creating unique, custom made products that reach into a niche for consumers. Some of these niches are homemade goods, vintage products, or craft supplies. It's sort of like a never ending arts and crafts show -only online!

Getting Started

Selling on etsy is easy once you've registered an account with the website. Just click on the button at the top marked Register and follow the steps from there to set up your online store.

Stay a Stay at Home Mom has provided a simple step-by-step guide to getting started on Etsy. Download it here: (free resource)

Stay at Home Mom's Guide to Getting Set Up on Etsy

Some people worry over the fact that they will ask for a credit card number. This is to help expedite the payment process. If you don't already have a PayPal account, get one. PayPal is totally secure and makes receiving and sending payments a breeze! Most people selling on etsy or eBay use PayPal because it's so user friendly.

Once you've registered then you're ready to begin listing your items. Etsy does charge a small listing fee of twenty cents per item, but the items stay listed for up to 4 months. This is different than eBay where your listing is typically only up for a few days during the auction process.

Like eBay, Etsy does charge a seller's fee, which is based on how much the item sells for. When listing an item, etsy sellers need to be detailed and include a picture. Most buyers want to know what the item looks like before they spend money on it.

A great advantage to Etsy vs. eBay is that Etsy will let you have up to five photos of your item posted for free! eBay allows its sellers to post one for free and then charges a small fee for each additional photo.

What To Sell on Etsy

So here's the big question: what are people selling on etsy? The answer: all kinds of things! We've touched on a few already, but there are lots of other creative opportunities to be found here.

Homemade bath salts and perfumes are often top sellers. Unusual key chains or creative belts have found homes on Etsy, too. Other ideas might be decorated water bottles, handmade watchbands, headbands, weirdly shaped soaps, hippie dresses, and wood carvings to decorate the home.

Can you create well-made costumes? People are always looking for things of that nature that won't fall apart the first time you wash them. If you're a seamstress, be sure and advertise that you can customize some items.

Cloth baby diapers and even washable menstrual pads are just a few of the other things etsy sellers provide. You're really only limited by your imagination when it comes to selling on etsy.

Stay a Stay at Home Mom has provided a list of 50 ideas on things to make and sell on Etsy. Download it here: (free resource)

50 Things to Make and Sell on Etsy

Keep in mind that you will want to do a little research regarding the competition. If your particular craft is oversaturating the market right now, it might be worth your while to come up with a new idea or make sure your marketing the original one in a unique way.

A really nice thing about Etsy is that it has many online forums and blogs where sellers can meet and learn from each other. This is a good way to get marketing tips, as well as, rub elbows (figuratively) with people who have been successful at selling on etsy.

Many etsy sellers will check out your online store if you appear approachable and friendly. Sometimes other store owners may want to team up with you which can be a profitable business since you both will advertise each other's wares at your stores.

Also, review any feedback you get from a buyer regarding their shopping experience with you. What are they saying that's positive? Negative? Strive to make your store better!

Stay a Stay at Home Mom has provided a checklist for all new Etsy sellers to make the most of your experience. Download it here: (free resource)

Stay at Home Mom's Etsy Selling Checklist

How Does Etsy Benefit a Stay at Home Mom?

Stay at home moms are some of the hardest working women on the planet. Not only do we manage a family, but we are multi taskers in other areas, too.

Selling on etsy is the kind of thing very suited to the stay at home mom trying to bring in stay at home mom income. Depending on the item you are trying to sell, etsy requires little overhead.

You don't have to rent a special office or commute to work. Etsy sellers do business online, so as long as you have a camera, a computer with internet access, and the time, selling on etsy could be an easy and financially beneficial endeavor. What tips would you give about selling on Etsy?

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