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Sell Used Books on Amazon - $10,000 Money Making Mama Challenge

amazon fba
Sell used books on Amazon to earn stay at home mom income with the fabulous new Amazon FBA program. Learn how to sell book on Amazon with Fulfillment by Amazon.

Amazon's FBA program is designed to help get a product into the consumer's hands and money into your pocket. To do this, you must be willing to sell used books on amazon through the Fulfillment by Amazon program, aka, FBA. If you've harbored dreams of being a book seller without the hassle than this is your chance!

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The FBA program is a simple concept to grasp. You collect or buy up used books and then ship them to Amazon for storage and distribution. You list the books on their website and Amazon will ship them to customers as the orders come in. You and Amazon each get a share of the profits.

In the free eBook Selling on Amazon's FBA Program by Nathan Holmquist this profitable process is outlined as he teaches how to sell books on Amazon.
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Amazon's FBA

Interested in the Amazon FBA Program?

If you're looking to make money selling books on Amazon without the day-to-day headaches of shipping, you need to pick up your totally free copy of Nathan Holmquist's Selling on Amazon's FBA Program.

I'm so glad Nathan has offered his terrific ebook for free! I paid for it several months ago, and it was worth every penny. Now it is my pleasure to share it with you for free.

Concise and helpful, this free eBook points out the pros and cons of using FBA, as well as the best ways to make money.

Download Selling on Amazon's FBA Program for Free

Getting Started

If you are a stay at home mom looking for ways to run a business from home, you may at first be a little skeptical about this. After all, part of running a business is doing the work yourself, right?

The packaging, the shipping, filling the orders-this is why you got into the business. However, doing it yourself can be very time consuming day in and day out. The FBA program can help make it a little easier.

So how does one sell used books on Amazon using FBA? Go to Amazon's website and click on the button marked "Fulfillment by Amazon". The free eBook Selling on Amazon's FBA Program walks you through the steps of setting up your account, listing your books, printing out labels, and shipping them at the most cost effective rates.

As the book points out, some of this may feel very time intensive in the beginning, but once you learn how to sell books on Amazon, the process will become much faster.

Now that you've registered on the FBA site, the next step is listing your book in such away that it gets to the top of the seller list where potential buyers can see it first, and you can make a decent profit. Selling on Amazon's FBA Program details various methods you can use to ensure that this happens.

Remember that not all the profit from a sold book will come to you. Several fees, such as shipping, are deducted from the final sale price. It may seem that you're not receiving a whole lot back, but if you sell used books on Amazon several times a week, it will add up in the long run!

Building Your Inventory

Avid readers have tons of books in their home, but even they would need to build up their collection in order to sell used books on Amazon. Getting inventory can be done in a variety of ways: collecting friends' old books, garage sales, and library book sales.

These sales are a wonderful chance to prowl around and see what overlooked treasures are just waiting to be found. If you are planning to sell used books on Amazon, then keep an eye out for books that are in good condition and best sellers.

If a sale, such as a library sale, lasts more than one day, try to go back the next day to see what's left. Usually prices have been reduced at that point, and you can get an even better deal for your money!

Pros and Cons of FBA

As Selling on Amazon's FBA Program points out, the pros and cons of trying to sell books on amazon must be examined.

Because Amazon does all the shipping, you can go on a vacation or be offline for awhile without worrying about holding back books for a customer until your return.

Another pro is that international shipping is easy. This allows for you to sell used books on amazon to a wider audience.

They will process all the shipping, but you will need to upload your signature one time in order to take advantage of this.

Luckily, there are easy to follow directions in Selling on Amazon's FBA Program on how to accomplish this. Customer returns are handled by Amazon, too.

A few cons to using FBA would be the cost of shipping to Amazon, but Selling on Amazon's FBA Program shows how to keep those to a minimum. You will also pay a storage fee to Amazon since they warehouse the books.

The other consideration to keep in mind if you want to sell books on Amazon, is that it can be a time consuming process boxing up books, labeling boxes, and shipping them out.

To sell used books on Amazon, carefully review the pros and cons. Use Selling on Amazon's FBA Program as a guide to help navigate you through the process. With a little patience and perseverance, you'll be making extra income in no time.

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