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Save Money on Entertainment - Fun Cheap Things to Do

save money on entertainment
Save money on entertainment every time you go out with your family.

This list of family fun night ideas will have you experiencing all the best things in life...without the hefty pricetag!

Check out this great resource list full of fun cheap things to do.

Throughout the years, I have made it a game in our home to be able to find the best deals for doing fun stuff on a dime.

We've gotten to the point where a 50% off savings is just so-so.

Using the following strategies, our family watches movies in theaters, goes to plays and amusement parks, hangs out at zoos and museums, and eats out in restaurants on a regular basis - without going broke!

You can too!

This pages focuses on discounts.

When you're done here, be sure and check out the second page that focuses on frugal entertainment on a dime: Family Fun - Cheap Things to Do

Dining Out

One of our favorite family fun night ideas is dining out. In fact, we probably go out to eat too much.

(Which, in theory, is not the best way to save money on entertainment.)

It's a weakness, what can I say? Anyway, we've gotten to the point where we NEVER go out to eat unless we get a significant discount.

We always save money on entertainment.

You can do things like test drive offers to get gift certificates to your favorite restaurants free, or clip Sunday paper coupons for great deals at places like Boston Market, Chuck E Cheese, and Steak N Shake.

But in addition to those common sources, here are three great places that we use at least once per month.

Have you joined the Groupon bandwagon yet? Why not? Sign up here and enter your email address (free) to get daily updates about the Groupon deal in your area and save money on entertainment.

Here's how it works: each Groupon city has a deal of the day, where for one day only you have the opportunity to get a significant savings by purchasing a Groupon on a specific deal. For example, recently in my town, for $10 you get a $20 gift certificate to Mama Fu's. Everyday its different!


I've been using Restaurant.com for literally years, in multiple cities and states. I LOVE Restaurant.com. Its an absolutely wonderful way to save money on entertainment.

This company compiles a list of local restaurants in your area, who will give you a discount on their food. You simply purchase a gift certificate from Restaurant.com online, and bring the certificate into the restaurant to use.

The certificates are $10 for a $25 certificate, but Restaurant.com often releases insane deals! Make sure you check with the Daily Deals feature on this site to keep up to date on great coupon codes for Restaurant.com.

It is not uncommon to get the $25 gift certificates for only $5. But, even if you are paying the full price of $10, its still a heck of a deal!

Most of the restaurants included in Restaurant.com are small, hole-in-the-wall, not chain, restaurants. This will give you an excellent opportunity to discover your local cuisine.

Also, many of the restaurants have stipulations on their gift certificates: most do not allow you to use the certificate for alcohol. Tax and gratuity are not included, and they require you to spend a minimum of $35 (which means, using a $25 gift certificate, you would pay $10 out of pocket plus tax and tip). Just make sure to read the instructions on each specific restaurant before you make your purchase.

We love Restaurant.com. We usually get out of a restaurant for under $20 including tax and a nice tip, for a dinner for four and dessert. Sure beats the $45 the family in the booth next to us spends!


Restaurant.com Thousand of popular restaurants. Fo

Entertainment Book
The Entertainment Book is a city-specific coupon book containing hundreds of local deals, including restaurant dinning deals. Each year, most big cities come out with an Entertainment Book for around $20-40, full of BOGO coupons. (What's a BOGO? A buy-one-get-one-free coupon. )

We love Entertainment Book, and purchase 1-2 each year. We generally buy one in September for the following year at full price, since we can begin using the coupons as soon as we get them. Then, come February or March, we buy another one at a heavy discount. Works like a charm!

Entertainment Book

Save on all the things you love to do!

Catching a Movie

Have you heard about Redbox yet? These are DVD kiosks found at Wal*Marts and McDonalds throughout the country. (And other locations; find your nearest one at Redbox.com).

As I am typing this, the kids are watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the third time. We rented it last night at Redbox. Its only around $1 per day to rent a movie from Redbox, and you are able to reserve online. But the best part, in my opinion, is that you can rent from any Redbox and return to any Redbox (they don't need to be the same one). Plus, Redbox is always giving away coupon codes for free rentals, etc. Perfect family movie night!


Entertainment Book
The Entertainment Book generally has discounted movie tickets in them. The catch is that you have to preorder them, you can't just present the ticket at the door, and there are some exclusions.

Entertainment Book

Save Money on Entertainment: Fun Entertainment Spots

In addition to restaurant deals, Groupon offers lots of different entertainment coupons. I've seen discounted tickets to Rent, discounts to the local amusement and water parks, and other fun cheap things to do.


Entertainment Book
The Entertainment Book has many coupons for restaurants and just as many for other entertainment (hence, the name) activities. We've found discounts on museums and family fun night ideas.

Entertainment Book

Mystery Shopping
Though this sort of thing is not for everyone, we've had so much fun through the years with mystery shopping when it comes to our methods to save money on entertainment. We've gotten to go to Disney World free, multiple times, we've gotten passes to museums, free hotel night stays, and lots and lots of free restaurants, both corner dinner types and $300 upscale date nights. Its worth looking into!

Learn More About Mystery Shopping
Learn How to Make More Money Mystery Shopping

Hopefully these ways to save money on entertainment will come in handy for you! Again, this page was dedicated to discounts. For more fun cheap things to do, see the second page on Family Fun - Cheap Things to Do.

What are your favorite ways to save money on entertainment?

tell us what you think

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