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Bible themed party games for consultants.

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Sales Party Games - Party Plan Games for Stay at Home Mom Businesses

Sales party games are an important party of your direct sales home party. These fun hostess party games and party plan games are for all stay at home mom businesses!

The following party plan games are all related to bible themes and nostalgia. For more sales party games, please check out the index of over a hundred games at the bottom of this page.

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sales-party-games-01; women attending a pampered chef party To play these hostess party games at your next direct sales home party, do one of the following:

Option 1:
Give each guest an index card. Have them record their answers. The guest with the most answers right wins a prize.

Variation on Option 1: Give the guest with the least amount of points a prize! Don't let guests know this is how you win the game until the game is over.

Option 2:
Have guests shout out their answers. Reward guests with bite sized candies (M&Ms or Hershey's Kisses). The guest with the most candies at the end of the game wins a bigger prize.

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Bible Theme Sales Party Games

The following sales party games are all related to questions from the bible, and bible trivia. These sales party games work very well for a direct sales home party made up of church friends. These party plan games might also be good around Easter, depending on your guests.
  • Which one of David's sons led a revolt against him? (Abraham)
  • Who won a fight against a giant? (David)
  • Who is the most infamous traitor in the Christian world? (Judas)
  • Who was the Roman in charge in Judea when Christ was crucified? (Pilate)
  • Who went to heaven in a fiery chariot? (Elija)
  • Who was the Beloved Disciple? (John)
  • After Solomon's death, the Jewish nation split into what 2 nations? (Judah & Israel)
  • What two wicked cities were destroyed by God? (Sodom & Gomorrah)
  • On what day of creation did God make land? (3rd)
  • Who did Jesus raise from the dead? (Lazarus)
  • Who was David's most famous son? (Solomon)
  • How many years did the Jews wander the desert before finding the Promised Land? (40)
  • Jesus often used what method to illustrate his point? (Parables)
  • Complete the following: Blessed are the meek... (For they shall inherit the earth)
  • Who was the longest living man in the Bible? (Methuselah)
  • How many books in the Old Testament? (39)
  • How many books in the New Testament? (27)
  • What are the first words in the bible? (In the beginning, God)
  • In what town was Christ born? (Bethlehem)
  • Who baptized Christ? (John the Baptist)
  • In what river was Christ baptized? (Jordan)
  • On what body of water did Christ walk? (Sea of Galilee)
  • Who betrayed Christ? (Judas)
  • What is the shortest verse in the Bible? (Jesus wept.)
  • Who wrote the Ten Commandments? (God)
  • Who preached the Sermon on the Mount? (Christ)
  • What Disciple denied his Lord three times? (Peter)
  • What Disciple was a doubter? (Thomas)
  • What Disciple was a tax collector? (Matthew)

  • Finish the Cliche

    The following are well known wives tales or cliches that most people know. Your guests will love playing these sales party games trying to come up with the correct answer!
  • All that glitters (is not gold)
  • Don't cry over (spilled milk)
  • A stitch in time (saves nine)
  • Too many cooks (spoil the broth)
  • It never rains (but it pours)
  • Absence makes (the heart grow fonder)
  • A fool and his money (are soon parted)
  • A miss is as good as (a mile)
  • Make hay (while the sun shines)
  • A new broom (sweeps clean)
  • A watched pot (never boils)
  • Chalk it up to (experience)
  • A barking dog (never bites)
  • The early bird (gets the worm)
  • A rolling stone (gathers no moss)
  • One good turn (deserves another)
  • Fools rush in (where angels fear to tread)
  • Practice makes (perfect)
  • Never put off until tomorrow (what you can do today)
  • Silence is (golden)
  • A bird in the hand (is worth two in the bush)
  • Seeing is (believing)
  • Birds of a feather (flock together)
  • Think before you (speak)
  • It's a long lane (that has no turning)
  • Variety is the (spice of lie)
  • A place for everything (and everything in its place)
  • Easy come (easy go)
  • Out of sight (out of mind)
  • While there is life (there's hope)
  • Where there's a will (there's a way)
  • We are never too old (to learn)
  • Never look a gift horse (in the mouth)
  • Live and let (live)
  • Everything comes to him (who waits)
  • Let well enough (alone)
  • Better late (than never)
  • Love is (blind)
  • When it rains, it rains (cats and dogs)
  • Might makes (right)

  • Your current hostess will make a great future hostess! Remember to call her back near the same time next year to see if she is ready for another party.

    Have you played any of these games at your parties? Which has been your favorite?

    tell us what you think

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