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Retirement and Plans - Tips and Retirement Investment Advisers

planning for retirement
Retirement and plans for retirement not currently a part of your vocabulary?

All stay at home moms should be figuring out how they will afford retirement now.

Learn how planning and retirement investment advisers can help you get started.

Retirement and plans for the future often go hand in hand.

It's easy to imagine yourself sitting comfortably on an old wooden rocker, waving to your grandchildren off playing in the distance as you sit back and enjoy the twilight years.

Of course, those years are still a long ways off, and if you really intend to spend them golfing or traveling the world, you better get crackin' on saving up some retirement funds.

People who work as retirement investment advisors say that the time to begin thinking about your money for the future is right now.

Of course, as a stay at home mom, you are probably saving money for a million things already: vacations, a new car, an emergency fund, college.

How can you possibly add one more thing to the load? When do you have time to talk with retirement investment advisors? The answer: make time now.

This issue is too important not to, and though you may think it's more important to save for college than for retirement, that's actually not the case. Retirement and plans for your future must be thought about before creating the college fund.

Why? Because your kids can get scholarships and financial aid for college. Those types of programs don't exist for retirees unless you plan early and create your own retirement "scholarship."

Think of it like the oxygen masks on an airplane. Moms are required to put their own on before assisting their children. So how does one go about coming up with retirement and plans that will help you get ahead? Begin by following a few savings tips retirement investment advisors rely on to guide their clients. For example, start saving, keep saving, and stick to your goals.

Make the commitment to set aside enough money every month to help you when you reach retirement age to continue living the lifestyle you want. To help figure out what that amount should be, check out the financial calculator at this link.

Surprised at how much you need to be saving? It's a bit of shocker, but that's why it's so important to think about retirement and plans for the future now!

Another thing retirement investment advisors suggest doing is to make sure your spouse is participating in his company's 401k plan. What exactly is that? A 401k plan and others like it are a way for employees to set aside and invest some of their salary for the future.

There are tax benefits your spouse can receive by participating in the plan and many salary deferral plans like this allow you some control on how your money is invested.

It may seem like taking additional money out of your monthly income will hurt your budget. However, once set up, it's money you won't miss, and you can't afford not to do it!

There are variations on the 401k plan such as, 430b and 457 so ask your spouse to check into all the plans available through his company, as well as, any employee matching contribution options, too.

Another way to get a jump on retirement and plans for the future is to invest money into a Roth account or traditional IRA. Retirement investment advisors can guide you through the basics of choosing which type of Roth or IRA is right for you.

Both accounts have the same contribution amount, but the traditional IRA allows you a tax deduction depending on tax filing, participation, and income made. There are no age limitations for Roth accounts meaning you can contribute to it regardless of your age, whereas, the traditional IRA does stop when an individual turns seventy.

Choosing the right one for your retirement and plans for the future can be tricky, but it's a worthwhile investment. There are many retirement investment advisors out there who would love to help you.

No one wants to spend their golden years broke, destitute, or leaning on their children for support. That's supposed to be a time when you get to relax and enjoy life. Stay at home moms know this and are always looking forward. Start thinking about retirement and plans to benefit the future now.

How are you planning for your retirement?

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