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Residual Income Formula - Can a Network Marketing Compensation Plan Make You Rich?

can you get rich in network marketing
With a residual income formula, can you get rich in MLM with stay at home mom businesses?

Is it possible for a network marketing compensation plan to make you rich from a residual income model, and help you stay a stay at home mom?

The short answer is, Yes.

Now, before you start freaking out on me, and accusing me of being one of those "Get Rich Quick" scammers, make a note: I did NOT say you can get rich��.QUICK.

And there is the crux in MLM.

It is not a Get Rich, QUICK opportunity.

It is not a "Sign here and make thousands a day!" or a "No work involved!

Reap profits immediately".

The Problem with Get Rich Quick

You may be familiar with Get Rich Quick opportunities.

They've been around forever, preying on those unfamiliar with how business really works.

They appeal to the fundamental laziness of humankind and are not a way to stay a stay at home mom.

And with the invention of the Internet, they are everywhere!

You probably have been tempted to go down that path before. I know I was. I mean, how much better can it get? You throw your money at a problem (income) and suddenly, like you've won the lottery, money just comes flowing back in, without you ever having to do a thing. It's a quick fix, and sounds divine.

Except for one itsy bitsy flaw in the logic: if they didn't need you to do anything to earn your money, what, exactly, do they need you for? Is this Get Rich Quick opportunity just advertising (and advertising is not free) this magic pill out of the goodness of their heart? Nope. They're out to take you for everything they can.

It simply does not make logical sense for stay at home mom businesses. Lotto tickets do not exist in business. Hard work, smart decisions, and education do.

Residual Income Formula

The truth is, like anything else, starting a network marketing business and the opportunity for a residual income formula will be WORK. It will take:
  • Time
  • Effort
  • Energy
  • Perseverance
  • You will have family and friends thinking you are nuts. You will have setbacks, and there will be months that you do not meet your goals.

    You will, most likely, NOT turn a profit in your first month, or possibly even your first year. It might take you six months, or more, to start earning some income with stay at home mom businesses of any kind. It might be a year, or two, before you start earning significant income along the lines of a residual income model.

    But if you work hard, consistently, and passionately, in 5 years, as a stay at home mom, you may be able to replace your husband's income. In 10-15 years, with a residual income formula, you could be earning in a month what he is earning in a year right now. With the right business sense and education, it is entirely possible.

    See a Compensation Example on the Possibilities in MultiLevel Marketing. Does it happen to everyone? No. Read Why People Fail in Network Marketing

    The beauty about the residual income formula offered by the network marketing compensation plan is that there is little to no risk. When you start up a business on your own, you usually have to invest thousands before you ever get a chance to open your doors.

    In a typical business, you are responsible for product development, patents, manufacturing, production, distribution, and everything else. If your business fails, it can be a devastating financial and emotional loss.

    But with MLM, the company handles all the hard stuff for you, leaving you to concentrate on the residual income model. You simply market the product and the opportunity, and collect the money.

    If you do end up failing, the most you have lost is money on advertising and promotional materials. You do not lose the cost of the products, because if you have chosen the company that is right for you, you will be consuming the products anyway. The risk is small, but the rewards can be great.


    One last word: Don�t Quit Your Day Job...Yet

    Though this site is geared towards those wanting to stay a stay at home mom, I know that there are people reading this who do not fit that category. Or maybe, as one who wishes to stay a stay at home mom, you want to follow a residual income formula so your husband can quit his job as well. That is possible, but, don't put the cart before the horse.

    Wait until you are earning enough with your network marketing compensation plan to replace your income before you throw in the towel at your main job (or have hubby throw in the towel at his job). Why?
  • It might take longer than you think to turn a profit

  • Most people who quit their jobs too soon have the "pencil pusher" problem; they fill their newly found days with busy work, and do not put the time into the profitable work
  • Work hard. Stay with it. Believe you can do it, and you CAN earn significant residual income with network marketing. Look to ANY established network marketing company and you will find those who have done just this. Find one of these people in your own company and make them your mentor.

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