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Recycling for Cash - How to Make Money Recycling

recycling for cash
Recycling for cash is becoming a popular stay at home mom income idea.

You can get cash for recycling cans, cash for recycling toner cartridges, and even cash for recycling used cell phones.

Learn how to make money recycling these items and even scrap metal to earn extra money fast.

Yes, being Green can earn you money!

Recycling for cash is a great way to teach your kids about conserving and consumerism, and makes a great side business idea for them as well.

You can do this on a small scale, as an occasional hobby, or on a large scale stay at home mom business.

Or, a small project can grow into a robust business, your choice!

Cash for Recycling Cans

When I was a Junior Girl Scout way back in elementary school, my scout leader had us collect all of our aluminum cans so that she could take and turn them into cash for our troop at the local scrap metal facility and earn cash for recycling cans.

We saved all year long. Each family contributed dozens upon dozens of bags full of crushed cans throughout the year. My scout leader's garage and back porch were overflowing with bags of cans, and when it was finally time to take them down to the scrap metal facility to get cash for recycling cans, it took 4 vehicles to do it.

We made $93.52.

That's it. For the entire year of recycling for cash.

Aluminum cans are lightweight and just plain and simple do not add up to much money when it comes to scrap metal prices, which are generally a few cents a pound. But there is an exception to this rule. If you live in a state that requires a deposit for your cans, you may be able to earn a little extra cash for recycling cans each month.

Now, this won't make you rich, but if you are looking for a little extra pocket money as stay at home mom income, this might be a solution! Some states require a 5cent deposit when you purchase soda or beer or other drinks in cans or bottles. This deposit is then refunded to you when you return the bottles to an authorized facility. Some states make you go to a special location, while others let you take them back directly to the store.

So if you figure that right, 5 cents a can means you only need 20 cans for a dollar. Or 200 cans for $10. You can collect these cans from your family, your neighbors who don't want to bother redeeming them, and even local businesses. If you decide to collect cans for recycling for cash from others, provide them with some sort of box or receptacle to collect the cans for you, and pick them up regularly.

Also important to note: Taking non-deposit cans from a state that does not require a deposit and trading them in for money in a state that does require a deposit is illegal. It may be tempting if you live on the boarder of a state to do this, but DON'T DO IT. It's wrong, and not what the deposit is intended for.

Cash for Recycling Toner Cartridges & Cell Phones

Stop throwing away your empty computer ink cartridges and stop giving the kids your old cell phones to play with! You can get cash for recycling toner cartridges and cell phones.

Several websites exist online for recycling for cash these common items. You can have your friends and neighbors save them for you and earn a little extra stay at home mom income.

You're not going to hit the big time with these, but you can get some nice pocket change. These sites offer cash for recycling toner cartridges and cell phones. They pay shipping.
  • Toner Buyer
  • eCycle Group
  • Planet Green Cycle
  • Cell Phones for Cash

  • How to Make Money Recycling Scrap Metal

    Yes, you can make money in scrap metal. Iron, aluminum, copper, steel, and other metals are ways to earn recycling for cash income. Call around to various scrap metal facilities in your area for prices.

    Don't think you'll get rich; most metals pay pennies or fractions of pennies a pound. Some around a dollar. The key here is quantity.

    This works best if you have some large place at your home to store your metal, and preferably, a pick-up truck. I once heard a story about a single mom who supported her children exclusively through recycling for cash scrap metal, so it can be done!
    Do you recycle to make extra cash?

    tell us what you think

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