Raising Meat Rabbits

In Urban or Rural Backyards.

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Raising Meat Rabbits - In Urban or Rural Backyards

raise meat rabbits
Raising meat rabbits might sound like a drastic way to stretch your food dollar, but rabbit meat production is a realistic option for all families, whether you live in the suburbs, or a rural or even urban area.

Learn all about raising rabbits for meat, and how to build rabbit cages.

The best way to save money on groceries is to produce some of your own food.

This takes time, effort, and some expenses getting started, but is the perfect way to hedge against inflation in food prices, as well as economic conditions that may make it difficult for you to buy food, such as loss of job.

Raising meat rabbits is an excellent option for the beginner backyard food producer.

Rabbit meat production can be done on a small scale, providing 1-2 rabbits per week for a family of four at a time investment of 15-20 minutes per day.

Even the kids can get involved with raising rabbits for meat, whether through a 4H program or just as a family activity.

But why should you investigate raising meat rabbits?

Why not chickens, or goats, or a pig? Well, here are my top three reasons for raising rabbits for meat production:
  • A single female rabbit can produce 1000% of her body weight in food annually
  • Rabbits can be raised in confinement in small backyards
  • Rabbit meat is very lean, perfect for cholesterol reducing diets, and tastes like poultry, not gamey
  • Rabbit meat simply tastes good. Use it in most recipes that call for chicken. In addition, rabbit pelts can be used in craft projects or used as a barter item.

    How to Get Started Raising Meat Rabbits

    A good way to get started raising rabbits for meat is to start with one buck and three does. This is a manageable way to ensure weekly rabbit meat production while getting familiar with the process. Rabbits can breed every 45-60 days, and litters are an average of 8-9 bunnies each.

    The best place to find rabbits to buy is your local Craigslist under the Farm+Garden. This is also a good place to buy rabbit meat so you can try it in a recipe before you start raising meat rabbits.

    Pellet rabbit feed is available commercially. In addition, your rabbits will need to supplement their diet with vegetables such as carrots, beets, or yams.

    You could buy them, but why waste money? This makes an excellent weekend project for crafty husbands. Plans are available for how to build rabbit cages in the ebook recommended, below.

    Earthworms are also great to raise alongside of rabbits. They convert rabbit droppings into food, and produce worm casings, which can then be used to fertilize your garden, and grow rabbit food. It all goes in one big circle.
    recommended by rayven perkins

    "How To Raise Rabbits: The Complete Beginners Guide for Rabbit Owners"

    If you're looking for a great guide for getting started on raising rabbits for meat, look no further than "How To Raise Rabbits: The Complete Beginners Guide for Rabbit Owners" by Gail Paterson.

    This excellent ebook walks new rabbit owners through everything from what type of rabbits to buy to what to feed them, when to breed them, and how.

    Her sales page does have a few grammatical errors, and the ebook contains one or two as well, but the quality of the information more than makes up for it.

    In addition, purchase of the ebook also comes with a series of five bonus books. To be frank, I chose Ms. Paterson's book based on the bonus items, since I am a beginning rabbit owner in too-hot Texas! Here are the bonus ebooks:
  • Rabbit Housing (how to build rabbit cages)
  • Rabbit Fitting & Showing
  • Backyard Production of Meat Rabbits in Texas
  • Agricultural Alternatives: Rabbit Production
  • Pathology of the Rabbit
  • All the ebooks come with pictures, which is especially helpful as you are learning how to build rabbit cages for raising meat rabbits. While Ms. Paterson's guide is for all those interested in raising rabbits, whether raising rabbits for meat, for show, or just for pets, she does place a huge emphasis on raising meat rabbits.

    Plus, the ebook comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

    How to Raise Rabbits: The Complete Beginners Guide for Rabbit Owners

    All in all, I think rabbit meat production on a small scale is a wonderful way to reduce your food bills, eat healthier, and involve the kids in a series of great lessons. This is one way to help you stay a stay at home mom. Think about it.

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    What advice would you give a beginner on raising meat rabbits?

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