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Pre Qualified MLM Leads - Free MLM Lead Generation for Stay at Home Mom Businesses

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Every MLMer is after pre qualified MLM leads.

And even better is a free MLM lead generation system for stay at home mom businesses.

But how is that possible?

Every day, network marketers across the globe go in search of pre qualified MLM leads.

Every day they spend money on MLM lead generating, more money, perhaps, than they will ever earn in their business.

What does all this tell you?

That those involved in MLM, like many stay at home mom businesses, need MLM marketing leads.

And it would be nice if they were free.

Why I Do NOT Recommend Buying Network Marketing Phone Leads

I would never tell someone in my downline that they should purchase network marketing leads.


Because I have not found them to be any more than a waste of time and money.

For instance, a fellow network marketer in a company I do not represent routinely purchases network marketing phone leads from what she feels is a reputable company.

The MLM marketing lead list is fresh in her opinion, and one out of every thirty she calls joins her program.

This is time consuming for her, but she feels it gives her better results than prospecting locally.

She spends approximately $2 per lead, buying 10 leads for $20. She has told me that she has purchased inexpensive MLM marketing lead lists bulk before, but has found that they are not as fresh. So she sticks with the $2 each MLM leads. So, the breakdown is:
  • $2 a lead x 30 leads per recruit = $60 per recruit
  • She spends $60 for one new recruit. When I asked her how long it took to make $60 from one prospect, her answer was "it varied", depending on the program they signed up for, but could take anywhere from 3-6 months.

    I then questioned how long the average person she recruits from a MLM marketing lead stays in the business, and whether they attempt to duplicate the system she has in place.
    Her Answer:

    "Most of the phone leads I recruit quit within one month. Some even the very next day. A few will last 3 months or so, but they are rare. I've been in the business two years and have yet to have one phone recruit last 9 months."
    In other words, rarely does she break even money wise on her cold calling efforts. Do you know what the definition of insanity is?

    The Definition of Insanity:

    "Doing the exact same thing over and over again, expecting a different result."

    Why do network marketers, in stay at home mom businesses, purchase cold call leads time and again, to suffer the humiliation of telemarketing, and the financial loss of failure? I know we have all bought into the dream of multilevel marketing, but enough is enough! Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to put free MLM lead generation into effect? A MLM lead generating system? For pre qualified MLM leads? Imagine this network marketing dream:
    The Dream

  • You wake up in the morning to check your email and find 10 new prospects eagerly requesting information on your business opportunity

  • You make five phone calls that were previously scheduled with pre qualified MLM leads who are ready to sign on the dotted line

  • You recruit more people into your network marketing business in one month than your upline does all year

  • You have so many pre qualified MLM leads that you need to pass them on to qualified members of your downline to handle

  • Your downline duplicates your efforts

  • You do not pay for your pre qualified MLM leads

  • Prospects pay you to market to them

  • You are a success in Network Marketing

  • Does that sound appealing? I know what you are thinking. You are thinking it is unrealistic. Why? Because if it was as wonderful as that, everyone involved in MLM would be doing it, right?

    Nope. Most people do not have what it takes to build a MLM lead generating system. They have no idea how to get the network marketing education they need in order to make their MLM dreams (pre qualified MLM leads) come true.

    Most people will give up when they realize it takes three things to make this happen:
  • 1.Time

  • Figure on spending 6 months getting your system in place, and up to a year to make the system work for you. You may be a fast learner and extra motivated, enough that you can cut this time down considerably, but for the purpose of planning, expect your MLM lead generating system to take around a year.

  • 2. Money

  • Yes! Building your own pre qualified MLM leads generating system will cost you money! The network marketing education system is around $69. Figure on spending $300-500 more to get started with your MLM lead generating system. Then figure on spending some more money monthly, maybe as much as $100 in the beginning to get you started. This is in addition to whatever fees your network marketing company will charge you monthly.

  • 3. Effort

  • This is not a "pay money and its done" type of network marketing lead generation system. You will be given the information you need to put your system into place, and will be shown the tools you need to build your network marketing lead generator bringing you pre qualified MLM leads, but it is up to you to actually do it. If you are not willing to commit time and effort into building your network marketing lead generation system, then you need to find a new industry to work in!
    These three factors intimidate most people, and many looking for stay at home mom businesses. A lot think they can get the job done quicker, most feel that they do not have the money it will take to do it properly, but then some throw money at their problems and don't put in the effort to do anything successfully.

    Remember my friend who purchases network marketing phone leads on a monthly basis? She keeps spinning her wheels with this cat and mouse game she plays.

    Why? Because she "can't afford" the $69 network marketing education system I recommend, and is intimidated when I tell her that she needs to invest $300-500 in her business as soon as possible.

    The irony is that I figured it out, and in the last 12 months she has spent $960 on network marketing leads alone. With no results.

    Building a network marketing lead generator would have been much cheaper, and she would have had a business by now with pre qualified MLM leads! If you are ready to get started on the first step towards multi level marketing online success, and want to get your network marketing education, then start by purchasing The Renegade Network Marketer.

    The Renegade Network Marketer

    Read this MLM book entirely. Then go back and read it again. It is an ebook, so you may want to print it out to highlight certain areas. Once you have read it completely, go to the backend Renegade System area and learn all about that as well. This is where you will get more information about the network marketing lead generation system that is right for you. Then contact me so we can talk about your feelings on where you want to go with your network marketing business.

    It doesn't matter which network marketing company you belong to, where in the world you are located, or what goals you have for your business. You can succeed in network marketing with this pre qualified MLM leads generation method and stay a stay at home mom.

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