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Poo Poo Pick Up - Get Paid to Clean Up After Dogs and Cats

poo poo pick up
Poo Poo Pick Up Service. Do you love animals? Are you willing to get your hands dirty?

My parents are dog people. Since I was a little girl, they have always had one or two dogs to share their lives with, usually larger dogs like Labrador retrievers.

They've always lived in a large house, with a fenced in backyard, and their dogs have always been indoor dogs. I cannot remember my parents ever walking our dogs, beyond occasional recreation.

No, if our doggie had to go to the potty, someone would just let her out to use the backyard. Theoretically, my father would clean up the "presents" left by doggie on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, in real life, it just didn't happen that way. Instead, the little treats would be left to decompose naturally, and my sister and I did not have a backyard to play in. There are many dog owners out there with the same sort of problem: poo poo.

Some owners are extremely busy and just don't have the time to keep their yards clean. Other owners dislike the gifts their animals leave behind. Then there are those owners who have back problems, or other physical limitations that prevent them from stooping over. Still other owners are simply lazy.

Whatever their reasons, you can capitalize on this behavior and start a Poo Poo Pick Up Service. Ok, so it might be a pretty crappy job, but it can be very profitable. (Sorry, couldn't help myself.) And not just dogs, but cat litter boxes need cleaning too.

What You Can Earn

The beauty of a Poo Poo Pick Up Service (if anything in this line of work can be deemed beautiful) is it's low cost of start up and operation. After a low investment of supplies, your income is virtually all profit.

Check to see if others in your area are providing this service. If they are, see what they are charging. Minimally, you should charge $10 for once a week service for one dog. You might charge a higher fee for the first visit if the clients have not taken care of this problem in the recent past. You'll also want to charge extra, say $5 per week more, for each additional dog. Have your clients pay on a monthly basis.

If you live in an area where you will be driving a great distance, make sure you take that into account when you create your prices. With the rising costs of gasoline and the amount of time it takes you to get to a customer's house, you'll want to pick up several customers in each area. The nice thing about this business, is that even if you are in a very small town, there are people who will need your services. Now my parents do hire out to have a teen do this for them. He has a good business going despite the fact that there are less than 1,000 residents in their town.

Don't limit yourself to single family homes. Apartment complexes that allow pets are in need of this sort of service as well.

What You'll Need To Do:

Your supplies needed for this type of business are really very inexpensive and very minimal. You'll need a good shovel and dusting pan. You may or may not need one of the fancy doggie poo contraptions sold at pet stores.

You'll also need a supply of waste bags. You may want rubber gloves. Other than that, there aren't really too many more supplies you will need. You'll want to check with your local regulations on disposal of the waste. There might be specific ordinances you need to follow, or a special way you need to handle the waste.

Advertise Your Business
When you start your business, you will want to get some inexpensive business cards to promote your service. You can get free business cards at VistaPrint. You may want to print out fliers to hang around your neighborhood as well. You may be able to hang fliers at local dog parks, pet stores, groomers, or veterinarians. Frequent dog parks to talk with owners and hand out your business cards.

You'll also want to post ads on your local Craigslist or other online sources. Check out online classified ads here.


If you are serious about getting started with your own Poo Poo Pick Up Service, you will want to check out the following site for information and resources: Pet Butler

This source of supplemental income can be used alone for any stay at home mom, or can be added to an existing pet services business. It can also be a good way to earn income for teenagers.
What do you do for poo poo pick up?

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