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Pet Accessories - Make and Sell Pet Items

make and sell pet treats and accessories
Pet Accessories. My family is a family of dog lovers. Since I was a child, we've always had a dog in our home. Still, even though we loved our canine friends, we were never the type to dress our dogs.

Maybe it was the fact that we liked large dogs, not small toy animals, but we just never got into the whole dress up scene. My mother would even go so far as to make fun of animal owners who chose to create little outfits for their dogs. So imagine my surprise, as an adult, to see my own mother jump on board the dress up dog craze!

A couple years ago, she was gifted with a Dotson, aka "wiener dog" for Christmas. She lives in Montana, where it can get quite cold during winter.

So she bought "Frank" his own winter coat, complete with little rain booties. When I questioned her decision to dress her dog, teasing her for becoming the person she used to ridicule, she excused her actions by saying, "he's so little and he gets cold".

Since then, Frank has added a raincoat, several t-shirts, decorative collars, and Halloween costumes to his wardrobe. You should see him in a cowboy hat and boots. He's actually quite cute, and has won some local contests.

I think it's part of the whole empty nest syndrome for my mother. Her daughters are grown, and live thousands of miles away from her. Now she has a new focus for her motherly skills. Her little Frankfurter.

The point is, people love their pets, and they love giving them the best. If you are creative, and love animals, making and selling pet accessories might be a good business for you.
The following pet accessories appeal to pet owners:
  • Pet Clothing
  • Pet T-Shirts
  • Pet Halloween Costumes
  • Decorative or Customized Pet Collars
  • Pet Jewelery
  • Pet Food
  • Pet Treats
  • With the recent pet food scares, many pet owners are looking for reliable sources of pet foods and are especially interested in healthy pet foods and organic pet foods and treats. There are recipes available where you can make pet foods and deliver them to local pet owners.

    Since pets consume food on a daily basis, and veterinarians prefer pets be kept on one type of pet food, this can be a reoccurring source of income.

    My Pet Business

    My Pet Business puts out a number of wonderful resources for those looking to get started in a pet services related business.

    Among the products they offer is a great ebook on how to get started in a Doggy Bakery business.

    I highly recommend this resource for anyone who is looking to start this sort of business.

    Start a Doggy Bakery Business

    Sell Your Products

    There are many ways to sell your pet accessories in this digital era. You can choose to sell online, offline, or a combination of the two.

    Pet products, particularly clothing and Halloween costumes, sell well on eBay. You can open an ebay store and offer your products on a daily basis. You can even take custom orders.

    Sell on eBay

    If you are serious about doing business online, you may want to invest your time into opening your own website. You can promote your goods locally and internationally through a website, giving you a competitive edge locally, while securing profits on a larger scale.

    Start a Website

    Local Events
    Local craft fairs, flea markets, and other convention type festivals are a great way to gain local clients and sales. Booths can be expensive, but if you gain a few reoccurring clients for your pet foods or treats, it can become quite lucrative. Regardless of which method you choose to promote your business, make sure you invest in some inexpensive business cards. VistaPrint offers free cards for just the cost of shipping. You can sell pet treats and accessories as your sole supplemental income strategy as a stay at home mom, or you can add it to another pet services business. The opportunities are limitless.

    what pet accessories do you make?

    tell us what you think

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