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Party Plan Games - Free Home Party Games

Play these party plan games at your next direct sales home party to see how well your guests are listening! These in home show party games are sure to get your party jumping and your guests in the mood for your show. Free home party games for all stay at home mom businesses.

Are you looking for more in home show party games? These party plan games specifically deals with games involving listening, raffle ideas, and, well, um, toilet paper games. More free home party games are available on other pages. A complete index of party plan games for your direct sales home party can be found at the bottom of this page.

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party-plan-games-01; guests at direct sales home party THREAD ICEBREAKER
Its great to play party plan games at the beginning of your direct sales home party as an icebreaker. Here is one that requires you to bring a spool of thread with you.

Pass around the thread and tell everyone to take a piece as long as they think they will need. They'll start asking you questions like, "as long as we need for what?" or "should I take a big piece or a small piece?" Just smile and repeat that they should take what they think they need.

You can even have your hostess play along by attempting to "measure" her waist with the thread, and taking around that amount if you'd like. This will get the guests confused. Some will take a little, some will take a whole lot.

After everybody has taken their thread, tear off a piece and wrap it once around your finger and hold it there, telling them they have to do the same. They then have to talk about themselves for as long as it takes to wind the rest of the thread around their finger. Take a long piece of thread yourself and start by telling them about yourself and your business. The ones that took too much thread will be talking a lot!

This is a great choice of the party plan game. You'll need a couple decks of cards. The object of the game is to have your guests listen to you! Tell your guests at the start of the show that whenever you say the word "free", the first guest who yells out "I want it!" will get a card. You'll give them one of the cards, face down. They must not look at it. If they do, they must give their cards to the hostess.

Every time they are the first to call "I want it!" they get another card to add to their pile. If more than one guest calls it out at the same time, give them each a card. At the end of the demo, the guest with the most points wins. Points are awarded as follows:
  • 2-10 = face value
  • Face cards = 15 points
  • Ace's = 25 points

  • During your show party plan games, make sure you mention the word "free" as many times as possible. Use sentences such as "for hosting a party, you can get this FREE" or "you can make money in your FREE time" or "this will FREE up more space in your cupboard".

    It's fun to trick them too. Once the game gets really competitive, and guests are literally hanging on the edge of their seats, change up the wording. Start a sentence such as "if you buy this product today you can get a second one..." as though you are going to say "free" but then, after a dramatic pause, say " no charge whatsoever."

    Your guests will be hanging on your every word! Award a prize to the guest with the highest score and a prize to the one with the lowest score.

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    Get ready for more fun free home party games! This of the party plan games requires that your hostess calls her guests before the show and asks them to bring some toilet paper. Have her tell them it doesn't matter how much or how little, just bring "what you will need".

    When the party starts, hand out index cards to each guest for scoring. Then give them points for their toilet paper as follows:
    party-plan-games-02; toilet paper party games for consultants
  • Brought less than 10 sheets = 1 point per sheet
  • Brought more than 10 sheets (but not a roll) = 2 points per sheet
  • Brought a whole roll = 50 points
  • Roll is individually wrapped = 25 points
  • Brought a four pack = 75 points
  • Brought a nine pack = 100 points
  • Brought a twelve (or more) pack = 150 points
  • 1 ply paper = 15 points
  • 2 ply paper = 30 points
  • 3 ply paper = 50 points
  • If they roll their paper under the bar = 25 points
  • If they roll their paper over the bar = 50 points
  • If they don't know how they roll their paper = MINUS 10 points
  • If their paper is on a vertical stand = 75 points
  • White toilet paper = 25 points
  • Colored toilet paper = 50 points
  • Designs or flowers on paper = 50 points
  • Quilted toilet paper = 50 points
  • If they bought the paper on the way to the party = 75 points
  • If its a generic brand = 15 points
  • If it's a name brand = 50 points
  • If they forgot to bring some and borrowed from the hostess = MINUS 50 points
  • Now, go around the room with a plastic garbage bag and tell the guests that if they are willing to give you their toilet paper (no, they don't get it back) then you will give them 100 bonus points. After the toilet paper is collected, tell them that if they KEPT their toilet paper, they get 200 bonus points! Have everyone add up their totals. The one with the most points gets the bag of toilet paper.
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    Have you played any of these games at your parties? Which has been your favorite?

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