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Online Printable Greeting Cards - A Home Business Marketing MLM

grow your biz with greeting cards
The online printable greeting cards system is one of the best new network marketing companies for stay at home mom businesses.

If you are looking for a fantastic home business marketing MLM and are already involved in other great multi level marketing companies, or are looking to start in network marketing, this system will work for you.

This of the new network marketing companies offers many incentives that surpass other multi level marketing companies.

The online printable greeting cards are high quality, offer more features, and are cheaper than their store counterparts, the company pays monthly residual income and a training bonus with unlimited downline levels, and the product appeals to those already involved in network marketing as well as offline businesses.

The Online Printable Greeting Cards System

What exactly is the online printable greeting cards system?

This unique multi level marketing company will allow customers and distributors to design greeting cards from their computer which the company will then print, place into an envelope, and mail.

These greeting cards (postcards are available too) cost much less than those you would find at the grocery store (they are under $1) and offer the ability for the user to add his or her own picture, signature, and handwriting.

The online printable greeting cards are real cards; they are not email cards, they are physical greeting cards that your friends, family, customers, downline, and potential recruits will receive.

More Information About the Greeting Card System

The Best of the New Network Marketing Companies

The online printable greeting cards system is one of the new network marketing companies, having been around for just over 5 years. This has given the company a long enough time to establish themselves, while retaining unlimited amounts of growth.

Distributors earn monthly residual income off the monthly purchases of their downlines, as well as a one time training bonus for showing their new team member how the system works. The level depth is unlimited.

The minimum monthly purchase requirements are around $30 per month, which gives users points towards the purchase of greeting cards or postcards, while keeping the purchase requirements reasonable. These points are enough to send more than one card per day to family and friends, downlines, or potential recruits.

Combine with Other Multi Level Marketing Companies

If you are involved in another of the multi level marketing companies, you will find that the online printable greeting cards system makes a great companion company.

You can send out cards to your downline in your main network marketing company. (That's actually how I found this company; using it as a tool for my other company.)

You can send out thank you cards, welcome cards to new recruits, direct mail to potential recruits, incentives (you have the ability to send gifts and gift cards with the cards), and reminders. Getting real mail instead of email goes a long way towards strengthening your value as a team leader.

The online printable greeting cards system does not have a "one company" rule; meaning you are free to be a distributor for this company in addition to another one.

Promote to Other Multi Level Marketing Companies

Because this company is unique in the sort of product it produces, it is actually easier to recruit for the Greeting Card System than other multi level marketing companies. One of the best niche groups to recruit from is distributors of other multi level marketing companies.

You can use the Renegade System or another means to promote this company to those already involved in the industry as a tool to grow their primary business and communicate more effectively with their current downlines.

The online printable greeting card system is also a great option as a transfer company. If your primary multi level marketing company is currently undergoing negative change or collapse, consider bringing your entire downline over to the Greeting Card System.

Unique Application as a Business Tool

The best part about this company is the fact that the products, while they certainly can be used on a personal level, have so many practical business applications.

What does that mean to stay at home mom businesses interested in becoming distributors?

The online printable greeting cards system can be marketed as a business tool to existing businesses. There is no need to call up family and friends and have �opportunity meetings�.

Gain customers by simply showing them this unique platform and how it will strengthen their relationship marketing to existing customers and their direct mail campaigns to new customers.

These businesses already understand how business works, and do not need to be �convinced� like you would need to do with regular folk to get them interested in your opportunity.

This valuable business tool can even be promoted in trade shows.

Take a Tour and Send Some Cards

I'd like to invite you to learn more about the online printable greeting cards system and how you can make money as a distributor. Please fill out the following form and my associate, Heather, will contact you and walk you through the system, allowing you to send out a free card to a friend.

In addition, Heather can answer any questions you might have. There are a few great features, like the ability to set up campaigns that she'll go over with you. This can be done online or via telephone, your choice.

Please note, the online greeting card maker is only available to those in the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore.


Do you use online printable greeting cards? If so, what do you like most about them?

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