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Online Home Parties - The Online Vendor Fair

incentives to offer in online vendor parties
Online home parties or the online vendor fair is a great source of party plan ideas for stay at home mom businesses. Whether you are looking to recruit new distributors to your direct sales home parties team or you are looking to generate new business, online vendor parties are an excellent online option.

Presenting at online home parties or an online vendor fair, can be a great way to grow your business. Most women who attend these parties are either already involved in a company or two, and like to shop, or they are looking for a new home based business to start. Either way, it's good.

What exactly are Online Home Parties?

Picture a Tupperware Party. Now picture a chat room. Combine them. You have an online vendor fair.

Online home parties are held in chat rooms at various websites across the net. Some, are held in web conferencing suites, where audio, webcameras, Powerpoint presentations, and live views of websites are possible, in addition to chat.

Typically, stay at home mom businesses will pay for a 15-30 minute time slot to showcase their products, sales, and/or business opportunity. Payments for parties range from $1 to as high as $20, though most sites are $3-5.

Parties are held on a varied schedule depending on the particular site. Some are weekly, others monthly, and a few, seasonal. Some sites will require you to donate a prize. The prizes are awarded one of three ways:
  • You personally give your prize away to one of the guests at your party
  • Your prize is donated to the site's Prize Vault to be used for future contests
  • The prize will be donated to the Prize Vault as a bonus for anyone who makes a purchase at the entire party
  • Even if you are not required to donate a prize, make sure that you offer your guests a sample or incentive for on or more of the following:
  • Attending
  • Bringing a guest
  • Making a purchase
  • Requesting more info about your opportunity (put them on your autoresponder list)
  • You can conduct your party in any way that you'd like.

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    Party Plan Ideas and Tips for Online Home Parties

    Here are a few tips and party plan ideas:

    Be Prepared
    It's good to know what you are going to say or the information you intend to cover ahead of time. Some people choose to work off a script that they write ahead of time, and simply copy/paste it into chat.

    Know Your Product
    Know all about your product and the opportunity so that you are able to answer questions when they arise. If you do not know the answer to a question, don't worry about it! Simply tell the person asking that you are unsure, and get their email address. Ask your sponsor or upline your question and GET BACK to the person who asked it. Follow up is the key here!

    Be Flexible
    Sometimes your party will go in a different path than you intended. That's OK! Sometimes you will have questions, which direct you away from your plan, sometimes party goers will comment on products. Be prepared to completely abandon your plan and go in the direction the party is leading you.

    Offer Something Different
    Many of the party goers have seen a similar presentation to yours before. Make sure you offer something different. You can try one of the following:
  • Offer free samples
  • Play a game for a free prize
  • Offer a free item to anyone who attends an opportunity call
  • Offer a free item for joining your company under you TODAY
  • Offer a special
  • PLEASE NOTE:Do not get into the habit of discounting your items. If you continually do this, no only will your customers come to expect a discount on a regular basis, but it will undermine the value of your product. If you continuously give your consultant discount away, not only will you make no money, but your products will seem over priced.

    Switch It Up
    If you are finding the same people in multiple online home parties that you do, switch things around a little to hold their attention. Offer different incentives, talk about different products.

    Have Fun!
    Your enthusiasm is what sells your product and your opportunity. Even in a chat room, others can tell when you are excited about something. Let it show!

    Repeat Your Site Information
    When you are doing your party, it is very important that you repeat your url to your website over and over again in the chat room, or during a web conference. Rule of thumb: it should always show. If chat has bumped it off the screen, retype it again. If using a Powerpoint presentation, have it displayed at the top or bottom of each page.

    A few words to the wise:
    Unlike an in-home party, it is not the unspoken rule that all attending guests purchase something. In fact, it is a rare order you will see from an online vendor party. So why do them? You do them, more than anything, to get your name out there. You want everyone in your cyber circles to know that you are involved with XYZ Company. People have to see an opportunity 6-8 times, on average, before they purchase. When they are ready for XYZ, they will know to come to you.

    Follow Up
    Make sure that you follow up with the contact info you get from people at your online parties. Again, it takes, on average, 6-8 exposures before someone is ready to purchase or join an opportunity. Don't give up on them! Best part about online home parties? You can do them in your bunny slippers!

    Where do you go for online vendor parties?

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