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Online Greeting Card Maker

Customer Relationship Marketing & Direct Mail Marketing Idea

The online greeting card maker can help all stay at home mom businesses grow their business through customer relationship marketing. Combine that with this direct mail marketing idea page and use the online printable greeting cards system. Here's how:

online-greeting-card-maker-01; direct mail marketing idea send out greeting cards No matter what business you are in, if you are dealing with customers or clients, you are concerned with two main things:
  • Gaining more customers
  • Retaining the customers you have
  • Let's say that you are a stay at home mom who is a licensed massage therapist, and you travel to client's homes and offices to do massages. You, like so many other stay at home mom businesses work out of an office in your home, and are on a limited budget, but are concerned with the two factors above.

    You may have tried yellow pages listings to gain more customers, but found them expensive with little results. Or maybe you've thought about placing ads on local media such as radio and TV, or even thought about a direct mail campaign. But, again, those avenues are expensive.

    But there is a solution that has worked for many in the sales and services industries. Sending cards. Real greeting cards, in the mail, to clients and potential clients with the online greeting card maker. I'll be telling you about the online greeting card maker in a moment, but first, let's talk about why greeting cards are so important.

    Why Greeting Cards and the Online Greeting Card Maker?

    Clients are used to the impersonal emails we get on a regular basis. An email is the norm, the standard, and says nothing about your business. But sending real cards using the online greeting card maker for customer relationship marketing and this direct mail marketing idea will set you apart, making your business stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    Think about it: when you receive an email from a company you do business with, what do you do? 9 times out of 10 I bet you just delete it. Occasionally, if you need their product or service at the time, you'll click on their link and may or may not buy. But what do you do when you receive a real greeting card in the mail? You'll open it. And even if you do not need the product or service right now, you're likely to keep the card, or at the very least you'll remember who sent it.
    online-greeting-card-maker-02; client opening greeting card effective use of customer relationship marketing

    Customer Relationship Marketing

    And that's the basis for customer relationship marketing: bringing a smile to a client's face and having them remember you over other stay at home mom businesses offering the same products or services.

    But it is important when using the online greeting card maker that you don't just send your clients junk mail in the form of a greeting card. Instead, take this time and build a relationship with them. For instance, send all your customers birthday and Christmas cards each year. Use this as an opportunity to thank them for their business, but don't encourage them to come buy with you.

    Why? Because sending a sincere thank you or holiday card goes so much further with your customers than sending an ad. A nice Christmas card will go on the mantle. An ad will go in the trash.

    Customer relationship marketing is about developing that bond with your clients so that they not only come to you for their needs, but genuinely refer their friends and family to do so as well. And make sure, at the very least that when a customer is referred to you from one of your other customers that you send them a thank you card.

    Direct Mail Marketing Idea

    Here's an important direct mail marketing idea: to gain new customers, send out greeting cards or post cards instead of glossy fliers. Most people sort their mail over their trash cans. They don't throw away greeting cards, they open them.

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    How I Use the Online Greeting Card Maker

    In the offline world, my husband and I have a second business. We decided to utilize this system for sending a small direct mail marketing idea.

    We put each prospect on a campaign in the online greeting card maker designed to send them one card a month for three straight months. We started small as a trial, just 30 prospects.

    We were hoping for one call. This was, after all, just an experiment.

    In the middle of the second month, the calls started to come in. The first call was from a prospect that did not fit what were were looking for. But the second prospect lead to my husband landing a deal that netted him a large profit.

    We credit this deal completely to the fact that the prospects actually opened the cards they were sent. If we had sent a form letter, or a glossy direct mail piece, these prospects would have tossed it in the garbage.

    But they were interested enough to open the card and read our message. When they got the second card, it prompted them to call. We ended up with a total of 3 contacts from that first batch of 30 cards. That's a 10% response rate! Of those 3, 2 suited our needs and while that last prospect didn't net quite as much, it would have been more than worth our trouble for the campaign if that was the only response we had gotten.

    This system is a valuable tool, no matter what business you are in.

    If you are considering direct mail in your local community, but don't have the money to invest in a large campaign, then the online greeting card maker may be the solution for you. Mail as many or as few cards as you would like, for the same per piece price, less than $1 a card.

    Bottom line: send ads to potential customers and thank yous but no ads to current customers. Both are possible with the online greeting card maker.

    The Online Greeting Card Maker

    So what exactly is the online greeting card maker? You've already read how it can help stay at home mom businesses, but how exactly does it work?

    online-greeting-card-maker-04; online printable greeting cards You are able to create online printable greeting cards from the comfort of your computer. This user friendly system allows you to input your client's information and send them a card:
  • A real card
  • In your own handwriting
  • In a real envelope
  • With a real stamp
  • Mailed to anyone in the world
  • The cards are then printed off at a distribution center and mailed for you. For more information on this process, please see:

    About the Greeting Card System 

    The online printable greeting cards are quick and easy to make, they are high quality, colored, glossy cards, and will make you look professional. In addition, you can add your own signature, your own handwriting, and pictures and graphics if you choose. Include your photo so that customers and potential customers have a face to put to your name. It's easy with the greeting card system.

    You can also mail out gifts and gift cards to your clients. Do you have a customer who is sending you referrals right and left? Send them a thank you gift card, or a box of brownies. Reward your most valuable customers and they will become even more valuable to you, simply because they know they are appreciated.

    Take a Tour and Send Some Cards

    I'd like to invite you to learn more about the Greeting Card System. Please fill out the following form and my associate, Heather, will be in contact with you to answer any questions you may have and to walk you through the system.

    There are a few great features, like the ability to set up campaigns that she'll want to go over with you. This can be done online or via telephone, your choice.

    Please note, the online greeting card maker is only available to those in the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore.


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