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What is Niche Marketing?

what is niche marketing
What is Niche Marketing? A niche is basically a targeted group of people who share common points of interest.

It might be that they are all employed in the same profession, or all have a particular hobby or goal in common.

They might be from a particular region, or practice a specific religion or lifestyle.

They can be online or offline.

Because this group of people shares some commonalities, you can market your products or opportunity to meet their collective needs.

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Once you have found your niche, look for ways that your product or opportunity can specifically help them.

Let's take a niche I belong to, Full Time RVers, for example.

My unique presentation to this group of people is that they can profit by working with me in my network marketing business that focuses on healthy snack foods by including the campgrounds where they stay.

The concept is that they approach the campgrounds, and introduce them to the business.

They sign the campgrounds up for the program, and the campgrounds purchase the snack food wholesale by the case to resell in their camp store.

Then the RVers do a few Opportunity Presentations in the clubhouse to current campers, offering the business to them.

Because most RVers travel, and go to different places, this is a way to spread the opportunity throughout the RV world. Now, does this mean that ONLY Rvers can benefit by enrolling in the healthy snack foods MLM that I am referring to? Absolutely not!

But I have found a unique way to meet the needs of this targeted group, through niche marketing. You need to ask yourself this question:

Who Has My Customers?

In this case, campgrounds have my customers. So I have devised a plan to make it worth the campgrounds while to assist me in getting my customers. Who else has my customers? Maybe Pay Day Loan places. Their clients are in dire need of funds, and they all have checking accounts (and probably debit cards). Therefore, they need my opportunity. I could present the opportunity to Pay Day Loan businesses, and allow them to sign up people at their store. I could offer to train their downline for them.

Find Your Niche and go after it. You and you alone have insider information about the needs and desires of those in a similar situation to you. Use this information to do some niche marketing and grow your business.
niche marketing

Niche Marketing: Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond

If you are marketing online, you need to find a niche and target your marketing efforts. This one step is the difference between online success and failure.

Learn how to find the right niche market for you, and how to take that first step towards success. My report, "Niche Marketing: Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond", teaches moms looking to build a business online the right way to niche market, and includes all the tools needed to jump in and get started.

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