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Mystery Shopper Job Opportunities - Editor and Merchandising Jobs

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Mystery shopper job opportunities are not limited to a regular secret shopper assignments. There are many more stay at home mom income possibilities in this field including mystery shopping editor, mystery shopping scheduler, merchandiser job opportunities, mystery shopping audits, survey takers, and food demonstrators.

This mystery shopping section has several pages with valuable secret shopper info. Other pages include information on applying to companies, a secret shopper checklist, warnings on current mystery shopping scams, as well as information on how to make more money mystery shopping.

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Mystery Shopping Audits

Very common mystery shopper job opportunities within the secret shopping community are auditing assignments. In fact, the very first mystery shopping job I ever had was an auditing job. These mystery shopper job opportunities are commonly listed alongside regular mystery shopping assignments on a mystery shopper job board.

An auditing job will require you to visit an establishment and do a surprise audit. More than likely, this will be a revealed shop, meaning that you will introduce yourself to the management as an auditor. You will most likely be required to take a series of photos, and fill out an extensive checklist to verify that the establishment is conforming to corporate or franchised regulations. These types of audits are common in gas stations and restaurants.

Sometimes the company will provide you with rewards for establishments and employees that you are able to hand out during your audit for passing scores. This can be a very fun and rewarding experience for you. To apply for auditing assignments, just keep your eyes peeled when looking for potential mystery shopper job opportunities. They are often called "Reveal Shops".

Merchandiser Job Opportunities

Many mystery shoppers have become merchandisers looking for merchandiser job opportunities instead of, or in addition to, their mystery shopping job opportunities.

Though merchandising has absolutely nothing to do with mystery shopping jobs, it does seem to go hand in hand with the types of people who decide to become a mystery shopper. A merchandiser is someone who gets hired by an independent company to go into a retail establishment and set up, or stock a display.

They may be looking to make sure the display is properly configured, taking back broken inventory, redoing a display completely, or adding a new display to the store. A greeting card merchandiser is a common example of merchandiser job opportunities. Another example, lets say that Sunny Sunglasses sells their product at ABC Drug Store.

Sunny Sunglasses may offer merchandiser job opportunities to go in and set up a new display featuring their hot summer shades. The merchandiser will get the material and instruction from Sunny Sunglasses and go to each ABC Drug Store they are assigned to. They will let management know they are there and will set up the display, as instructed. Sunny Sunglasses will pay the merchandiser.

There is no customer service evaluation, no secret shopper, just a person contracted by a company to dress up a display. These mystery shopping jobs are generally advertised via Volition just like mystery shopping assignments.
mystery shopping basics

Mystery Shopping Basics

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Survey Takers

Have you ever seen those people outside of big box retail stores with clipboards, asking customers questions? They get paid for conducting customer service surveys. They will be hired, usually through a mystery shopping company, to ask their customers directly about their experience in the store that day.

The survey taker will be paid either by the number of surveys conducted, or by the hour, depending on the company. You would look for these types of jobs alongside regular mystery shopper job opportunities.

Food Demonstrators

My son loves to go to Sam's Club on weekend afternoons. He calls it "Sample Day"! And he's right. On any given weekend, you can find about a dozen different booths with samples of various products. But the people who do the demos are not necessarily employees of Sam's Club.

In fact, they rarely are. Most times, they are independent contractors working for a company to promote the specific product they are demonstrating. This is not limited to Sam's Club, of course. This is all product demonstrations in all stores. Similar to merchandising, you should be able to find these jobs with other mystery shopping job opportunities.

Mystery Shopping Scheduler

While larger mystery shopping companies have a brick and mortar location and employees who commute to work each day, some of the smaller mystery shopping firms hire independent contractors out of their homes to become a mystery shopping scheduler.

These mystery shopper job opportunities include mystery shopping scheduler positions. These people are responsible for choosing a mystery shopper to complete a shop, or finding one if there are no shoppers who apply for the shop. A mystery shopping scheduler is also responsible for insuring that the shop is done correctly, on the correct day, and that it is submitted properly.

A mystery shopping scheduler has a lot more responsibility and takes on a lot more pressure than a mystery shopper does, but it can be rewarding stay at home mom income to move up to once you have some mystery shopping experience.

Mystery Shopping Editor

Another of the mystery shopper job opportunities that is typically hired out to those working out of their homes is mystery shopping editor. These detail oriented people need to have a fantastic grasp of English grammar and spelling.

A mystery shopping editor is hired to go over the reports of the shoppers and fix grammatical and spelling errors, or to send the reports back if they are not good enough. I have seen both mystery shopping editor and mystery shopping scheduler jobs posted on the websites of mystery shopping firms.

Keep your eyes peeled. The field of mystery shopping is vast and quite competitive. If you are willing to put up with a few caterpillars before you see any butterflies, it might be a good choice for you. Just remember mystery shopping can give you some nice stay at home mom income, but it will probably never replace an income stream.
What types of jobs similar to mystery shopping appeal to you?

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