Mystery Shopper Checklist

Use a checklist while you mystery shop.

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Mystery Shopper Checklist - Follow this for your Secret Shopper Jobs

mystery shopper checklist
This mystery shopper checklist can help all new mystery shoppers organize their secret shopper survey and secret shopper jobs.

For those looking for stay at home mom income, mystery shopping organization is important.

This mystery shopping section has several pages with valuable secret shopper info.

Other pages include information on applying to companies, how to become a secret shopper, and warnings on current mystery shopping scams, as well as information on how to make more money mystery shopping.

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Mystery Shopper Checklist

Use this mystery shopper checklist to help with mystery shopping organization.

As a new shopper, it can be confusing knowing what you need to do for your secret shopper jobs.

Here is a step by step guide for mystery shopping stay at home mom income.

Apply to Companies Hiring Secret Shoppers
The first step on your mystery shopper checklist is to apply to mystery shopping companies.

Go to and apply for every single company in your area.

This should literally take you days. Don't miss any!

Apply for Secret Shopper Jobs
After you have applied to all the companies, you can move down the mystery shopper checklist and start to apply for individual secret shopper jobs. These can be found on mystery shopping job boards, on the individual websites of each company you applied to, or through an email list from mystery shopping schedulers.

Accept Secret Shopper Jobs
Once you have applied for a shop, you may be offered it. Do not assume that because you have applied for a job that you have gotten it, as usually dozens (sometimes hundreds) of shoppers apply for each job. Wait for a confirmation from the mystery shopping scheduler that you have, indeed, landed the shop.

Go through Training for Assignment
Next on the mystery shopping checklist: training. Each shop will have a different set of instructions and many will have tests to make sure that you have properly understood the training. Make sure you do this! Skipping training may cause your shop to be invalid.

mystery shopping basics

Mystery Shopping Basics

Is mystery shopping the right opportunity for you?

This comprehensive, and did I mention, totally FREE, ebook will walk you through the steps you need to take to get started mystery shopping.

Discover if this path is the right one for you, and learn how to put it all together.

Complements of Stay a Stay at Home Mom. I want you to succeed!

Download your copy Mystery Shopping Basics

Now it's time for your mystery shop. Make sure that you have fun! Take notes if you need to, and fill out your report in the parking lot in case you forgot something.

Keep Mystery Shopping Organization
It bares repeating to follow the directions on your secret shopper survey completely. Don't skip anything! Not following your instructions completely at this point could result in a loss of stay at home mom income; mystery shopping companies don't pay for incorrect reports.

Return Products
Sometimes a company will require secret shopper jobs return the products bought. If this is the case, make sure you return your product. You may need to include this information in your secret shopper survey.

Write Secret Shopper Survey
Time to write your report! Use correct punctuation, spelling and grammar. Write your report in complete sentences, and give a detailed account of your experience.

Submit Secret Shopper Survey & Receipts
At this point in the mystery shopper checklist, its time to follow the company's directions for submitting your shop and your receipts. Make sure you get this report in on time. Most companies have really strict cut offs for surveys; don't submit it on time, you may not get paid.

Rinse and Repeat
Congratulations! You've completed a shop! Now it's time to rinse and repeat. Welcome to the wonderful world of mystery shopping as stay at home mom income.
Do you use a checklist when you mystery shop?

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