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Murder Mysteries - $10,000 Money Making Mama Challenge

 become a murder mystery maven
A murder dinner party is the perfect way to get friends and family together for a night of fun, food, and entertainment. If you have been considering murder mystery dinner games as a fun option for a night in, read on to find out how to set one up.

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What it is?

Are you wondering what a murder dinner party is? Let me take a minute to explain. Murder mystery games are party games where one of the guests at the party is playing the role of a murderer and all of the other party guests must work through clues to figure out who the murderer is.

How it works

There are variants on the murder dinner party:
  • Turn-based murder mystery games are ones in which clues are provided throughout the course of the evening. Each party guest plays a character involved in the plot and as the story proceeds everyone gains new information about the plot and their character's involvement. The story may be moved along by promptings from the host or even by reading a script. This version is best played while sitting at the dinner table.
  • An interactive murder dinner party is one in which the guests have all of the details about their characters provided from the beginning and each person tries to figure out who the murderer is, while the murderer tries to deflect suspicion. This involves the guests getting up and talking to each other.
  • Another version of the murder dinner party is to have 8 to 10 characters, with detailed backgrounds acting out their parts while the other guests listen and try to figure out "whodunit".
For the purposes of this article, we will discuss the interactive murder dinner party. Conducting this type of party would usually require for the host to purchase a kit. This kit would include everything that is needed for the party, aside from food and drink (though it will likely include meal and refreshment suggestions. It will likely include most or all of the following: instructions for the host, background information on each of the characters and the full plot, invitations for the guests, costume suggestions, decoration suggestions, as well as clues for each of the guests.

For an interactive murder dinner party to be successful it is best that you send out invitations well ahead of time, including the guest's assigned character description, story background, and costume suggestions. Remind everyone that they will need to remain in character for the murder dinner party and urge them to RSVP as soon as possible since all of the characters need to be present for things to run smoothly. At the party, it would be your job as the host to ensure that the story moves along. More than likely your will have a role in the story where this is part of your character's duties.

What kind of money can be made

Although most people host murder mystery dinner games just for fun, it is possible to make it into a profitable business. Essentially you would do the same thing that you would do for a private murder dinner party for paying clients. Whether you want to plan parties for a group of people who know each other or conduct regular murder dinner parties and open them up to the public is up to you. You can also sell murder mystery kits or custom design them for each group. That is a great way to be able to make extra money online as well as to appeal to a wider client base for parties hosted locally. If people are able to choose from a variety of themes, they are more likely to invest their money.

When it comes to how much money you make, that is also up to you. For a fairly unique form of entertainment such as this, people are usually willing to pay quite well. Look at events such as dinner theater and companies like Medieval Times that charge anywhere between $15-$60 per person. When deciding on how much you want to charge you should take into consideration any rental fees (if you are renting space or props), the meals, printed materials, costumes, and anything else that you purchase to make the party run smoothly. You want to make sure that the amount that you charge your guests will more than cover your expenses.

Simple resources to get started

There are a lot of different resources that you can check out to find murder dinner party kits, but my personal recommendation would be the Murphy Mansion Murder. The kit is very affordable and includes everything that you need to have a great party including character booklets, a detailed host guide, invitations for your guests, and some great bonuses. Plus, it's all downloadable so you don't have to wait to receive them in the mail. If you are interested in checking out go here.

Have you ever attended a murder dinner party? Did you enjoy it? What was the theme? Let us know in the comments section below!

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