Mom's Night Out Ideas

Frugal Ladies Night Out Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

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Mom's Night Out Ideas - Frugal Ladies Night Out Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

moms night out
Mom's night out ideas got you stumped? Every stay at home mom needs time out with the girls! This list of frugal ladies night out ideas will get you in the mood to party....without breaking the bank.

There comes a time you don't want to sip your wine in secret from a coffee mug and you don't want to change another dirty diaper. You want to slip away from it all with friends and just let your hair down. Every mommy needs a few budget-friendly moms night out ideas on hand.

You would never force your children to do homework around the clock without any scheduled playtime, so don't treat yourself that way, either. You need the playtime out with the girls to rejuvenate and restore your nerves for another round with the family. A monthly all-girls outing can do wonders to keep you youthful through the years. The following ladies night out ideas will keep expenses low without taming the fun and relaxation.

Girl's Movie Night
There is no better time to see a chick flick then when you are out with the chicks. This is one of the few mom's night out ideas that your husband will truly appreciate, since he doesn't have to come along and hold your hand through it.

Look for those chick flicks to hit the dollar movie theater or have everyone rent one and bring them to your private viewing at one mom's home. Just make sure it is a child-free home for the evening!

Get a Discount
Scout and similar websites for group discounts on spa treatments or workout sessions.

Have all the girls sign up and make that your next girls night out.

You will be surprised what you find on these sites.

Even a good workout session can be good bonding time, especially if you try something like Zumba or pole dancing.

Moms Night Out Ideas: Stay In
Some of the best ladies night out ideas are actually for ladies night in. Set a theme and have all moms bring something to contribute. For instance, the theme could be "pamper us" and someone could bring mani/pedi supplies while someone else brings relaxing music.

Learn Something New
Here's one of the best moms night out ideas: turn the "night out" into a "day out" and learn something together. Home Depot offers free workshops that give hands-on instructions on how to do everything from pot flowers to make a toy box.

You can go to a museum on free entrance day or act like little girls at the children's science museum on discount day. What educational opportunities are there in your city?

When in Rome
Get out and become tourists. Look up free or low cost tourist attractions and act like you are new to the city for once. This could take up an entire day or even a weekend if the girls all have the time.

Fashion Divas
Have a fashion viewing night. Huddle together with magazines that feature fashion of the rich and famous or just turn on the tube on one of the big Hollywood awards nights. They may pay tens of thousands for their gowns, but it costs you nothing to dish on what looks hot and what is not.

Moms Night Out IdeasTrade Clothes
If your friends are really into fashion, then why not have everyone bring things from their closet that they no longer wear and have a fashion exchange? This is one of the few mom's night out ideas that can actually help everyone save some money. You might want to make sure everyone in the group has at least one other person in their clothing size. Make sure everyone brings items still in great condition as well. If you wouldn't wear it, don't bring it.

Pajama Party
If you like ladies night out ideas that make you feel like a kid again, you have to go old school and throw a PJ party. Everyone can wear the pajamas their husbands hate to see come out of the drawer. You can play silly game like "Truth or Dare" or even get out the Ouija board and get spooked.

Fortune Future
Have everyone chip in and pay for an hour or two with a fortune teller. It can be fun to hear what the teller thinks may be in store for you alone, or for you as a group. The prices for most tellers aren't high so if everyone chips in it should be affordable. Have everyone bring finger foods and drink of choice.

Explore Nature
Get outside and explore the natural surroundings of your city or communities in your area. There are probably some great hiking, biking and walking trails that you have never tried. Or, just find affordable stables and see if you can get a group discount on a horseback riding session.

Get creative and you will think of your own frugal mom's night out ideas. Just remember, many ladies night out ideas become very frugal if you can get a group discount and have everyone pitch in for the total price.
What do you do for a moms night out?

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