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Mom Relax! - Taking Care of Yourself on a Dime

Mom relax! It's hard being a stay at home mom, and every mom needs a little me time. Find your favorite frugal idea for relaxing and taking some time for yourself. Go ahead mom, you deserve it!

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Do you remember that old Calgon commercial where the mom seems so overwhelmed and then she calls out, "Calgon, take me away!" The very next shot is of the mom soaking in a nice warm tub of sudsy water, a look of sheer peace on her face. Calgon may be a thing of the past these days, but the idea behind the commercial hasn't gone away.

Every stay at home mom needs to take a moment to relax and just pamper herself. Mom relax! This is especially true for the busy stay at home mom who juggles everything!

Being a mother is a full time job and you never really get paid vacation time or sick leave. You are always on the job and expected to perform at 100%. Or at least that's the perception that many moms have.

In actuality, women are much too hard on themselves. We need a new kind of Calgon called "Mom Relax." It would allow us to take that important 20-30 minute break and pamper ourselves.

But how? And won't that cost money? Where will you find the time?

Yes. I can hear the litany of questions already, but shhh... now is mom relax time. In fact, I want you to imagine that you are making special gift cards for yourself that start with the words, "Have mom relax..." followed by some free stuff for mom to spoil herself with!

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Bubble Baths
Card number one should say, "Have mom relax in a hot bath." It is a proven fact that a long, hot bath has the power to sooth the mind and release muscle tension. Scented votives and a nice cup of tea or glass of wine can really set the tone, helping you to unwind after a long day.

Go all out and add your favorite bubble bath, too! If you really enjoy this type of relaxation, a frugal way to save on bath soap is to ask for it from your family for Christmas or birthdays. Many bath fragrance stores will run sales that include free stuff for mom around Mother's Day, so remind your loved ones to keep an eye out for them.

Book Reading
Card number two should say, "Have mom relax with a good book." Are you an avid reader, but don't have the time to keep up with it as much as you like?

Then make time! Set aside a few minutes every evening that is just for you and let your friends/family know you operate under a strict "Do Not Disturb" mindset once the reading begins. This is a great chance to pamper yourself with something you love, but you're also setting an example for your children regarding the importance of reading!

Worried about the cost of books? Interested in a reading program that offers free stuff for mom? Then go to your local library and get a library card. That way you can check out all the books your heart desires and then return them on their due date.

If you are really into reading, look up the Paperback Swap. It's a free website where you can sign up and earn credits sharing your books with others.

Card number three might read, "Have mom relax with a dose of exercise." Exercise is a great way to forget your troubles or unwind built up stress. That doesn't mean you have to join a gym, though. Bike riding, swimming, a short walk-these are all ways to get your body moving. Get together with a friend and share exercise DVDs!

Friend Time
"Have mom relax with a good friend," is what your next card might say. Friends keep us sane. They listen to our troubles and allow us to vent without judgment. Sometimes it's just nice to chat with another adult! Go to lunch or take a walk together.

How often does a mom relax with the gift of sleep during the day? Not often enough. Let your hubby or a friend watch your kids and take a nap. You deserve it!

Pamper Yourself
When looking for free stuff for mom to pamper herself with, think about your feet and how tired they get from running around. Did you know a simple foot soak of hot water and Epson salts can do wonders for you? Try a home facial or paraffin wax treatment for your hands and nails.

Scrap Booking
This time honored tradition can definitely help a mom relax. Putting together the pictures of your life, organizing them just so-it's a very satisfying feeling and helps you remember all the amazing things you love about your family. If scrap booking isn't your thing, choose a different hobby and take some time to work on that.

Watch a Girl Movie
Lock the door. Dim the lights. Turn on that movie your husband would never watch and is a little inappropriate for your kids. Let your mind turn to goo as you enjoy the movie you've been wanting to see for months. Want to make it even better? Call up your best friend and watch it with her!

There are so many ways a mom can relax and get in "me time." What's important is actually taking the time to do it!

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How Will These Mommy Time on a Dime Ideas Help You?

I'd love to hear how you are coming with your frugal and free challenge.

What are some ways you take mom time?

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