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Mobile Pet Services

Get Paid to Chauffer Animals

Mobile Pet Services. Pet owners today have two things in common: they are pressed for time, and they absolutely love their animals.

There is little an owner wouldn't do for their pet these days. You can capitalize on this love of animals to provide services to pet owners. These services can revolve around saving the pet owner time by coming to them, instead of having them leave their own home.

Pet Transport Service

dog leash You can offer to take pets to their veterinarian or even their grooming or doggie daycare appointments for the pet owner.

This can be a real time saver to those owners who work business hours, and would have to take time out of work to do this themselves. You would need to own a van and have pet crates of various sizes.

Your rates would need to be dependent on how far you will need to drive both to the owner's home and to the appointment. I would start at no less than $20 per transport, unless the transportation was on a daily basis for doggie daycare.

You could make arrangements with a few local vets to see if they would refer your services.

Mobile Grooming

If you are a talented dog groomer, you might consider taking your skills on the road. How about opening up a business where you go to a client's home for dog grooming, pet baths, nail trimming, flea dips and more? Since you would be coming to the client instead of having the client come to you, you could charge a premium rate for your services, taking into account the amount of money and time you will spend driving to your client. You could even offer this service to pet boarding companies. They could charge their clients extra for grooming, and outsource the work to you, at their facility.

Advertising Your Business

You'll want to take the time to properly advertise your business locally. Make sure you invest in inexpensive business cards from VistaPrint at the very least. You'll also want to take advantage of internet resources and advertise your business on local online classified ads sites.

Offline sources such as Pennysaver publications can be another valuable source to advertise your mobile pet services business in. In addition to those pressed for time, these types of services would appeal to those who were homebound due to medical conditions, lack of vehicle, the elderly, and those who simply don't own a pet transportation crate.
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