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MLM Training Article - Multi Level Marketing Tips for MLM Women

get an mlm education
Read this MLM training article for stay at home mom businesses.

Perhaps your upline does not participate in multi level teaching or multi level marketing tips for MLM women.

Not all uplines know how to, simply because they did not receive the information themselves.

So take a few moments to understand the importance of MLM education.

Now, I�m sure most everyone will agree that if at all possible, we should send our children to college.

I mean, isn't that the ultimate goal?

"Go to school.

Do well.

Get a good job."

We pay tens of thousands of dollars for our university educations.

Some of us never use them in a career environment.

Yet we take it as the "norm" that that is the way life works.

MLM Training Article

But What About Our Business Education? Here are some MLM training article, multi level marketing tips for stay at home mom businesses: Why do MLM women baulk at paying $30 or $99 or $300 or even $5000 on an eBook, program, or course designed to further multi level teaching?

Now, don't get me wrong, many of these so called "educational resources" are pure garbage, not worth the time it takes to download them. But there are others that are worth their weight in gold.

Why do we think that it should all be free? Understand the importance of a solid marketing education!

Knowledge is Power, and is Ultimately Money

And personally, I much prefer the programs that ask me to pay for information. If it was all easy, and all free, then everyone would be doing it. And if everyone was doing it, NO ONE would be making money!

I have bought and paid for countless programs in my adult life, trying to further my knowledge because I understand how important it is to get good multi level teaching. I buy books and read them. I take online teleconference courses and read online eBooks. And the good programs, they work. Really, they do.

So I will encourage you, as MLM women, to dedicate part of your time and your money, each week, to furthering your education. This can be your education about your products, about your business, or about the way that business works. This can be about your goals, both short and long term.

This can be about something in your personal life even. It is important to be constantly learning, as the world we live in is constantly changing. Throughout this site, (and this MLM training article) I have done my best to only promote products and programs that are the best that I have come across. They are the ones that are worth the effort and the money, the ones that have made a difference in my life. But, they have only made a difference because I have implemented the ideas.

Don�t be a Seminar Junkie

The Seminar Junkies

My husband and I recently spent thousands to attend a week-long seminar on business, completely unrelated to anything having to do with this site or this MLM training article. The conference was on a subject we were extremely interested in, had done a ton of leg-work and research on, and we felt it would be worth our time and money to learn more about the field. So we did what we had to do in order to attend the seminar.(It was worth it.)

Anyway, while we were there, we met a lot of interesting people. There was homework involved, work to be completed BEFORE the seminar began, but the overwhelming majority of attendees never cracked a book or watched a DVD presentation. They were unprepared, unorganized, and seemed to be there because they liked seminars. During breaks, when my husband would ask other participants if they had done any field research locally, they'd typically say:

"No. Not yet. Hey! Did you happen to attend Donald Trump's seminar last month in Atlanta? Wow was that great!"
"I'll get to it later. I haven't had time to read the book yet."
"I�ll be flying to Las Vegas next week for the Millionaire Expo. You going?"

They were Seminar Junkies.

They thrived on obtaining, what to them would end up being "useless" information. They never implemented ANY of the valuable and costly tips they were learning. They would hop from one seminar or convention to another, looking for the "magic button" that would make them rich.

They threw money at their problems, expecting it to make it all better. The worst part? These same people were the ones who would push each other down to buy up the overpriced back-end products sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Things you know they would never use, since they would never implement the basic information.

It was all a little sickening.

If you gain nothing else from this MLM training article, don't be a Seminar Junkie. Put the information you learn to good use.

MLM Training Article Resources

Multi Level Marketing tips from this MLM training article: Do not be afraid or intimidated by spending money to help you grow with the importance of education. We are in the Information Age now, and Information is the most valuable commodity in the world. Think of it as investing in a college education, but instead of traditional schooling, it is real-world experience.

We understand the importance of education when it comes to our children, and to university education, its time to get it when it comes to our business education as well.

Some programs I recommend:
These are some of my favorite business related books from Amazon:

My favorite books, and MUST READS are the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books and the Multiple Streams of Income books. If you haven�t read these yet, do so. Get them at the library if you have to. They will totally change the way you view the world.

I have listed programs and tools throughout this site (and MLM training article) that I recommend that pertain to individual topics. Check them out.

Multi Level Marketing Websites

If you need to start a website, the education and information available through Site Build It alone would be worth the $300 annual fee. But SBI is so much more than information.

Site Build It is a complete resource, getting you set up to create a site entirely, without having to go to other sources for things like hosting, SEO, research, search engine submission, and statistics.

Even if these words mean nothing to you right now, once you are involved in SBI, you will learn about it all, taking it step by step, at your own pace, so that you can create a highly profitable website on any topic.

Multi Level Marketing Websites
rayven perkins

Rayven Recommends:
The Renegade System

If you are in Network Marketing, or if you market to Network Marketers, you NEED The Renegade System. Period. End of discussion.

It was through my purchase of this relatively inexpensive program (around $70) that I learned more about marketing, and ultimately decided to create this website. The information about Network Marketing is priceless, but the real value comes in the back-end system, full of tested and trusted resources designed to help you succeed.

Information on increasing traffic, learning to create a website or blog, its all there. Even if you are NOT involved in Network Marketing, it is still a highly useful and valuable tool.

Get Your Copy of the Renegade System NOW

Ultimately, the most important thing you can do with this MLM training article for stay at home mom businesses is to utilize it. Learning the secrets of successful marketing and implementing the secrets of successful marketing are two different things. If you implement your education, your business will grow.

The most important thing to do, is to do it. That is the true importance of education, and the spirit in which this MLM training article was written.

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