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Mini eBook Marketing

Create a Free eBook and Make Money

Mini eBook Marketing. Have you ever read an ebook before?

Or maybe a report that a website has given you in exchange for subscribing to a list or newsletter? If you have, it might have been a mini ebook, designed to market a specific product.

ebook and computer These mini ebooks give you a lot of valuable, free information. Enough information to make you understand a topic, and perhaps even start to implement an idea, but not enough information to complete the task.

They are designed to win your trust (after all, if this is the FREE information, imagine what the information you pay for is like!) and then to sell you on a particular good, information product, or service at the end.

They are quite profitable. Even though they are free, they are still in demand, because you have to do something to get it; its not available to just ANYONE. In order to get the special report or ebook, you have to generally submit your contact information.

You can create your own profitable mini ebooks to promote different products and services that you believe in. Here are some tips to get you started.

Use the Product

tips jar Whatever it is that you are recommending, you need to use it personally. You can promote your own program or information product that you personally created, or you can promote an affiliate product, but you need to have personal experience with it in order to effectively promote it. In other words, don't try and write a mini ebook based off of the sales page of an information product you never read.

Keep it Short

A typical mini ebook will range in length from 3-20 pages. Anything longer than that and you are giving away too much information! Shorter than that and it's not an ebook at all.

Promote Only One Product

Make the entire point of your mini ebook to promote a single affiliate product, not multiple products. It's OK if you mention another product once in your mini ebook, but don't try and promote too many different things. Keep your reader's attention focused on one specific item.

Follow Up

People generally need to be given information 3-8 times before they act on the information. Be sure and set up a 7-part autoresponder series about the product you are recommending. Have your readers opt-in to the autoresponder series in order to get their mini ebook for free. Your first autoresponder message should be a link to download the ebook. The remainder of the autoresponders should remind the readers about the benefits of the product or service your mini ebook marketing campaign is promoting.

For More Info About Autoresponders, Please Click Here
mini ebookIf the idea of earning profits from mini ebook marketing appeals to you, I would encourage you to check out Ewen Chia's Mini eBook Secrets eBook. This comprehensive book goes over, in detail, everything you need in order to make money from giving away mini eBooks.

Learn how to format your ebook, how to follow up with your prospects, and how to market the ebook so that people will want to read it. There isn't a better source for this information anywhere else online.

Mini eBook Secrets

The ultimate goal with mini ebook marketing is to earn $25-50 per month for each individual mini ebook you are promoting. Once you have done that successfully, you create another mini ebook. The more mini ebooks you create, the more money you will make.

There is a learning curve involved, but the nice thing is that after you have created your first ebook, the rest are not as difficult. Another thing you may want to invest in if mini ebook marketing appeals to you is SiteBuildIt.

Chances are, you will want to have one central website where you promote all of your mini ebooks to lead your readers to. There is no better way to build a website.
Would you like to see an example of a Mini eBook? If you've read more than a page or two of this website, you will have realized that I practice what I preach. I buy the programs I recommend. I try them out. I only give you ideas that I feel work.

I have created mini ebooks to market affiliate programs, my own egoods, and this website in general. One such ebook is intended to market a free program called CashCrate.

Read the Mini eBook: How to Make Money with CashCrate
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