Meaning of the American Dream

Financial Freedom - The True American Dream.

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The Meaning of the American Dream

financial freedom the true american dream
The meaning of the American dream can vary from person to person, but one thing is clear.

How to live debt free is critical in staying a stay at home mom.

What is the American dream?

More than likely, you've heard the phrase "American Dream" over and over again in your lifetime.

However, do you really understand the meaning of the American dream as a stay at home mom?

Can you pass the true meaning on to your children?

Today there are so many different ideas regarding the meaning of the American dream.

Some feel that it is all about having money or material goods.

Others feel that it is the ability to get an education and achieve something in life.

For some, the idea of purchasing their own home is symbolic of the dream.

What is the American dream? With so many different ideas regarding the American Dream out there today, it's definitely helpful to look back to the founding of this country to see what was originally meant by this term.

Today instant wealth seems to be the meaning of the American dream to many people. This is made apparent by the rise of television shows like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and the success of the lottery.

People love the idea of getting rich fast. However, this was not always seen a part of the "Dream." In the past, it was hard work and thriftiness that was emphasized by the early founding fathers. Industry was the key to wealth and the "Dream" was all about having the opportunity to build wealth, to prosper, and to have equal opportunity for advancement through their financial gain.

Later the "rags to riches" idea became a big part of the American Dream to many people. This was the idea that hard work could help anyone to achieve wealth in life.

It wasn't until after the Second World War that people began to shift their desires towards materialism, which has been fed by marketing efforts through the years.

So, with all these ideas about the "Dream," what is the American Dream? The meaning of the American Dream is not about what you own. It's not about home ownership.

In reality, the deep meaning of this term is about having the ability to create your own future. However, if you're in debt for the things that you own, including your home, you no longer have the ability to control or write your future.

Instead, your creditors hold your destiny in their hands. Your dream is held captive by your debt.

Unfortunately, in pursuit of the American Dream, many people have lost the real meaning of the American Dream. Many people think they can achieve it by owning more cars, having a nice home, or by having more material goods. The skewed perception of the "Dream" leads to home loans, car loans, and huge amounts of credit card debt.

Before families know it, this dream has been totally obscured by the huge amount of debt they have accrued pursuing the American Dream. The "true" American dream that you should be pursuing as a stay at home mom and teaching your children about is financial freedom and how to live debt free.

You don't have to have millions of dollars to achieve this dream. Simply not owing others allows you to enjoy the dream of freedom as a stay at home mom and the ability to choose and chart out your future.

When you are not indebted to anyone, it provides a unique freedom that truly does make anything possible in your life.

When your kids come to you and ask you, "What is the American Dream?" it's important that you know what to tell them.

Don't make the mistake of passing on a skewed view of the American Dream. Avoid showing your children that achieving this dream is all about owning new cars, buying a home, or going into debt to purchase more goods.

Instead, teach them the importance of being debt free, show them how to be debt free and the financial freedom that this can bring. Let them know that the real meaning of the American Dream is the ability to write your future without having someone else trying to control your life with debt as a stay at home mom.

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    What does achieving the "American Dream" mean to you?

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