Attention Party Plan Consultants:

How to Kick Your Business into High Gear Online, Generating So Many New Leads and Sales, You Just Might Decide to Hang Up Your Home-Demonstration Apron for Good

Dear Direct Sales Distributor,

Are you tired of spinning your wheels online, trying to "crack the code" to success? Do you wonder why your direct sales sisters are doing so well online, while you are still struggling? Are you discouraged by the mere thought of marketing your business on the internet?

What would it feel like if you could wake up in the morning to new prospects and sales? Would this mean more income for your business?

Stop Wasting Precious Time Going Nowhere - Learn How to Gain New Customers in 30-Days

rayven perkins I'm Rayven Perkins. And after 10 years in the direct sales industry, I've seen it all. I know from firsthand experience how critical it is to have a strong online presence - and more importantly, a plan - if you want to be an internet-based direct sales consultant. And I know that when you have a strong online following, you have a full bank account.

I'm going to share with you my techniques for generating business online that will work for anyone who is passionate about their direct sales or network marketing company. Learn how to get interested and interactive customers. The more interactive they are, the more products they buy!

But my success was not just handed to me the way that I am going to hand it to you. No, it was the result of a serious problem with the way my online direct sales business was going. Six years ago I eagerly entered the world of online marketing with a great business, a terrific product ...and no clue.

I was the kind of distributor a company would kill for. I read every old-school marketing book there was. I asked advice from my upline, and mimicked them.

I copied everything my sister distributors were doing - those from my own company as well as those from rival companies. But nothing I did seemed to make any difference!

I was going nowhere - fast.

I worked around the clock, posting my business opportunity in forums, joining shopping groups where I had to spend money on another consultant's business each month, blasting everyone I knew - and those I didn't - with marketing ads just to try to make a sale.

But when it was all over, I had nothing to show for it all but a really nice opportunity kit...and a really huge headache.

Maybe you can relate.

I just couldn't figure out why all the other consultants and distributors I knew were making it online, when I was doing everything they were and was still failing miserably.

And then came my "Aha!" moment: I realized that no one in my circles was successful. It was all a grand illusion.

Now, that's not to say that anyone I knew was actually dishonest. It was just that they had all, silently, adopted the "fake-it-'till-you-make-it" mentality about their online business. And as more and more of their colleagues began to fake it, no one wanted to admit that they weren't making money too!

Sure, they signed up a new consultant here and there. And they might have sold an item or two a month. But that wasn't making it! Who wants to spend 40 hours a week marketing to earn $50 a month in commissions?

Once I realized the system I had come to believe in was faulty, I knew there had to be a better way. There were people making an honest living online by marketing products and services, so I knew it was possible! And I firmly believed then (as I do now) that success is not like winning the lottery - it is available to all who pursue it.

So what did I do? I set about getting myself an online marketing education. I learned how to promote my products and services to the right market and stopped chasing customers down - instead, they come to me.

To this day I do not market my business offline at all; I am strictly an online direct sales distributor.

I am here to tell you that there are ways to market your business online that do work!

I Was Sick and Tired of "Fake-It-'Till-You-Make-It" - So I Made a Change - And I'm Teaching it to You

How did I do it? The first thing that I did was take the "company" out of the picture. I ignored their training. I started to examine how other non-direct sales marketers were making it online, and began to copy their methods.

I quickly found that most of the time online, people do not go searching to find products to buy. No, they come online searching for information and a solution to their problems. And so, I began to think of the products that my company made as solutions.

Once I Started Giving People the Information They Desired, My Products Finally Started to "Sell Themselves"

I've taken all the knowledge I have learned about how to set my business apart from my competitors and gain sales and new recruits by the bucket-load and have put it together into a 4-week ecourse. My complete step-by-step ecourse is chock full of new concepts and ideas. The information presented in this ecourse is unlike anything you have ever learned before about marketing your business. And when implemented as instructed – it works!

Your Upline Has Never Taught You This!

I'll give you everything you need to not just find new customers, but to keep them forever.

online direct sales

"How to Market Your Business Online in 30-Days"

Once you get your hands on the "How to Market Your Business Online in 30-Days" ecourse, you'll have a four-weeks' worth of business building homework to complete, - all designed to give you a profitable start to your new, reinvented biz!

Distributors Who Are Most Successful Online Deliver Solutions, Not Just Products - Just Ask Those at the Top

You Can Finally Get the Edge You Need Over All Other Direct Sales Distributors

I am positive, you're going to love "How to Market Your Business Online in 30-Days". You'll get the information you need not just to attract new customers, but to set yourself apart from everyone else in your business.

Look at What's Included in the eCourse:

checkmarkThe Power of Free: Learn how enticing viewers with free information can lead them into becoming paying customers (Lesson 1)

checkmarkYour Target Market: Learn why being everything to everyone just doesn’t work online (Lesson 1)

checkmarkThe Funnel Effect: The biggest way to make money online is to lead customers and prospects through your sales funnel - what to do, when (Lesson 2)

checkmarkProduct Samples: Never give out samples unless you have this in place! (Lesson 2)

checkmarkIncreasing Opt-in: Learn how to build that ever important opt-in list (Lesson 2)

checkmarkConvert Prospects into Buyers: Find out how to turn your loving fans into spendy buyers and how to keep them coming back for more! (Lesson 3)

checkmarkGet Referrals: Have your customers recruit for you! (Lesson 4)

All this valuable information is neatly organized in an easy to follow 4-part ecourse to help you achieve YOUR goals and dreams of having a profitable online business and earning more income, RIGHT NOW!

What is This Unbelievable eCourse Going to Cost YOU?

Think about this.

What is the cost of not making any online sales? What is the personal cost of weeks and months of being stressed out over how you’re going to make this work-at-home online thing work?

Think carefully about that! "How to Market Your Business Online in 30-Deays" gives you the information you need to create your own unique presence online that you use to get more sales and more recruits - for a f"Create Your Own Theme Party System" gives you the information you need to create your own, unique, high-quality party theme book that you use to get more bookings - for a fraction of what you'd pay for simple business materials from your party plan company.

The retail value of this book is $37, but because I am passionate about helping those in direct sales, I have set the price for much lower - but I am not sure how long I can keep this incredible resource at this low price. Take advantage while you can.

In fact, consider how this minor investment can keep you from giving up on ever making your business work online. You will have everything you need to create the business of your dreams - while other direct sales distributors won't be as lucky. Take advantage of this limited time price reduction - NOW, and get this amazing eCourse for only $16.

That's Right! Only $16!

You Owe It to Yourself to Take Advantage of this Incredible Deal

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Once you place your order, you are immediately taken to a secured page where you will download all four lessons in PDF format. Don't worry, the whole process is automated and very easy - and FAST!

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My ecourse helps you market your business online in the Information Age. This method has worked for hundreds of direct sales distributors all over the world and I guarantee that it will work for you too!

30 Day, No-Hassle, 100% Money Back Guarantee

create-your-own-theme-party-system-02; satisfaction guarantee "How to Market Your Business Online in 30-Days" is all you need to set yourself apart from your competition. Order my ecourse. Follow the step-by-step instructions.

If you aren't 100% ecstatic with your results, email me within 30 days and I'll refund your money, no questions asked. And keep the complete ecourse, at my expense.

create-your-own-theme-party-system-07, rayven perkins

Rayven Perkins
Direct Sales Professional

P.S. You know you need to set yourself apart from your competition in order for your online business to work - and why go through the stress of fighting over the same customers when you can have a dedicated stream of interested customers come to you? Here's what I suggest. Order my course. Give it a try. Absorb the unique information in the guide.

Remember, there is no risk in getting your copy of How to Market Your Business Online in 30-Days because of my 30-Day 100% money back guarantee.

P.P.S. How much more time would you have on your hands if you didn't have to spend countless hours online doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result? Is having a proven way of gaining customers worth a mere $16? If you answered "YES!",

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