Nailed It or Failed It Pinterest Challenge

March 2015 - Marissa's Shadowbox Savings

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nailed it or failed it pinterest challenge

"Nailed It or Failed It" Pinterest Challenge

March 2015

Taking an idea or photo of a project off Pinterest to do yourself seems like a no-brainer to recreate.

Pinterest is full of beautifully put together photos of everyone else's tasks, and they even provide you with the step-by-step instructions on how to do it! What could go wrong, right?!

shadow box start

With it being a new year I wanted to find a way to save money that would actually work for me. I have used an actual bank account previously, however it was to easy to transfer back into my main account. Never worked for me.

I've also tried the very popular "Hide It" theory, however again, I seem to actually lose it. I'm very good at hiding things apparently.

I started to scroll through pinterest to look for ideas and I found one that I thought would actually work for me. I was so excited! I took this challenge on as my March Nail It or Fail It.

Pinterest Pin

I was able to find this Pin
$5 Saving Plan

Pretty clever "savings account" idea. The $5 Savings Plan from Musings of a Marvelous Me was going to serve as my inspiration for this month's challenge. A couple things went through my head as I was looking at this and reading about it:
  1. $5 is not a lot of money
  2. It's going to take FOREVER to save any decent amount
Next thing you know I am running off to the store to get my supplies. I was that excited to get this put into use! I went a little over the top on mine, but you don't have to! A simple shadow box from Amazon, even a shoe or tissue box would work! I ended up leaving the store with my shadow box, a single sheet of scrapbook paper and a vinyl dollar sign.

I rarely keep cash on me. I use my bank card for just about everything. This new savings plan was definitely going to be a challenge. I'm not sure if I was more curious as to how much money would be put in or if I would catch myself using the money that did go to the box. Musings of a Marvelous Me has put a few rules on this plan that I think are worth relaying to you:
  1. You can not actively seek out $5 bills
  2. You can not ask for your change back in $5 bills
  3. You can not go to the bank and withdraw cash and ask for $5 bills

You can visit Musings of a Marvelous Me and see the original post here:

Musings of a Marvelous Me- $5 Savings Plan

Marissa's Challenge Image

And here's my take on it (and the pic you use to vote "Nailed It! or Failed It!")

final pic

You can make your Shadow Box Savings however decoritive you want. Bling it out, keep it simple, add a bow, whatever you want! As you can see I decorated mine a little and I had a very good reason, which I will talk about in a moment. Here is how I put together mine.

Shadow Box Savings

marissa hammers
You'll Need:
  • A Shadow Box- Any size
  • Any decorative materials you desire
This is a super simple. Once you have a shadow box you can just simply hang it right on the wall and WALA your done!

I simply put a few pieces of tape on the scrapbook paper and taped it into the box. I thought it would be fun to be able to change it up for holidays or any celebrations my family hosts.

Using the vinyl dollar sign I purchased I applied it to the front of the shadow box.marissa hammersmarissa hammers

Althought you can not see it, I had a slit cut into the top portion so I did not have to open the shadow box everytime. I can easily just drop the $5 bills in.

YAY! It's done and on my wall! I was discussing this with a few people and many questions started to arise. "Do you really want to have money visable on your wall?" was the main one that almost everyone asked. This is the main reason I added the scrapbook paper to mine. I wanted this box to be visible for me, to help me keep on track, however, I really didn't want anyone stealing it. Now it can be a wall piece that has a great purpose at the same time

I am proud to state that this project is actually working! Better than it is designed for really. I have a habit now of putting any and all cash I get into the box, even twenties! I'm stoked that this challenge is working for me. I hope it works for you as well!

Weigh in: Did Marissa Nail It? Or Fail It? You decide!

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