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Making Money on Craigslist - $10,000 Money Making Mama Challenge

sell at flea markets and on craigslist
Making money on Craigslist by utilizing this site for items to sell on eBay, or sell on Craigslist your too large or too heavy to sell on eBay items. Learn how to do this and more for stay at home mom income.

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If you are a dedicated shopper, then you know that every day is a shopper's day on the internet, especially if you are a fan of eBay. Great deals, vintage clothing, and total "what-in-the-world-is-that?!" items can be found there.

Of course, those that are truly aficionados on finding the best deals online are aware of Craigslist. A virtual garage sell everyday, Craigslist offers something for everyone and at great prices. Instead of throwing out your old things or putting them aside for a rummage sale, consider making money on craigslist with them.

Unlike eBay, Craigslist is designed to show you what is being sold in an area or city close to where you live. This makes it easy if you have big ticket items like a car or lawnmower that would be impossible to ship.

Another benefit of Craigslist is that setting up an account is free and easy to do. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to fill out their online forms and before you know it, you'll be up and running as either a buyer or seller. If you are interested in seeing what the hot items making money on craigslist in other cities are, the website allows a viewer to see what is being sold everywhere.

Why would this be important? People who sell on craigslist are often unaware of the true value of what they have, many times listing things at an undervalued price. If you are a savvy shopper looking to make money, purchasing items off Craigslist and reselling them on eBay may be an option for you.

Selling on Craigslist

If you checked out the info on this site about storage auctions, then you can probably see the benefit of Craigslist right away.

Since you don't always know what you are going to get in the storage auction, it may be that you end up with larger items that would be difficult to ship. This is common for people who sell on craigslist and what makes the site so convenient since it is focused on advertising to people who live in your area.

That means an interested buyer can come and pick the item up directly from you, saving time and money. Making money on craigslist with small items that wouldn't be worth putting on eBay because of shipping is another possibility, too.

Like eBay, how you list an item on Craigslist is important. Make sure your title has specific information of interest to a buyer. When you describe your item, the more detailed the better. Making money on craigslist is pretty simple when you are descriptive and concise, but even if something doesn't sell the first time, don't be afraid to list it again. You never know when your item will catch someone's attention or meet a need!

So what could you sell on craigslist? Just about anything. Bikes, clothes, cars, boats, RVs, arts and crafts, puppies -it's all there! You can even advertise garage sales and find them, too. This is definitely an important thing to be on the look out for if you are looking for things to sell on craigslist or eBay.

Finding eBay Merchandise on Craigslist

Craigslist is an important source for finding items to sell on eBay. As previously mentioned, lots of people don't have the time to find out the true value of the things they are selling or just don't care. Take advantage of this flippant attitude and use it as the key to making money on craigslist and especially on eBay.

There are certain niche markets out there that people go crazy for. Some people are really into collecting certain types of dolls or discontinued jewelry.

Discovering those niches can really help you make money on eBay. By patrolling what people sell on craigslist, you can often find these coveted items for cheap and then resell them at a profit. Here are two examples of the type of items I'm referring to.

American Girl Dolls

My daughter and I love these cute dolls and many of them are collector's items. Using Craigslist, I posted that I was searching for them, and sure enough, a woman having a garage sale contacted me.

She had three dolls and several of their outfits. After some negotiations, we agreed that I would pick them up and settled on a price of $150 for everything.

These dolls turned out to be an incredible find because the lady didn't know the value of what she had. Many of the outfits were retired and worth $20 a piece, but one of the dolls was rare and worth $250. I eventually sold them all for $700 on eBay.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Lots of people get into the business of selling cosmetics, but then discover that it's just not for them.

Unfortunately, they end up with a lot of inventory that can be difficult to get rid of.

This is another opportunity for making money on craigslist.

Try putting out an ad on Craigslist offering to purchase left over cosmetics like Mary Kay.

When I sold on eBay, this was one of the main items that I dealt in.

I would purchase the items for 10%-15% of the retail value and then resell it at about 50%. Mary Kay is a great selling product and people love to buy it, especially the products that are hard to find or discontinued.

Do some research to discover what niche may be right for you, and then have fun patrolling the boards of Craigslist. Happy hunting!

Whats the best deal you've made at a flea market or with craigslist?

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