Low Cost Family Vacations - The $5,000 Money Saving Mama Challenge

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Low Cost Family Vacations - $5,000 Money Saving Mama Challenge

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Low cost family vacations are possible in this day and age. If you are a stay at home mom practicing tightwad living, check out these cheap vacation ideas. This list of tips for fun affordable family vacations will jump-start your frugal vacations planning.

If you can't afford elaborate family vacations, you have to focus on frugal vacations.

Low cost family vacations can still offer everything important to your family whether that is relaxation or adventure.

Following are 10 basic tips for finding low cost family vacations and enjoying your frugal vacations once you're away from home.

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Go Online
Get familiar with websites that offer discounts on airfare, hotels, and packages to more expensive vacation destinations. Sometimes you can find really great deals that turn expensive family vacations into low cost family vacations.

Go Off-Season
Plan your visits during the off-season for your destination. Prices go up during the busiest season but you can get great discounts during off season. You will also avoid the crowd that comes with peak season traveling.

Go Off the Beaten Path
Find smaller, lesser known areas nearby major tourist destinations. The most popular beaches will be expensive and crowded, but you can visit smaller beaches without the crowds for less expense.

Be Flexible
Try to be as flexible as possible on your arrival and departure dates. If you can give some in terms of when you go on vacation, you are more likely to find frugal vacations to the locations you want to visit. You can simply see when it will be cheapest and then plan accordingly.

Explore New Places
If you have to find low cost family vacations within a strict timeline, be flexible as far as where you go. Try to find places that are not at peak season or that aren't commonly visited by others. Flexibility has to come in somewhere when you are looking for frugal vacations.

Get a Discount
Getting discounts on more expensive hotels is often better than staying at always-cheap hotels. You may get a safer, cleaner environment and there may be more conveniences such as swimming pools, workout rooms, and free breakfast. You have to weigh in the free extras when comparing hotel deals.

Get Comfortable
Make sure you are getting enough space for the entire family when taking advantage of hotel room discounts. A family of six will not be comfortable with one king bed no matter how low priced that one king bed room was offered. Frugal vacations are only enjoyable if they are comfortable for everyone.

Google Attractions
Use the Internet for more than just finding discounts and deal sites for low cost family vacations. Use it to find fun tourist destinations and low cost activities in the cities you will be visiting and all cities you will be passing through on the trip. You can print out maps and directions and get tons of tourist information for free before heading out on the trip. This eliminates the cost of maps and guide books that you might otherwise want to explore while on your vacation.

Be Realistic
Be realistic with your budget limitations. It is better to be honest about the availability of cash than to plan a trip that you cannot afford in the end. Low cost family vacations can be extremely cheap or in the mid-price range. Be honest about what you have to spend then do your homework ahead of time to know what the total package is going to cost.

It's better to decide you cannot afford certain frugal vacations before you actually head out for them. Don't get stressed if funds are extremely limited. There is something out there for your family. You may just have to look harder or wait for certain times of the year if you have very little money.

Make it Affordable
Look for low cost family vacations that limit expenses to accommodations. For instance, staying in a family sized cabin in a state park is more affordable than going to an amusement park because you can cook your own food in the cabin and all of the outdoor amusements will be completely free.

Frugal vacations can be as exciting as you make them. Don't settle into the thinking that low cost family vacations will force you into horrible hotel rooms no one else wants at times of the year that are inappropriate for the destination.

If you plan carefully and open your search for frugal vacations wide, this doesn't have to happen. For instance, traveling outside of peak periods for your destination can be as simple as going a week before the crowds hit. You can have perfect weather and great attractions without the crowds or the cost. That is what careful frugal vacation planning can do for you!

Every family can see the world regardless of budget. The question is where you go and when you go.

Sneak Peak at Next Week

Like this section on low cost family vacations? Next week we'll talk about saving money on family fun. We'll go over ways to enjoy a family outing – or a date night – while keeping expenses to a minimum and more.

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How Much Will These Ideas Save You?

I'd love to hear how you are coming with your frugal and free challenge.

What does your family do to save money on vacations?

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