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Lost or Unclaimed Money - $10,000 Money Making Mama Challenge

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Lost or unclaimed money is pretty common in the United States. Learn how you can navigate unclaimed money sites to find forgotten cash for you, or turn it into a supplemental business idea and find cash for others. Great stay at home mom fun!

Here's a little story about lost or unclaimed money I'd like to share with you, friends. My younger sister lived in several states. She worked in Florida for a few months as a waitress, and then took a nanny position in New York, not realizing that she'd left without getting her last few paychecks.

The restaurant mailed the final checks to her, but unfortunately, they had the wrong address. So the checks ended up in New York's "lost and found" money department. My sister lived in New York for several years, never knowing what had happened to those checks before eventually moving back to Florida.

Four years after quitting her job in the restaurant, she learned where the money was, claimed the funds, and collected $300 at a time when she really needed it.

Believe it or not, it's estimated that 7 out of 10 Americans are due unclaimed cash. Some of this could be because you left a job without getting a final paycheck or you moved before getting your renter's deposit back. Some people are due money because of refunds or bank dividends.

Even things like lost child support and bail bonds count as lost or unclaimed money. Perhaps someone passed away and left you a large inheritance you were previously unaware of. There are lots of unclaimed money sites on the internet designed to help you search for different types of claims.

Many of these sites are actually free to use, and for stay at home moms, this type of business could also be a lucrative business opportunity in which you become a money finder for other people.

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Where to Search for Lost or Unclaimed Money

The idea of finding lost or unclaimed money is exciting, but as you begin your exploration of unclaimed money sites, be wary of any sites charging you a finder's fee. For a basic search, there is no need to pay anyone for something you can easily do yourself.

To get started, try this free website, Missing Money.com. Their site is easy to use, updated monthly, and best of all, free!

All it takes to find out whether or not you have lost or unclaimed money waiting is to enter basic information like your name, state, and zip code into their search base. If you discover funds in your name, Missing Money.com will take you through the steps required to verify you are the person listed as the claimant and show how to claim your cash!

As with any unclaimed money sites, there are a few cons. A limited number of states are listed, and all online searches show only a fraction of what is really floating around out there. Missing Money.com is a great starting point, but if you are really interested in learning about lost or unclaimed money, then it's possible to take it a step further.

Get ready for the Granddaddy of all unclaimed money sites: Show Me My Money. This is not a free site, but it is a virtual cornucopia of ways to find lost or unclaimed money, making it well worth the reasonable price!

It lists hundreds of links to help you delve further into your money search and gives thorough explanations of all the different claims you can file. With sites to international claims, Holocaust claims, HUD refunds, and life insurance payments, :you or a family member is sure to find lost or unclaimed money.

Another unique feature of Show Me My Money is the eBook it offers called How to Become an Unclaimed Money Finder for Profit. This revealing book explains the basics of setting up your own business to help people track down their lost or unclaimed money. Step by step instructions are included, making it a good business idea for stay at home moms interested in bringing in supplemental income.

However, keep in mind that this type of venture does require time, patience, and occasionally money to help with searches. It definitely isn't as easy as simply clicking the search button for your information.

With all the lost money estimated to be out there, there isn't any reason not to see if any of it belongs to you or a family member. Good luck and happy hunting!

Have you found money that was lost to you?

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