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Kids Craft Kit Ideas for Stay at Home Mom Income

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Make and Sell Kits for Kids - Kids Craft Kit Ideas for Stay at Home Mom Income

make and sell kits for kids
Kits for kids are quite popular among moms today. If you are a creative mom, why not put together kids craft kit selections and sell them for supplemental stay at home mom income?

Are you an artsy or creative stay at home mom? Do you love creating fun activities for your kids to do, or do you love getting complete kits centered around a theme or activity to occupy your children? If so, consider the prospect of making a kids craft kit and sell kits for kids as a business.

Mothers across the world are pressed for time, or lack imaginative and creative skills for putting together activities for their children. I know, I'm one of them.

I constantly buy all-in-one kits for my daughter, who absolutely loves drawing, painting, and crafting. Me, I can't draw a straight line to save my life.

You could make money by assembling the supplies needed for a particular kids craft kit or activity, or selling a group of similarly themed crafts where the supplies are already assembled for users. These kits for kids are high in demand and are very popular.

Types of Kits for Kids

In addition to a kids craft kit, you could sell kits for kids on themed activities, sticker kits, or even educational kits designed for summer learning or homeschoolers.

Think outside the box here for more ways to earn supplemental stay at home mom income.

Here are some examples:

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Dinosaur Themed Kit
  • Dinosaur Stickers
  • Dinosaur Coloring Book
  • Make Your Own Dino Mask
  • Make a Beaded Dino Ornament

  • Ballerina Activity Kit
  • Ballerina Stickers
  • Make Your Own TuTu Craft
  • Make Ballet Slippers Magnet
  • Packet of Pixy Dust

  • Easter Craft Kit
  • Make a Foam Bunny Door Hanger
  • Easter Marshmallow Candies
  • Make an Easter Egg Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  • Weave a Mini Easter Basket

  • Science: Nature's Explorer Kit
  • Kid Sized Backpack
  • Binoculars
  • Bug Container
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Bug Book
  • Bird Book
  • Nature Journal Notebook
  • Colored Pencils

  • History: Native American Kit
  • Native American Coloring Book (Check out the line of educational coloring books by DOVER Publications)
  • Colored Pencils
  • Stickers (Again, check DOVER)
  • Make a Tipi Kit
  • Make a Beaded Bracelet Kit
  • Store in a Leather Knapsack

  • You could target a specific age group, such as preschoolers or early elementary and create a kids craft kit just for them, or go with a specific theme and make different kits for different age groups.

    Here are some other ideas:

  • Individual Kits
  • These kits for kids would be for a single child, with a specific age range such as 5-7. Ideas such as Summer Fun Kits, Holiday Craft Kits, or even a Kit of the Month.

  • Sibling Kits
  • You could sell enough supplies for your kits for kids to be used by 2-3 children to provide a discount for families.

  • Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.
  • They would love kits for kids that would be based on a certain Merit Badge or Try It. You could pick up the current Cub Scout and Brownie Girl Scout handbooks and put together a craft kit that would help children earn their badges. Providing these kits in groups of 8-10 would allow the entire troop to work together.

  • Birthday Parties.
  • Princess themed parties, pirate themed parties, you name it. Provide enough supplies for the entire birthday party and sell the entire kit in bulk.

  • Homeschool Groups.
  • Homeschoolers love to get together in coops on a regular basis. Provide supplies centered around a learning theme for 8-10 children and sell as one big kit.

    How You Make Money

    You'll want to find a good supplier for your kit items and buy in bulk. A good place to start for craft supplies and stickers is Oriental Trading Company, Inc..

    They have the best selection and prices by far of any other place I have found. I also like the following resources:

    Shop S&S Worldwide

    HomeRoom Teacher

    Also, check out your local dollar store for fun little additions for your kits. When you price your kits, you will want to make sure that you are charging at least 4 times your cost in order to make money. That might seem like a lot, but factor in your time and your advertising and marketing costs, and this is a fair amount.

    Stay away from putting items that are expensive into your kits for this reason. If you find a really nice item you would like to include, but it seems a little pricey for most families, then offer it as an optional add on item.

    Sell Your Kits for Kids

    Now that you have your ideas in front of you, and you've found inexpensive sources of products, you may be wondering what the best way to market your products will be. My suggestion would be to start first on eBay or etsy.

    Learn to Sell Online Here

    Learn which items are going to sell well for you, and at what prices they will sell. See what buyers are asking for in their kits, and create new products based on this feedback.

    When you have gained a little experience, and have found which items work the best for you, it is time to start your own website and bring in your own traffic without having to pay a commission to eBay.

    Start a Craft Website

    The best platform to start a website with is SiteBuildIt. SiteBuildIt is the platform used to create this website, Stay a Stay at Home Mom.

    Even if you know nothing about website design, coding, or marketing, SBI is for you. SBI will teach you the things you need to know, and will do everything else for you. Plus, its cheaper than hiring a designer and you get to be in control.

    You'll want to do a little more with your website than simply sticking up your products. You'll probably want to do a little research, and write some content about each of your topics for your kits to gain visitors and pre-sell them.

    For instance, let's say that you went with a Dinosaur Themed Kit as one of your kits for kids. On your website, you may want to write a section talking about different dinosaurs, where they lived, and what they ate. You may want to get lyrics for different dinosaur songs, or offer free dinosaur coloring pages to print out on the computer.

    Your customer will come to the site looking for dino songs or coloring pages, and will like you and your work. They may not have thought to buy a Dinosaur Themed Kit, but after seeing what information you give away for free, they decide to buy a kit too.

    Then, they come back to your site looking for more information on Princess Birthday Parties at a later time, and buy a whole party kit too.

    This is how you build relationships and make your business grow. Plus, you only do the writing work once, and continue to benefit from it forever.

    Even if the customer doesn't buy a kit from you, there are other ways to monetize a website where you can earn money without having to sell and ship your kits. It makes it even more profitable for you.

    Market Your Kids Craft Kit Business

    You can market your kits for kids in many different ways. First, make sure you have business cards made up for your business so that you can network as you are out and about town. You can get free business cards printed for just the cost of shipping at VistaPrint. I purchase all my cards through them.
    Other Marketing Ideas:

  • Local Craft Shows
  • Local Craft Stores
  • Post Fliers
  • MomPacks
  • Classified Ads

  • Do you make kits for kids? If so, what do you make?

    tell us what you think

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