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Kids Eat Free Night - More Free Kids Meals

kids eat free
Kids eat free night is the best night of the week to go out for dinner as a stay at home mom practicing tightwad living.

Learn about free kids meals at kids eat free restaurants, and save some cash.

With so many kids eat free restaurants out there, this page had to be divided into two.

Here you will find national (or semi-national) chains that offer kids eat free night alphabetically from I-Z.

But if you're looking for kids eat free restaurants from A-H, you'll need to go to this page.

Oh, and remember, these kids eat free night places are for the most part, national chains.

Local restaurants and local chains are starting to offer this promotion too, so check out your area as well!

Is dining out one of the first things to get cut from your budget these days? It doesn't have to be.

When planned right, and not over-indulged, dinning out can be accomplished on a shoestring budget.

Many national and local restaurants are offering a kids eat free night with free kids meals when an adult meal is purchased to encourage mid-week dinning.

Check out these links for rules and participation.

This is one of the best kids eat free restaurants because the deal is offered daily. Between the hours of 4PM and 8PM you can get one free kids menu item for every adult meal purchased. The free kids meals do not include drinks.

Joe's Crab Shack
Purchase an adult meal from this restaurant on kids eat free night Tuesday and they will give you a kids meal off the kids dinner menu for just $2.00. Ok, its not totally free, but it helps if you like the restaurant.

Moe's Southwest Grill
There are more than 400 Moe's restaurants around the country. On Monday you can get one free kids meal off the kids dinner menu for every adult entree purchased.

I love Perkins (and not just because it's my last husband always asks for the "family discount".) You can find this kids eat free restaurant in most states. They offer one free kids meal with every adult meal purchased. Offer runs Monday through Friday, so its not limited to just one kids eat free night.

You can find this kids eat free restaurant in 15 states. If you dine inside this restaurant on Thursday or Saturday you will pay just 99 cents for a kids meal with an adult purchase. Deal is available all day Thursday, but only between 11AM and 4PM on Saturday. Limited in in restaurant diners. Again, not totally free, but pretty cheap.

Pizza Hut
From 5PM to closing on Tuesday nights, Pizza Hut will give children under the age of 12 a free one topping personal pan pizza if a medium or large pizza is ordered by adults. Only two free kids meals are given per family and not all locations may be participating.

Ponderosa Steak House
Visit on Tuesday between the hours of 4PM and 9PM to receive a free kids meal off the kids dinner menu for every adult meal purchased.

Purchase one adult entree and receive a free kids meal for a child under 12 years-old.

Red Robin
For every adult purchase, this restaurant offers a free kids meal for a child under the age of 12 off the kids dinner menu.

Purchase an adult entree and get a free kids meal for a child aged 4 or under. This happens every day, not one specific kids eat free night, no time limits!

Skyline Chili
Kids under the age of 10 can eat free off the kids dinner menu with the purchase of an adult meal. Night of the week varies.

Steak n' Shake
With every adult meal purchase of at least $8, you can get a free kids meal. This is one of the best kids eat free restaurants because there are no limitations for time of day or day or the week for most locations. But, check your local restaurant for details. We've found this one to vary, sometimes being weekends only, sometimes being all week long.

If you have a child under the age of 3, they can eat free all day long at this kids eat free restaurant. Older kids can get free food off the kids dinner menu at specific locations, check your local TGIFriday's for more info on kids eat free night.

Villa Rosa Italian Restaurant and Grill
This is a small restaurant located in Quincy, Massachusetts. Purchase one adult meal on kids eat free night Sunday and your children can eat free!

I wish I could say that every single restaurant listed here in a national chain participated in the kids eat free night. But honestly, your mileage may vary. Your best bet is to call ahead to your local chain to make sure they are one of the kids eat free restaurants. Don't just show up and assume.

Done with kids eat free I-Z? Check out the kids eat free restaurants A-H.

Tell us your favorite Kids Eat Free locations:

What's the best deal your family has ever gotten?

tell us what you think

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